Are you looking for a WooCommerce product addons plugin for adding various services and options to your products? Then, you don’t have to look anywhere else. We have collected these amazing WooCommerce product addons that allow you to add options and extra services (free or paid as you want) to your products using checkboxes, dropdowns, custom text inputs, radio buttons, images, upload fields, date pickers. These plugins also allow you to set specific conditions to show or hide the options and you can also increase or decrease the prices by a fixed amount or by a percentage. You can also show the blocks in all products/just specific products/specific product categories. Check out these WooCommerce product addons and choose your favorite plugin from the below list.

The benefit of using WooCommerce Extra Product Options

  • Allow your customers to customize their products
  • Help you to present your product in different variations

We have collected these fantastic WooCommerce Product Addons that are as follows:

  1. Yith WooCommerce Product Addons
  2. PH WooCommerce Product Addons
  3. WooCommerce Extra Product Options
  4. Extra Product Options (Custom Addons) for WooCommerce
  5. WooCommerce Add-Ons Plugin
  6. WooCommerce Extra Product Options
  7. Product Addons For WooCommerce
  8. Advanced Product Fields For WooCommerce
  9. Flexible Product Fields For WooCommerce

1).Yith WooCommerce Product Addons

Yith-WooCommerce-Product-AddonsThis WooCommerce plugin will allow you to options and extra services (free or paid as you want) to your products using checkboxes, dropdowns, custom text inputs, radio buttons, images, upload fields, date pickers. You can easily create unlimited blocks of options for all products in a certain category, another block for a specific product, and also the third block for another different product. You can easily customize every option that has been to the block, like you can set which title/description you want and even replace the images to identify the options. You can also set the options as mandatory and even define the minimum and maximum number of options that users easily select and add to the cart. Other features of this WooCommerce plugin are as follows.


  • Create an unlimited number of options
  • Add radio type options
  • Add input text options
  • Set specific conditions to show or hide the options
  • Add product options to show linked products on the product page
  • Hide the options from specific products
  • Show the block in all products/just specific products/specific product categories
  • Add unlimited number options inside each block
  • Add select type options
  • Add number/quantity options
  • Add checkbox type options
  • Add color swatches
  • Set the options as required or not
  • Set the options as selected by default or not
  • Add label or image type options
  • Add calendar date picker type options
  • Add file uploader type options with drag & drop support etc.

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2).PH WooCommerce Product Addons

PH-WooCommerce-Product-AddonsWooCommerce product add-ons plugin will let you add additional custom fields and options to your product pages. You can easily use this plugin to create a website for selling customizable shoes, custom t-shirts, and custom game accessories. You can also set flexible prices for the custom fields using various options such as flat fee, percentage of the product price, product quantity based, multiply cost with character length, and multiply cost with the number entered. It also allows you to display the extra options on the product page only if the customer selects a particular option. Other features of this plugin are as follows.


  • Built-in variation for product add-ons
  • Make Product addons mandatory
  • Reuse addons among WooCommerce products
  • Flexible pricing for extra product options
  • Drop down option
  • File upload
  • Date picker option
  • Time picker
  • Text area
  • Heading & hidden option
  • Phone numbers
  • Checkbox & checkbox groups
  • Multiple selection box
  • Input field
  • Single or multiple color options
  • Radio button & radio button groups etc.

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3).WooCommerce Extra Product Options

WooCommerce-Extra-Product-OptionsWooCommerce extra product options will allow you to create product options and addons, conditional logic, build forms, image swatches or swatches, style & validate features, convert the variation attributes dropdown to radio buttons. It also allows you to control the placement of your new fields with the form builder and provide full support for radio buttons, checkboxes, select boxes, input boxes, range picker, color picker, and upload & date option. It also allows you to enable or disable the plugin and global options for specific roles. You can choose the grid display for checkboxes and the radio button for global options. Other features of this WooCommerce plugin are as follows.


  • Global enabled options
  • Form fields builder
  • Choose between fixed or percentage increase
  • Import/export functions to forms
  • Extra options in-shop & category view
  • Hide add to cart button until an option is chosen
  • Price per character feature for radios & checkboxes
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Various validation features
  • Image replacement for checkboxes
  • Conditional logic for fields & sections in the form builder
  • Easy to use Upload manager
  • Lazy load images for radios & checkboxes
  • Hide or show prices
  • A choice between fixed or percentage price increase
  • Display sections options as popup etc.

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4).Extra Product Options (Custom Addons) for WooCommerce

Extra-Product-Options-(Custom-Addons)-for-WooCommerceExtra product options and custom addons for the WooCommerce plugin customize your site based on your niches. You can easily create custom price fields on your product page. Its dynamic field feature helps users to choose products based on their niche. Easy section positioning helps to place the sections where you want.

Add, edit, modify and rearrange the custom and default product fields based on your need. Create 16+ custom fields to capture more. WPML form translation is available in the product and forms sections. So, you can provide flexible usage for your Worldwide customers. Let your customers personalize their purchases. Help text feature, file uploading options, duplicating the fields, and more are here to explore your products.

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5).WooCommerce Add-Ons Plugin

It will allow your customers to personalize products while they are browsing your website. It allows you to add options via text boxes, dropdowns, checkboxes, text areas, custom price inputs, and even sample images. With the image-based selections, the customer can easily see what product they are buying before finalizing it. You can easily charge a fee for the addon based on a percent of the total price. It also allows you to charge customers a flat fee regardless of how many products they ordered. Other features of this plugin are dropdown, checkboxes, text input, custom price, etc.

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6).WooCommerce Extra Product Options

WooCommerce-Extra-Product-Options-pluginThis WooCommerce plugin will make it easy for you to add custom product fields and sections to your product page and helps you to minimize the effort to showcase the products you sell efficiently. With the conditional display feature, you can decide when a field or section should be displayed on your product page. It is fully compatible with major themes and allows you to edit, remove, enable or disable the extra product fields quickly. It also helps you to manage the display of custom fields values in the cart, checkout, and order details page. Other features of this plugin are modify add to cart button text, custom hooks, display styles, 14 custom product fields, 2 predefined custom section positions, reset with one click, duplicate fields & sections, etc.

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7).Product Addons For WooCommerce

It will allow you to add extra product options using a custom form builder and allow you to personalize the WooCommerce product ordering page. The drag and drop form builder includes various form elements such as text field, number field, radio field, checkbox field, select field, date field, color field, hidden field, password field, Textarea field, hidden field, password field, and email field. It also supports two Html tags, i.e., paragraph & header, etc.

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8). Advanced Product Fields For WooCommerce

Advanced-Product-Fields-For-WooCommerceAdvanced product fields plugin will allow you to add extra form fields to your WooCommerce product pages and helps your customers to personalize their product with a handful of extra choices, fields. It includes 9 different form elements, i.e., text field, text area, email, URL, number, select dropdown, checkboxes, radio buttons, true/false. Other features of this plugin are conditional logic, dynamic product price, optimized for speed, translation ready, works with both simple & variable products, supports variable products over ajax, etc.

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9).Flexible Product Fields For WooCommerce

Flexible-Product-Fields-For-WooCommerceIt will extend WooCommerce product options with additional fields and allow you to show labels and fields values in the cart summary and checkout page. It will help you to edit options for each placeholder and tooltip and allow you to mark a field as required or not. Other features of this plugin are assign CSS classes, saving product configuration, etc.

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What Next??
I would recommend you to use these WooCommerce plugins for your website as it comes with many features which I discussed above. I have already cleared all the features of a useful WooCommerce product addons plugin. So what are you waiting for?? Grab these awesome plugins for your upcoming website.


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