If you are looking for an amazing WPForms addon to customize your WPForms powered contact form for your existing or upcoming website, then you don’t have to look anywhere else. This time, we have collected these amazing WPforms addons, which helps you to customize and add multiple features to your contact forms so that your users can upload documents, add their signature, and many other stuffs. WPForms is one of the most popular WordPress form builders that allows you to create forms using the available elements without touching a line of code. It fully supports a responsive layout and also includes various pre-built form templates to save more time.

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We have collected these amazing Best WPForms Addons that are as follows:

  1. WPForms PDF Customizer
  2. WPForms Google Spreadsheet Addon
  3. WPForms Repeater Field
  4. WPForms Cost Calculator
  5. WPForms Digital Signature
  6. WPForms Perfex CRM Integrationr
  7. WPForms Pipedrive CRM Integration
  8. Styler for Forms
  9. Database Addon for WPForms
  10. WPForms Google Sheet Connector
  11. Views for WPForms
  12. Active Campaign & WPForms

Features of WPForms WordPress Form Builder Plugin

  • Responsive Design: It is fully responsive means your form will look great on all types of devices, including mobile, tablets, and desktops.
  • Drag & Drop Form Builder: You can easily create amazing forms using the available elements without touching a single line of code.
  • Multi – Page Forms: You can easily split forms into multiple pages.
  • Entry Management: It also allows you to view all the leads in one place.
  • File Uploads: It also allows your users to upload their files and media with their form submissions.
  • Spam Protection: With a smart captcha & spam protection, you can automatically prevent spam submissions.
  • Form Templates: it includes various pre-built templates to save more time.
  • User Registration: You can create custom WordPress user registration forms etc.

Important Note: These WordPress plugins are Addons for the WPForms plugin; you have to install the WPForms plugin before uploading any of these plugins on your website.

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1).WPForms PDF Customizer

WPForms-PDF-CustomizerWPForms PDF customizer is designed to build and customize the PDF templates for WPForms. You can easily drag and drop, edit, and even style transaction pdf using layout without using any coding knowledge. It also allows you to download the pdf from the order admin page and choose the available template easily. Other features of this plugin are manager fonts, multilanguage support, signature fields support, RTL support, automatically attaching PDFs to emails, etc.

More Info / View Demo

2).WPForms Google Spreadsheet Addon

WPForms-Google-Spreadsheet-AddonThis plugin will sync WPForms entries to a single Google spreadsheet. It also allows you to create a new spreadsheet, sheet, freeze headers, submission date/time, and view/clear spreadsheet using various available options. Other features of this plugin are IP address & page URL, save files, mapping fields, conditional logic, sheet headers sorting, etc.

More Info / View Demo

3).WPForms Repeater Field

WPForms-Repeater-FieldWPForms repeater field addon will allow your visitors to add new sets of fields while filling out forms and collecting repeatable data. It supports various stuff such as conditional logic, payment fields, entry & print preview, HTML & plain text email, and multipage or multipart form. Other features of this plugin are repeater button labels & style customization, maximum repeat limit control and, repeatable fields, etc.

More Info / View Demo

4).WPForms Cost Calculator

WPForms cost calculator plugin lets you create form calculators and advanced cost estimators based on the user input. It supports conditional calculations and all other mathematical formulas. Other features of this plugin are number & total formats, multi-total field, custom format total field, finance & quote calculators, booking cost calculators, etc.

More Info / View Demo

5).WPForms Digital Signature

WPForms-Digital-SignatureThis plugin lets your user’s sign contracts and other agreements with their mouse or even touchscreen. You can easily control the size, background & color of the signature field. It also allows you to hide or display the field with conditional logic. Other features of this plugin support PDF plugin, clear signature, send the signature to an email, support Android & iOS, etc.

More Info / View Demo

6).WPForms Perfex CRM Integration

WPForms-Perfex-CRM-IntegrationIt lets you automatically import/capture customers from WPForms to add/update WPForms submission to your Perfex CRM. You can easily map your WPForms fields to your perfex CRM lead fields. Other features of this plugin are sync with submissions, integrated unlimited ninja forms, support perfex CRM custom fields, etc.

More Info / View Demo

7).WPForms Pipedrive CRM Integration

WPForms-Pipedrive-CRM-IntegrationIt is designed to send your WPForms forms directly to your Pipedrive CRM account, and you can easily generate a lead, deal, person, organization, activity, or deal & activity. You can easily set up the form personally and specify which information you want to get. Other features of this plugin are multiple pipeline support, fields are loaded from the CRM, sending in two modes, etc.

More Info / View Demo

8).Styler for Forms

This plugin will let you create designs for WPForms. It comes with over 100+ options to customize various parts of WPForms such as form header, form wrapper, radio inputs, paragraph textarea, section breaks, description, text inputs, and labels. It also has a responsive design, and you will get lots of options such as font size, background color, margin, padding, borders, width, etc.

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9).Database Addon for WPForms

Database-Addon-for-WPFormsIt lets you save WPForms entries to your WordPress database and also allows you to export the data to a CSV file. It comes with a single database table for all forms.

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10).WPForms Google Sheet Connector

WPForms-Google-Sheet-ConnectorIt lets you connect WPForms and Google sheets and helps you to record the entries in real time. Whenever a visitor submits his/her entries into WPForms, then upon the submission, such filled responses are also sent to Google sheets.

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11).Views for WPForms

It is designed to display WPForms entries anywhere on your website and allow you to build directories and job portals and display entries in the table or list format on the site frontend. It lets you add content before and after the view. You can even set the number of entries on the page.

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12).Active Campaign & WPForms

Active-Campaign-&-WPForms-pluginIt is designed to send form data to ActiveCampaign lists using easy to use interface.

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What Next??
I recommend using these WPForms addons for your website as they come with many features I discussed above. I have already cleared all the features of an excellent Addon. So what are you waiting for?? Grab these awesome WPForms Addons for your website.


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