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Are you a WordPress theme, plugin developer and looking for great audience for your WordPress product? Then you are at a right place !!. Today, I am giving an opportunity to all our WordPress developers to share their WordPress product with our  loyal readers through Sponsor a Giveaway on our blog.You might be thinking ” why should I sponsor a giveaway on Frip.in?” If yes, let me take you on the  journey of hosting a giveaway on my blog.You will surely find lots of surprises when you go ahead.

 Recent Giveaway :

Advantages of Sponsoring A Giveaway at Frip.in:

There are many benefits available with our giveaway, following are some benefits which will really help you.

1).Amazing Fanbase and Followership

The purpose of our giveaway is not only to  give away goodies to our readers but also to create followers for your WordPress product.With the great fan base and followership of our blog, you will surely get amazing followers for your WordPress Goodies.

With new followership your product will also get some another other followers when new followers promote your product on their social profiles.These followers will automatically become your customer when they buy your product. If they like it, they will also recommend your product to others which will drive huge SALE in the future!

2).We Will Review Your  Product Without Affiliate link 

The most important  part of sponsoring a giveaway on our blog is ” we will  review your WordPress product without any affiliate link on our blog”. You might be thinking “what kind of benefit you will get from this review?”. First of all, our loyal readers will get to know about your WordPress product i.e.” how your WordPress product will help them?”.

We will add advantages and disadvantages of your WordPress product in our blog post. Your product will also  get new audience which wants to try your product at least once.

3).Benefits of Using Punchtab

Did you enter in any giveaway? If yes, you will surely entered in that giveaway through Punchtab. The first benefit of using Punchtab is easy to use and customize. Punchtab’s Giveaway allows you to boost awareness and build a following by offering entries to your giveaway in exchange for social sharing.

Other Features:

All our giveaways will be hosted on Punchtab and you can enjoy all the benefits of the same. Some of the benefits of using Punchtab are as follows:

  • Increase your followers on twitter
  • Facebook Link Likes (any specified  URL can be linked)
  • Increase in Facebook Page Likes
  • Google +1s (to whatever link you specified).
  • Tweet ( It automatically includes a referral link to the article)

Punchtab  not only limit 1 link , you can also add multiple page to be liked, multiple accounts to be followed etc…Our giveaway users will also earn 5 extra points when they share your giveaway on twitter and Facebook daily.

Terms and Conditions of Hosting Giveaway At Frip.in ??

  1. Pay a small fee of $50 to us through Paypal OR you can give us an extra copy of WordPress product.
  2. We will review your WordPress product WITHOUT ANY AFFILIATE LINK on our blog.
  3. Your audience can enter in your giveaway either using their e-mail address or Facebook Id.
  4. You shall be notified of the date when the giveaway is published.Please note that we do not run more than one giveaway at a one time.

Note — We will not accept your giveaway on our blog if you haven’t paid a small fee OR  you have not given any copy of  the product to us.

If you decided to Host a Giveaway on our blog, then contact us using below form. If you have any queries before hosting a giveaway, please feel free to ask.

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