Are you running your job board through the WP Job Manager plugin and looking for some amazing Addons to extend the functionality of your job board website? Then, these WP Job Manager Addons make it easy for you to extend the functionality of your job website using features like job alerts, job tags, bookmarks, deadline dates, products, applications. WP Job Manager plugin is one of the most popular Job Board plugins for WordPress that allows you to add, manage and categorize job listings using the familiar WordPress UI. The frontend forms for employers allow you to submit and manage job listings. I have added some free addons in this post that you can try and use as per your requirement. Check out these WP Job Manager addons and choose your favorite plugin from the list below.

Please Note: Before using these Addons, you must have WP Job Manager Plugin Installed on your WordPress website.

We have collected these fantastic WP Job Manager Addons that are as follows:

  1. Applications Addon For WP Job Manager
  2. Application Deadline Addon
  3. Job Alerts Addon
  4. Resume Manager For WP Job Manager
  5. WC Paid Listing Addon
  6. Embeddable Job Widget
  7. Job Tags Addon
  8. Simple Paid Listing Addon
  9. Bookmarks Addon
  10. Regions for WP Job Manager
  11. Import Listings into WP Job Manager
  12. MAS Companies For WP Job Manager

1).Applications Addon For WP Job Manager

Applications-Addon-For-WP-Job-ManagerApplications addon will make it easy for the candidate to apply to jobs using a form & employers that allow them to view and manage the application directly from their jobs dashboard. The application form will replace the usual links and shows forms fields for candidate name, cover letter/message, candidate email and it also provide an upload field for the candidate so that they can easily attach their resume. With easy to use application form editor, you can easily add, edit and remove fields and the editor also allows you to customize the email notifications sent to the employer & the candidate. Other features of this plugin are private notes, ratings, applications organized by status, etc.

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2).Application Deadline Addon

Application-Deadline-AddonApplication deadline addon will allow the job listers to add a closing date field for job listings and the jobs can be made to automatically expire after the closing date passes. It also allows you to optionally sort job listings by the closing date.

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3).Job Alerts Addon

Job-Alerts-AddonJob alerts addon for WP Job manager allow the users to create alerts based on their search and the alerts can be configured to be sent via daily, weekly & fortnightly email alerts triggered by WordPress cron. You can easily add, preview, enable, disable and edit email alerts.

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4).Resume Manager For WP Job Manager

Resume-Manager-For-WP-Job-ManagerIt will allow you to add a resume submission form to your website and the candidate can easily use that form to post resume on your website and apply to the job with the resumes. It also comes with a resume shortcode that you can use to output resumes in a list, preceded by a search/filter form which is ajax powered. You can also restrict which user roles can easily view the candidate’s contact details.

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5).WC Paid Listing Addon

WC-Paid-Listing-AddonWC paid listings addon lets you create custom job packages that can be purchased or redeemed during job submission. It also allows you to submit multiple listings with a single pack, featured listings, creating listings with varying expirations. The purchasing job packs will force checkout during registration and the job packs are then displayed on their account page etc.

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6).Embeddable Job Widget

Embeddable-Job-WidgetThrough a form, your users can easily generate an embeddable job widget showing job listings from your site.

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7).Job Tags Addon

Job-Tags-AddonIt will allow you to tag jobs with required skills, interests & technologies and also show jobs by using shortcodes & add tag filtering to the main jobs shortcodes. It will help employers to tag their listings and allow seekers to filter jobs by tag etc.

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8).Simple Paid Listing Addon

Simple-Paid-Listing-AddonIf you looking to accept paid listing then this Addon will be suitable for you. The simple paid listing addon will allow you to set a price for a new job listing and take payment during the job submission process. It supports both Stripe & PayPal to take payment via the submission form.

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9).Bookmarks Addon

Bookmarks-AddonThis Addon will allow the candidates to bookmark jobs and employers to bookmark resumes. You can also keep notes to bookmark to track the process. It lets you list bookmarks on a page via a shortcode etc.

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10).Regions for WP Job Manager

Regions-for-WP-Job-ManagerThis WordPress plugin lets you add a Job Region taxonomy so that the site administrator can easily control the predefined regions listing that can be assigned to.

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11).Import Listings into WP Job Manager

Import-Listings-into-WP-Job-ManagerIt will make it easy for you to bulk import your job listings to the WP job manager plugin and you just have to drag & drop the data from XML or CSV into WP Job manager fields to import it. It supports files in any format and structure and includes full support for WP Job manager’s search dropdowns, regions, categories, settings, and fields. Other features of this plugin are automatically finding the job location like manually adding a job etc.

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12).MAS Companies For WP Job Manager

MAS-Companies-For-WP-Job-ManagerThis extension will allow your users to post their companies directly and you can easily add widgets to search companies & filter companies by taxonomies. You can easily simply customize the dashboard, the company submits the form with your style by editing the specific template.

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What Next??
I would recommend you to use these WP Job Manager Addons for your website as it comes with many features which I discussed above. I have already cleared all the features of a good addon for WP Job Manager. So what are you waiting for?? Go and grab these awesome WordPress plugins for your next or existing website.


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