Are you going to enter into affiliate marketing ?? Then we have some excellent affiliate link cloaking WordPress plugins, which will help you to cloak your affiliate link without any problem. I am sure many of you don’t familiar with the term “Cloaking.” Cloaking is used to disguise a link by hiding it behind another link. Many of you are already promoting some affiliate products on your blog but have not yet started to use any link cloaking plugin, which will also decrease your earning. You might be wondering how my earnings will fall without using any link cloaking plugin?. Don’t worry; I am going to explain this situation easily.

Let’s take an example; If you are promoting any product, then your affiliate link will be like which looks ugly to your users as well as search engines. Your users don’t want to click on a link like above. But after using any link cloaking plugin, your ugly affiliate link will convert into , which gives security and assurance to your loyal readers.

We have collected these amazing Best Affiliate Link Cloaking WordPress Plugin that are as follows:

  1. ClickWhale WordPress Plugin
  2. Pretty Link Pro WordPress Plugin
  3. Thirsty Affiliates WordPress Plugin
  4. URL Shortener Pro WordPress Plugin
  5. Easy Affiliate Links WordPress Plugin
  6. WooCommerce Cloak Affiliate Links
  7. Auto Affiliate Links WordPress Plugin

Why Should You Use Link Cloaking Plugin?

Cloaking an affiliate link is one of the essential techniques of affiliate marketing. If you are promoting only some products on your blog, then you can use the free link cloaking plugin for cloaking your links. But if you are into affiliate marketing and promote only affiliate products, then you should go for a premium Link Cloaking plugin because the premium plugin has more features as compared to a free one. Let’s check out some features of premium plugins below:

  • Create Professional Redirect Links
  • Easy Affiliate Link Management
  • Transform Keywords to Links
  • Insert Affiliate link directly
  • Prevent affiliate theft
  • Manage links by groups
  • Use “No – follows” link, etc..

If you are not using an affiliate link cloaking WordPress plugin on your blog then anyone can manipulate your affiliate link and steal your hard-earned commission. So it’s very important to cloak your affiliate link to protect against link theft and affiliate sabotage. Check out these affiliate link cloaking plugins and choose your favorite plugin from the below list,

Note: Please read your affiliate network’s TOS (Terms of Service ) because some of the affiliate networks won’t allow cloaking their link.

Please note that all these affiliate link cloaking WordPress plugins are fully compatible with the latest version of WordPress. You can easily use these link cloaking WordPress plugins according to your requirements.

1).ClickWhale WordPress Plugin

clickwhale-affiliate-link-manager-pluginClickWhale is one of those plugins that allow you to create and organize links and even track your link performance using the Statistics option. It comes with a built–in tracking code option that makes it easy for you to insert analytics or tracking scripts such as Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and many others. It also allows you to create link pages designed for social media influencers where you can connect & promote your social media handles and other links. You can also import links from different affiliate link manager plugins as well. Other features of this plugin are as follows.


  • Click tracking
  • Links categorization
  • Cloaking affiliate links
  • Link management
  • UTM Campaign Tracking
  • There are no limitations on tracking codes, link pages, and branded link creation.
  • Detailed Statistics
  • Social profiles
  • Blog posts feed
  • E-Commerce Conversion Tracking
  • Remove plugin credits
  • Advanced customization options, etc.

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We have also written a review on ClickWhale – ClickWhale Affiliate Link Manager for WordPress Review Don’t forget to check it 🙂

2).Pretty Link Pro WordPress Plugin

Pretty-Link-Pro-WordPress-PluginPretty Link Pro WordPress plugin will allow you to shrink, track, organize, cloak, share and test all of your links and also enable you to do automotive repetitive tasks, optimize your website with testing. You can easily access the links from your WordPress admin interface. It comes with the ability to group, sort, search, and track clicks on your links. It includes two redirects option i.e. permanent and temporary redirects. This WordPress plugin can automatically create a short link for all of your posts & pages and comes with an ability to automatically tweet a customizable message to as many Twitter accounts as you want when a post is published. It will automatically analyze all of the content on your website and replace keywords with links. Some other features of this WordPress plugin are as follows.


  • Three redirection types
  • Easy to use and customize
  • Automatically create short links
  • Automatically tweet customizable messages
  • Social media sharing option
  • Custom slugs
  • Forward parameters
  • Simple click counting
  • Conversion reports
  • Customizable bookmarklet
  • Delayed redirects
  • Generate QR codes
  • Import & export links
  • Time & technology based redirects
  • Alternate base URL etc.

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3).Thirsty Affiliates WordPress Plugin

Thirsty-Affiliates-WordPress-PluginThirsty Affiliate WordPress plugin will allow you to convert your ugly affiliate link into pretty links that use your website URL and helps you to monetize your site like professionals. You can easily manage the affiliate links from a central place which helps you to insert into your posts, page and comments. The easy to use tools will let you create new affiliate links without leaving the post edit screen, and the customizable link URL prefixes allow you to choose from or use your custom prefix. Some other features of this WordPress plugin are as follows.


  • Open in new window options
  • Dofollow/Nofollow options
  • Importing & exporting support
  • Affiliate link 301 redirection
  • Show category slugs in the URLs
  • Uses WordPress approved storage techniques
  • Link picker insert affiliate links
  • Link categorization
  • No follow & opens in new tab
  • Use custom post types
  • Shortcode link type
  • Basic statistics reports
  • REST API compatiblity
  • CSV Import & Export tool
  • Geolocation link redirects
  • Amazon API reporting
  • Automatic link health checker
  • URL shortening
  • Google analytics click event pushing
  • Inbuilt affiliate link shortening/link cloaking etc.

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4).URL Shortener Pro WordPress Plugin

URL-Shortener-Pro-WordPress-PluginURL shortener Pro WordPress plugin will allow you to create beautiful short URLs and hide affiliate links. You can easily share long links on social media by shortening them through this plugin and also helps you to remember the short links quickly. It is entirely compatible with all the WordPress themes and all internet browsers and also uses javascript with your redirects to add all kinds of extra functionality. Quickly choose any redirection method i.e. 302 temporaries, 307 temporary, and 301 permanent. You can easily avoid the spiders and trackers following your links by adding no–follows to your links. The advanced stats will help you to see various information such as device, referrer, OS, clicks, and tracking by URL. Some other features of this WordPress plugin are as follows.


  • Fully customizable
  • Hide affiliate links
  • Organize short links in categories
  • Redirect with Javascript
  • Redirect with 301/302/307 headers
  • Redirect with invisible iframe
  • Open link in new window
  • Cloak URLs
  • Easy to insert in post
  • Add links using shortcodes
  • Set up redirection delay
  • Bulk replace links in old posts & pages
  • Limit replacements
  • Import from Pretty link plugin
  • Hooks for developers
  • Advanced stats
  • Bulk replace keywords with short links
  • Option to add title attribute
  • Redirect with meta refresh tag etc.

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Affiliate Link Cloaking WordPress Plugin (Free)

5).Easy Affiliate Links WordPress Plugin

Easy-Affiliate-Cloaker-WordPress-PluginEasy affiliate links WordPress plugin will allow you to manage and cloak all your affiliate links and allow you to access your links in the visual and HTML editor. You can quickly track the clicks monthly and can also import affiliate links from an XML file. Immediately assign categories to your links and comes with an ability to export your links to XML etc.

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6).WooCommerce Cloak Affiliate Links

WooCommerce-Cloak-Affiliate-LinksThe WooCommerce cloak affiliate links WordPress plugin will allow you to mask all external links in your WooCommerce store and configure the status code for the redirect to either 301, 302 & 307. It also adds a Disallow to your robots.txt files to prevent bots from following your external links.

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7).Auto Affiliate Links WordPress Plugin

Affiliate Link Cloaking WordPress PluginAuto Affiliate Links will allow you to manage and set affiliate links and keywords and where they should be added to your content. It lets you extract and display links from Shareasale, Ebay, Clickbank, Amazon, Walmart, Commission Junction, BestBuy and Envato marketplace. It will allow you to select your keywords and add your links manually; you can easily do this from easy to use administration panel etc.

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What Next??

I would recommend you to use these link cloaking WordPress plugins for your website as it comes with many features which I discussed above. I have already cleared all the features of a good affiliate link cloaking WordPress plugin. So what are you waiting for?? Grab these awesome affiliate link cloaking WordPress plugins for your website.


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