In the WordPress ecosystem, there are three ways to make your product stand out, 1) your product is out-of-this-galaxy unique, 2) your product is the best of its kind, or 3) you run a kickass marketing campaign.

If you have a unique product that doesn’t have any close competition (which, given the number of WordPress products, is possibly nonexistent) you have nothing to worry about. Potential users will find you and download or purchase your product.

If your product is the best of its kind, it still needs to get noticed before people gravitate towards it. You’ll need people to trust your product and your brand to buy from you. Which means, running a successful marketing campaign is your best bet at gaining new customers.

Traditional Marketing Methods Suck… Need Time and Money

It takes a lot of time and effort for traditional marketing strategies to bear fruit. Let’s consider the most popular strategy – blogging. By writing high-quality content that attracts potential leads, you’re bound to generate traffic and increase product sales. It’s free of cost, but you’ll have to be consistent, and it can be months before results start to show.

Paid ads are expensive. Let alone the fact that you need to know how to use different marketing tools to the best of their abilities. You probably think you need to hire a dedicated marketer for your team or go to a marketing consultant. But again, that’s an additional investment.

Support forums will tell you the best way to get your product noticed is to create a free version and upload it on WordPress repository or to go to a WordPress plugin marketplace. While both these platforms might seem like an excellent way to get initial traction, neither will offer you any special assistance. You will have to compete with other similar products on these platforms to get noticed. They won’t help you with your marketing efforts, nor will they help you understand your audience in any way.

But, the thing is, you’re not alone. This is a problem most WordPress developers face. They are great at coming up with exceptional products, but when it comes to marketing, they need help.

The Marketing Mantra for New Age WordPress Vendors

If there’s a platform that’s catching the attention of WordPress product owners looking for marketing assistance- it’s Epitrove.

Epitrove has been smart enough to fill a large gap in the WordPress space when it comes to selling products.

What is Epitrove?

epitrove-marketplaceBuilt as a product marketplace, Epitrove also functions as a marketing extension for WordPress products. Unlike conventional marketplaces which don’t offer a lot of support to product owners, Epitrove helps you market your product while helping customers find the right product for their needs. This means it’s a different kind of marketplace.

Think of it as the equivalent of Amazon, just that it doesn’t have as many products, and helps product sellers gain customers. But how does it do that?

How does Epitrove Work?

Epitrove works as a marketing platform should. Just that it’s not an automated system, nor does it offer tools that developers have to use. Epitrove offers:

1). Marketing Team Support

Epitrove is backed by an actual team of marketers that does the job for you. Once your product is a part of the platform, the team uses proven strategies to market your product.

For example, Epitrove takes care of keyword research for you. Their SEO and content teams come up with articles covering your product and send out email campaigns. Epitrove also has a network of influencers and affiliate partners who’ll help promote your products on multiple platforms. You don’t have to spend time building affiliate partnerships or writing content. Epitrove takes care of it.

2). Innovative Marketing Techniques

It doesn’t stop there. Epitrove gives you the platform advantage – something WordPress repository or other marketplaces don’t offer. By being on Epitrove you get to be a part of strategic cross-promotional campaigns, wherein your product gets marketed to buyers of other products in a relevant way. This means, a new set of audience that never knew your product existed, is now aware and interested in your product.

3). Product Usage Insights

Epitrove also plans on providing you with detailed insights into your customers, on how they use your product, to help you improve it. This works for both paid and free products and is a clear advantage over putting your product on the WordPress repository.

4). No Fixed Costs

Since Epitrove isn’t an automated platform, you don’t have to purchase it or pay a service fee. Epitrove takes a percentage commission on your sales, which means, it only makes money when you make money. Which in turn means, the team works hard to make sure product sales happen. If you have a free product up on Epitrove, you can use the platform for free!

5). No Exclusivity Contract

The team at Epitrove does the hard work so that you don’t need to. Not that you don’t have to. You always have the choice to run your own marketing campaigns. There’s no lock-in and no exclusivity contract. Sell from as many platforms as you choose.

6). The Early-Bird Advantage

Since Epitrove is starting out, it’s offering preferential marketing to the first 100 vendors that sign up. This includes dedicated articles published on popular WordPress blogging platforms plus an opportunity to be featured in Epitrove’s press releases! That’s a huge advantage.

Having said that, you might wonder…

Is Epitrove for YOU?

Epitrove is a platform that’s perfect for new and seasoned WordPress product developers alike – especially those who want to focus on development and not worry about marketing. The primary advantage of being on the platform is that you get a marketing arm that’s solid, dedicated, and proven (since it’s the same team backing WisdmLabs).

You don’t have to worry about competing with other similar products on the platform since Epitrove favors the best products over the average ones. You just have to make sure your product is the best!

Epitrove takes care of ensuring that good products are noticed by serious buyers by weeding out poor products. So, if you have a genuinely good product that’s as good as the most popular or leading product in its category and you offer empathetic support, Epitrove will work extra hard to get your product noticed.

The pros of being on the platform are strong, the cons if any, are the commission costs you have to pay – but that’s justified given the time and effort that’s being saved. Think about it, if you had to hire people, or pay consultants, you’d have to pay a whole lot more.

In the end, it’s up to you to decide. You can check out the platform, talk to the team, get your doubts cleared and decide if the platform is right for you. If nothing else, you can certainly try out Epitrove for your free products.

You can upload a free product to explore the platform and experience the team’s support. Although, you’ll see the biggest benefit if you have a freemium product (or free + paid add-ons), by noticing how Epitrove works to push for the premium upsell.

Suffice to say, Epitrove is fast on the track to changing the face of WordPress product marketing. Would you like to be a part of this change? Drop a comment to let us know!



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