The WordPress 3.9.2 & WordPress app version 3.0 are available for download in WordPress dashboard as well as in Google play store. Both updates come with really great features & many bugs were fixed through these updates. We surely recommended you to update your WordPress site to protect your website from being hacked.

wordpress 3.9.2 download

WordPress 3.9.2 Security Release

First, I will give you all the details related to WordPress 3.9.2 then will come to WordPress Android app. The WordPress 3.9.2 update is released mainly to fix security related problem which arise in the previous versions. This release fixes a possible denial of service issue in PHP’s XML processing.

The WordPress 3.9.2 also contains other security changes.

  • Prevents information disclosure via XML entity attacks in the external GetID3 library.
  • Adds protection against brute attacks against CSRF tokens.
  • Fixes a possible but unlikely code execution when processing widgets (WordPress is not affected by default).
  • Contains some additional security hardening, like preventing cross – site scripting that could be triggered only by administrators.

Please Note: If your site support automatic background updates, then your sites will be automatically updated to WordPress 3.9.2., with in 12 hours. But, if you have not updated your WordPress website and still on 3.8.3 or 3.7.3 then we recommend you to update your site to enjoy some new features and secure your website from Bruce force attacks.

Click Here to download WordPress 3.9.2 or simply go to your site dashboard –> Updates and then click on “Updates Now”.

If you are already testing WordPress 4.0 then there is a good news for you. The third beta is available now. Click here to know more about it.

WordPress Android App 3.0

If you are using WordPress on your Android then you should update your WordPress Android app to the latest version i.e. 3.0. The WordPress Android App 3.0 has been released in the Google play store. This release includes enhancement and bug fixes.

This update comes with many things, including interface improvements, i.e. the WordPress team has improved and smoothed some animations. The full – screen videos are now available from the reader post details screen. They have also modified the scrollbar (from dark gray to transparent white) on the blue background.

Swipe Between posts in the reader

With WordPress 3.0, you can easily browse through blog post just by swiping the screen. You don’t have to click on next or previous post to go through your post.

The WordPress 3.0 also made some changes in the geotagging option. This feature has been removed from the blog setting and added to post settings. Now, to use geotagging option, just go to post setting and tap “Add location”. Then, you can use the “Locate” button to auto – discover your location or manually enter a location in the text box.

Geotagging Simplified


Some other general changes comes with this update

  • A New FAQ screen is in place to help you with the app.
  • You can contact support directly from within the app by using the “Help” button in the setting screen.
  • The WordPress team has added the option to allow users to opt in an out of user behavior tracking.
  • Your list now automatically updates – you don’t have to refresh the list manually.
  • Stat links are now open in the app.

List of Bug Fixes

The WordPress 3.0 comes with lots of bug fixes. Here are the highlights of bug of this release:

  • The users with Jetpack enabled can now easily moderate comments directly from the notification screen.
  • The WordPress team has fixed an issue where devices with Hebrew as the default language displayed the app in english.
  • They have also fixed a problem where deleting a post or switching to another screen caused the app to crash.
  • The users on servers with SNI and a shared ssl certificate are are now able to login.
  • The WordPress team also fixed an issue where some users were taken to a blank screen on opening the app from a push notification.

To Know more about the WordPress 3.0 App update click here. To update your WordPress app, just to go to this link.


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