After some Beta versions, Finally WordPress 4.3 is available for the public. The WordPress 4.3 version was released on August 18th 2015. This WordPress version, named Billie in honor of Jazz singer Billie Holiday.  The new features in this version make it easier to format your content and customize your website.

Please Note : The WordPress 4.1 is a major release so it will not automatically update. You need to update your blog manually. Before updating to WordPress 4.1, please take a backup of your website which help you to get back your site in the unforeseen circumstances. You can download WordPress 4.1 from or directly update it from the comfort of your dashboard.

Menus in the Customizer


This feature is one of the best which I was waiting from a month. Now easily create your menu, update, and assign it, all while live previewing the site in the customizer. The customizer provider a mobile – friendly and accessible interface.

Better Passwords


Now you don’t have worry about your website password. WordPress has added an improved approach to passwords. Instead of receiving passwords via email, you shall get a password reset link. Whenever you add new users to your website or edit a user profile, the WordPress will generate a strong password for you.

Site Icons


The site icons represent your website in browser tabs, bookmark menu and on the home screen of mobile devices. Now easily add your unique site icon in the customizer, it will even stay in place when you switch themes.

Formatting Shortcuts

If you always add quotes, list, heading then you don’t have to take use mouse to style your text. Just use asterisks to create lists and number sign to make a heading. Your text will look great with a* and a #.

Other Improvements

  • Comments Turned off on pages: You don’t have to turn off comments of every pages now, whenever you will create a new page, you will have comments turned off.
  • Customize your site quickly: Now, you don’t have to check back – end to customize your site. Now just from the front – end, you can easily click the customize link in the toolbar to swiftly make changes to your website.

Download The Latest version of WordPress from here


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