Social media plays an important role in our website ranking as per the data of Google. Google is becoming strict day by day due to their lots of algorithm updates. If you want to drive more traffic from Pinterest to your website, then these WordPress Pinterest Plugins will help you to get it. These Pinterest WordPress plugins are the best choice to get traffic from Pinterest through just pinning your post on your Pinterest account.

You can also do Pinterest meta tag verification after using one of these plugin. The Meta Tag Plugin will automatically insert Pinterest meta tag verification code to the head section of your website. These WordPress plugins will also display Profile widget, Board widget, Pin Widget, Pin It button on your website. Some of these also allow you to automatically pins your website images to your Pinterest account, you just need to add your username and password in the plugin settings. Check out this post to choose your favorite WordPress Pinterest plugin from the below list.

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Please note that all our Pinterest WordPress Plugin are fully compatible with latest version of WordPress.You can easily use these Pinterest Plugins according to your own requirement.

1).Pinterest Automatic Pin WordPress Plugin

The Pinterest automatic WordPress plugin will pin images from your post to automatically. You can easily schedule your pins which you want to post on your Pinterest account. You can easily set a default pin text or a default pin board where all pins will be pinned, so you don’t need to enter text every time. Some other features of this WordPress plugin are as follows.


  • Pin Unlimited number of images
  • Bulk Pin & automatic image detection
  • WooCommerce, Bots, Custom post types support
  • Pinned images get marked
  • Post featured image as a pin etc..

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2).Pinterest To WordPress Plugin

Pinterest to wordpress plugin

This WordPress plugin provides the completes solution to integrate your Pinterest account with WordPress. It displays the pinterest boards and pins in WordPress and update them automatically. You can easily add any username to display his/her pins right on WordPress in pop – up format.  Some other features of this WordPress plugin are as follows.


  • Unlimited color variations
  • Unlimited number of created galleries
  • 30 different background patterns
  • Auto update on schedule
  • Display Pinterest User boards as gallery
  • Full control on displayed parts of items etc..

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3).Pinterest Auto Pin For WordPress

Pinterest is really a great source to drive more traffic to your website. This WordPress allows you to quickly and easily add hover pint it buttons to your images on the fly making them instantly pinable to any board on Pinterest. You can easily add Alt tags to your pins through an optional alt tag description. Some other features of this WordPress plugin are as follows.


  • Includes 4 different hover images/overlays
  • Make them instantly pinable on Pinterest
  • Add slick, smooth, hover effects to your images
  • Works on iOS devices such as iPad, iPhone, iTouch etc..

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4).Pinterest ” Pin it” Button Plugin

Pinterest Pin it Button Plugin

The Pinterest Pin it Button WordPress Plugin allows you to add simple & sleek “Pin It” button to your site and get your visitors to start pinning your awesome content. The Pin It allows your users to select any images while sharing your post on Pinterest. You can also add Pin It button to your sidebar or footer as a widget. Some other features of this WordPress plugin are as follows.


  • Specify a specific image to pin per post
  • Hide the “Pin it ” button on specific post and pages
  • Default to the first image in the post
  • Place Pin It  buttons anywhere using shortcodes etc..

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 5).Pinterest PinBoard Widget Plugin

Pinterest PinBoard Widget Plugin

The Pinterest PinBoard WordPress plugin is one of the good plugin which allows users to display their favorite pins on their website.  This plugin uses original thumbnails from Pinterest itself. The Pinterest Pinboard can also be used a widget in your sidebar on any page using the shortcode.

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6).Pinterest Pin It Button For Images

Pinterest Pin It Button For Images

Do you want to add Pin It button on your post images? Then, this WordPress plugin is the best solution of your question.  This WordPress plugin add a Pin It button over your images, so users can add it to Pinterest easily.

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7).Pretty Pinterest Pins Plugin

Pretty Pinterest Pins Plugin

The Pretty Pinterest Pins WordPress Plugin allows you to display thumbnails, and links to your latest pins from Pinterest in your sidebar. The widget is fully customizable, you can easily pull the latest pins from any pinterest users.  It also display a follow me on pinterest button under your pins. Some other features of this WordPress plugin are as follows.


  • Looks great on light & dark backgrounds
  • Easy to install and customize
  • Show or hide the image captions
  • Choose the number of pins to display etc..

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8).Alpine Phototile for Pinterest

Alpine Phototile for Pinterest

Do you want display your Pinterest pin in a stylish manner? Then, This Alpine phototile for Pinterest is a good solution for you. It is a stylish and compact plugin for displaying Pinterest images in a sidebar, post, or page. Though easy to use shortocde, you can easily insert the widget into posts without any coding. Some other features of this WordPress plugin are as follows.


  • Multiple style to allow for customization
  • Widget and shortcode options
  • Include Pin It button
  • Lightbox feature for interactive slideshow etc..

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9).Pinterest Verify Meta Tag Plugin

Pinterest Verify Meta Tag Plugin

If you want to do Meta tag verification for your website but don’t how to insert code in the head. Don’t worry, This Pinterest verify meta tag plugin will help to verify your website. This WordPress plugin simply insert Pinterest meta tag code to the head section of your website. After completion, people will see a checkmark next to your domain in your Pinterest profile.

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10).Ultimate Pinterest Display Widget

Ultimate Pinterest Display Widget

The ultimate Pinterest display widget plugin is a nice plugin to display Pin It button, Pin widget, Profile widget and Board widget on your website. You don’t have to install individual plugin for these activities.

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What Next??

I would recommend you to use these WordPress Pinterest Plugin for your website as it comes with many features which I discussed above. I have already cleared all the features of a good Pinterest WordPress Plugin. So what are you waiting for?? Go and buy these awesome plugins for your upcoming website.

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