After some Beta versions, Yesterday WordPress 4.8 is available to the public. The WordPress 4.8 named Evans in honor of jazz pianist and composer William John Bill Evans. This new WordPress version will add more ways which help you to express yourself and represent your brand. You can easily edit the links, and you don’t have to install any third party plugins for adding some essential widget on your site.

Four New Widgets Updates:

WordPress 4.8 has added four new widgets i.e. image widget, video widget, audio widget and the rich text widget. Let’s talk about them in depth.

Image Widget:

image-widgetUsually, we have to add the HTML code to show images on any widget whether in footer or sidebar or anywhere else and many of us don’t know coding because writers widely use WordPress, not coders. So to solve this problem, the Automatic team has added a new image widget which allows you to add an image to a widget that helps you to insert your image right within the widget settings.

Video Widget:

video-widgetThe second new widget is video widget. This new video widget will now allow you to add any video from the media library to a sidebar on your site and you can use this widget to showcase your new video and also welcome your visitors or promote your greatest content on your site.

Audio Widget:

audio-widgetFor adding an audio file, we use Soundcloud to place an audio player on our site but now, we can easily host our audio file on our site and can place the audio file anywhere using the new audio widget. This new audio widget will let you upload your audio file to the media library and just go the widget settings and select your file, and it will be ready for your listeners.

Rich Text Widget:

rich-text-widgetThe old text widget now upgraded with all new rich editing capabilities. You can easily add a text widget anywhere and create lists, add emphasis, quickly insert links and format any text you want.

Link Boundaries:

For adding a text to our created link, we have to edit the whole link again, but now with link boundaries, a great new feature, you can edit the text in the link just from your writing area. This new feature will make your work easier and all the links will work well.

Developer Changes & Improvements:

  • Multisite updates
  • More accessible admin panel headings
  • Media widgets API
  • Removal of core support for WMV & WMA files
  • Text – editor Javascript API

Download The Latest version of WordPress from here


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