After several beta versions, finally this week, WordPress 4.6 is available for download. The WordPress 4.6 named Pepper in the honor of Jazz Baritone Saxophonist Park Frederick Pepper Adams III. This new WordPress version will help you to focus on important things while working from your comfort zone.

Please Note: The WordPress 4.6 is a major release so it will not automatically update. You need to update your blog manually. Before upgrading to WordPress 4.6, please take a backup of your website using which helps you to get back your site in the unforeseen circumstances.

The WordPress 4.6 version includes various new things which make your updating and maintaining the process of WordPress more convenient. After upgrading to this release, you don’t have to install link checker plugin as it now automatically detects the broken link. Let’s talk about the new WordPress features:

Streamlined Updates:

streamlined updatesWhenever we update or install any plugin, we have to click multiple times to install it but after upgrading to WordPress 4.6, you don’t have to click multiple times. Now when you install, update or delete plugins and themes you stay on the same screen. These actions are all performed via Ajax, within the same pages.

This new feature also applies to themes.

Native Fonts:

native-fontsThe WordPress dashboard will now use the system font of your operating system. While this is a minor improvement but it will undoubtedly improve the user experience.

Broken Link Checker:

broken-link-checkerWith this new feature, WordPress will automatically help you to detect the broken links itself. It will highlight the broken links in red color as you have seen in the above image. You don’t need any extra broken link checker plugin for doing the same job.

Content Recovery:

The auto-saving feature was already available in the WordPress, but many improvements have been made in WordPress 4.6 to make recovering the saved content easier.

Developer Changes & Improvements:

  • New Meta registration and API
  • Updates to various Javascript libraries
  • New WP team query & WP post type
  • Resource hints help browsers to decide which resources to fetch and preprocess.
  • The WordPress will install and use the language pack for your plugins as soon as they were available from the community of translators.
  • Customizer validation and notifications
  • Multisite performance improvements.

Download The Latest version of WordPress from here


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