Last weekend, i was talking with my friend on a topic “How to engage readers on a particular blog??” And we found the simple answers to use widgets in an effective manner.Well Widget are best tool to show your latest post ,popular post,top commentors etc.There are thousand of ways to use a widget in a different manners.A particular widget can be used by many ways as per requirement of a blog owner.Frankly speaking, i have tried lots of widgets on my blog and found some widget which are worth money.Today, i am going to show the best premium WordPress widget which you should on your blog.

These WordPress Premium widget plugin are suitable for all type of bloggers.Any one can use it for their project.These premium plugin will give your blog and extra effect which increase readers engagement.Big Bloggers also use premium widget on their blog for the better look in front of their readers.Now jump to the topic,choose favorite  your plugin from our list below.

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Please Note that all our WordPress Widget Plugin are fully compatible with latest version of WordPress.You can easily set all the plugin according to your requirement.

1).Sidebar & Widget Manager for WordPress

sidebar and widget manager for wordpress

This widget helps you to create custom pages layouts with drop down menu in a page area.It is also supported by well-known WordPress plugin like Woocommerce ,bbPress and WPML .Some other features of this plugin are :

  • Replace any theme sidebar with a custom one on any set of pages
  • Vertical or horizontal alignment.
  • Widget visibility control
  • Unlimited custom sidebars
  • No coding required and lots more

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2).Popular Bar Post Widget

popular bar plugin for wordpress

This is bar post widget is most popular plugin.Many big blogs have implemented this plugin on their blog.This plugin will show the most commented post first on the list and others post on second or third.So i want to clear,it extract the highest comment count of all time to generate the popular post list.Some of the others features of popular bar post are:

  • You can customize the widget title,how many items to show,HTML classes for each post.
  • Two widgets in one
  • Easy to customize and setup

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3).Fancy Text Widget

Fancy text widget

Fancy WordPress text widget is the best plugin to highlight some important posts or offers for your readers benefit.You can use this plugin to show coming soon deals etc.Some of the features of this plugin are as follows

  • 6 fancy background textures – wrinkled papers,sand paper , paper with lines
  • 10 beautiful pines , tapes & icons
  • 10 beautiful Google handwriting fonts
  • Over 1000 possible graphical combinations
  • Unlimited background and font colors with color picker

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4).Custom Widget Area for WordPress

custom widget area for wordpress

Want to show different widget on pages or post ?? Then this plugin is for you!! These plugin allows you to show different widget on pages and posts.It support RTL WordPress Admin (Right-to-Left) and CWA Easy Translation Manager add-on.Some of the best features of this plugin are as follows:

  • Individual sidebar for each pages or post
  • 7 different styles for widget in content area
  • Easy insert widgets in content with shortcodes
  • Enable custom widget for custom post types and lots more

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5).Twitter Ultimate WordPress Plugin


Are you twitter lover?? we have this special plugin for you.Twitter ultimate WordPress plugin allows you to show tweets on your WordPress post and pages.With help of shortcodes, you can directly show tweets into pages or post.Other features of this plugin are

  • You can have multiple instances of twitter ultimate feed
  • Realtime incoming tweets can be disabled/enabled on load
  • Option to start or pause incoming tweets
  • Options to control number of tweets to be shown in the feed
  • Option to control width of the plugin
  • You can easily customize it

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6).Total Audio Control for WordPress

Total Control HTML5 Audio Player for WordPress

This widget is jQuery powered plugin widget that streams audio and features a manageable playlist.users can choose which songs are to be skipped when repeat is enabled. When configuring the plugin widget, you can select a playlist you have created in the Playlist Manager.Some other features are

  • Draggable player
  • Drag and drop functionality to rearrange playlist
  • Include song artwork
  • Android and iOS supported
  • Add new songs to playlist
  • 3 skins

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7).Better Recent Post Widget Pro

better-recent-posts-pro widget

Better Recent Post widget pro is the best widget to show recent post in sidebar.The default WordPress widget is comes with zero modifications.With this recent post pro widget, you have 11 options to choose from on a per widget basis.Other features of this widget are as follows:

  • Number of posts to show
  • Post display order
  • Post sorting method
  • Features thumbnail display
  • Multiple widget Instance support
  • Comment count display
  • Post author display
  • Post title display and lots more…

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8).Weather Slider – jQuery Animated WP Widget

WeatherSlider wordpress plugin

If you want to show current weather and 3 day weather forecast on your blog.Then this widget is perfect for you. This is a best weather slider WordPress widget with animated weather effects.It will show multiple location in one slider.Some of the other features of this plugin are as follows:

  • 48 different weather types with powerful weather API
  • Responsive size from 240×200 to 1300×600 pixels (content, images and font size also auto resizing)
  • Auto slideshow and auto refresh features
  • Touch control for mobile devices
  • Support all major browsers
  • Beautiful CSS3 animations
  • Custom location search bar etc

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9).Advanced Categories Widget

Advanced Categories Widget

This widget will help you to generate images with your categories.It support multi instances widget,category image,easy to customize with images.Some of the other features are as follows:

  • Full widget options
  • Automatic image resizing
  • Extensive supports
  • Custom style & script
  • Search option allows you to search only for the given categories
  • Style,with html list or more and lots more

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10).Tabs Widget for WordPress

tabs widget wordpres

This plugin creates a new WordPress widget on your wp admin panel.This widget allows you to show multiple tabs within widget.You can show recent post,comments or popular post within this widget.Some other feature of this widget are:

  • Support multiple widget instances
  • Show latest comments on the site including the user’s avatar
  • List your most popular posts by number of comments
  • Showcase your most popular posts using statistics from Stats
  • Unlimited number of tabs
  • Set thumbnail size and position
  • Adjust number of posts to show on the tabs

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11).Widget Ninja


Do you want to show some widget on home and some on posts?? Then this widget is the right choice for you.This widget comes with conditional tabs which allows you to show your widget according to your requirement i.e. on home,sidebar,footer etc.It has 25 conditional tags with 11 additional options.Other features are as follows:

  • Eliminate the need for multiple sidebar
  • Work with any custom or built-in widget
  • No code editing
  • Simple drag and drop GUI

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12).Smart Post lists for WordPress

Smart Post lists for WordPress

If you want to make a list of your post according to requirement.Then this widget is the best option for you.You can builds post lists based on options you choose from a form in a widget.You can drag and drop the widget in as many sidebar or custom widget areas as you like and build as many independent lists as you like.Some other features of this widget are:

  • Unlimited post lists
  • Number of columns 1,2,3,4
  • Multiple widgets
  • List delimiter
  • You can create fully functional website using this widget.

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13).Better Related Posts Widget

related post widget plugin

This plugin allows you to display similar,or related,posts in any widgetized sidebar.When searching for related posts, the widget will choose posts that share between 1-3 like terms with the currently viewed post.Some other features are

  • Multiple instances of the same widget
  • display related post widget
  • Choose the number of related items to show
  • Widget shown only on single post pages
  • 12 Options to configure on a per-widget basis and lots more

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14).Hello Tabs WordPress Widget

Hello tabs wordpress widget

This WordPress widget can be used for creating tabs element from any widgets you have!!.Plugin comes with 12 predefined styles and 24 animation effects! You can even create few tabs elements on a page!.Some other features are

  • Multiple capability
  • Cross browser compatibility
  • 24 animation effects
  • 12 predefined styles

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15).5 Sec Content Scroller Widget

5sec Content Scroller Widget

5sec content scroller widget is suitable for those bloggers who want to show their popular post,recent post etc in different style i.e. scroller format.You can scroll anything like content from your site,one or more twitter timelines,custom test.RSS feed etc.Some other features are:

  • Fully customizable layout
  • full support for custom post types and taxonomies
  • Lots of option for customization
  • It works on all themes
  • Features post images support etc

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16).Testimonials for WordPress

testimonial for wordpresss

With this plugin,you can easily show testimonials of your Clients/users through a widget on your sidebar.It also has shortcodes to show a form in the frontend so that your clients can submit their own testimonials.After submission they first need to be accepted by an admin before they will be published on the website.Some other features are:

  • Widget to show random testimonials
  • Manage testimonials
  • Support for translations
  • Shortcode to show last or random testimonials
  • easy to use and highly customizable

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17).Authors Widget

authors wordpress widger

This authors widget allows to display site authors with details description and avatar in the sidebar.You can easily include & exclude any author from this widget.All default author contact info can be hidden or displayed as an icon or text.Some other feature of this widget are:

  • Multiwidget & Authors ordering
  • Adding authors comments and posts via ajax request
  • HTML output or string option
  • List style type and Show post count option
  • Show full name and Show contact info
  • Feed link and image and Show biographical inf
  • Adjust Avatar size and Show hide avatar
  • Hide empty for hiding authors if with no posts

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18).Taxonomies Filter Widget

taxnomies filter widger

Taxonomies filter widget is one of the best plugin that creates a widget which acts as a filter for your categories, tags and taxonomies.This plugin is specially perfect for website shops, directories, tutorials, job boards or listings.This plugin also do awesome job at filtering the standard WordPress posts by categories, tags and even post format.Some other features are:

  • Simple, drag and drop ordering admin interface.
  • Works with any kind of post type, category or custom taxonomy.
  • Supports both WooCommerce and e-Commerce.
  • Query multiple taxonomies at once. And fast!
  • Unlimited instances of the widget, each with its own settings.
  • Now with an auto-submit option.
  • Dril down, hierarchical navigation (eg: countries,states,cities,counties,towns)

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19).WordPress Video Training Dashboard Widget

wordpress video series

Want to create your WordPress video training website?? Then,this plugin is for you.A dashboard widget/plugin that provides one click access to WordPress video training. The widget can be configured by a WordPress administrator, allowing them to choose the most appropriate videos for the website and client.

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20).Advanced Widget Pack

advanced widget pack

This is all in one pack for all bloggers.Advanced widget pack come with 15 widget including popular post,recent post,feedburner,random post,contact info,flickr,Google map,Video,Twitter,tabs,archives,categories,pages,advertisements.Some other features are :

  • jQuery Tabs posts
  • Support custom post types
  • Embed video and google map
  • Unlimited 125px advertisements etc

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21).Pollify -Simple WordPress Poll Widget


Pollify is easy to use and setup WordPress poll widget and Google analytic integration.It come with 4 layers of security with ability to enable or disable it.It also support 5 languages with RTL.Some other features are

  • Elegant design with animated bars & customizable
  • Shortcode support
  • Start and end date
  • Shuffle answer order
  • Share option
  • Vote display type : percentage or order

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22).News Widget For WordPress

news wordpress widget

With this news widget you can display news from RSS or atom feeds. You can create your own view so you can customize how the news items are shown.Some of the other features are

  • Number of news items to show
  • Use ajax to refresh the news widget every x seconds
  • Merge up to 6 feeds in one news widget
  • Show newest items first
  • Randomize the news items and lots more

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23).Tag Master WordPress Plugin

Tag Master WordPress Plugin

Are you fan of tags??Then this plugin is specially made for you!!.Tag master WordPress plugin allows you to show categories and tag in very different look i.e. 2 styles, group and bubble.This plugin provide you the smoother experience due to the following reasons.

  • One can hide the count value if that suits the theme well
  • 7 themes are available which can be applied to category name and count separately
  • The plugin places two separate widgets for categories and tags.
  • Order of display can be either ascending or descending and lots more

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24).Advanced Activity Widget

advanced activity widget

This widget helps a user to add advanced tabbed widget box to your sidebar giving users the ability to display your WordPress latest comments, most recent posts and most popular posts of all time.It is a highly customizable and allows you to display unlimited amounts of popular posts, latest posts and most recent comments.

  • Uses a default post thumbnail if no image is available for posts.’
  • Built-in Post View recording.
  • Display post view count under most popular post excerpt.
  • Display date & time of post under most recent posts excerpt.
  • Display post comment author name under comments tab
  • Nice clean professional user interface.
  • Multiple widgets configuration etc

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25).Extended Google Analytics for WordPress

advanced google analtyics for wordpress

Do you have Google analytic account for your blog??This plugin will help you add Google analytics and event tracking to your websites.Some other features are

  • Tool to generate campaign tracking links to use in newsletters and other campaigns
  • Auto link Adsense to analytics
  • Auto event tracking for downloads, mailto and outbound links
  • Add’s google analytics code

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26).Addax – About Me Widget

Addax - About Me Widget

Do you want to add about me widget in your blog??Then this widget is exclusively made for you only.Addax is the WordPress Widget in a Metro Style. Using it you can add your Avatar,Name,Text about yourself,links to social networks:

  • Facebook,Twitter
  • Google Plus,Linkedin
  • Feedburner,Skype
  • Digg,
  • YouTube,Flickr

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27).Opening Hours – WordPress Business Hours Plugin


Do you own a Business??Then this plugin will be useful for you!!.Opening Hours widget helps you and/or your clients to set up and maintain business hours in an intuitive and complete visual way.Some other features are:

  • AJAX-driven administration panel
  • Works with any widgetized theme
  • “We’re Open” Widget (details below)
  • Business Hours Widget (details below)
  • Bonus: .PSD Templates for the “We’re Open”-Widget included
  • Shortcode to display business hours in posts etc

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28).Smart Navigation Widgets

Smart Navigation Widgets

Smart navigation widgets with 4 widgets ideal for bloggers or any other WordPress users with big archives. Using this plugin, you can display AJAX powered archive widget that shows only small portion of archives to user, and allows him to navigate deeper only when he needs to.Some other features are

  • Select root post or term to start taxonomies or content hierarchy.
  • Detect current root post or term to start taxonomies or content hierarchy.
  • Shortcode or function to display widget anywhere on the page
  • Control sorting for items displayed with all widgets.
  • Enable or disable each plugins widget from settings panel.
  • Select posts or terms to exclude from widgets results and lots more

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29).Amazon Hotlists For WordPress

Amazon Hotlists For WordPress

This plugin helps you to display the top 1-10 products for an Amazon browsenode (a product category).You can display bestsellers,new releases,Most wished for and most gifted,Products for most product categories.Some other features are

  • Insert affiliate link code all links
  • Shortcodes for inserting into post and pages
  • Editable output template for full customization
  • Compatible with .ca,.com,,,.de,.fr,.es and .it amazon sites

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30).Advanced Search Form

Advanced Search Form

Want to give your readers an advanced level of search option??Then,this plugin is tailor-made for you.Advance Search Form (ASF) widget is an upgrade of the WordPress’s simple search widget.You are able to construct a list of custom words in the admin so the plugin can suggest popular texts for searching.Some other features are

  • Filter search results by categories and tags” ability for visitors
  • Order search results” ability for visitor
  • Search all posts and custom post types
  • Search in specific categories only
  • Insert search form anywhere using shortcode
  • Ajax search/Search suggestion and lots more

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31).Real Time Online Users

Real Time Online Users

Real time online users is one of the best widget that allows to display in real-time the exact number of connected users to a WordPress website.Some of the other features are

  • English and French language support
  • Easy installation and uninstallation
  • jQuery powered
  • 100% customizable
  • Real time number of online users display

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32).Markhor – Flickr Widget

Markhor Flickr Slider Widget

This widget helps you to show flickr photo in slider.It supports interesting photos,albums,tag,clusters,photo by author.Some other features are

  • Stunning slider
  • Metro style
  • Easy to use
  • 5 type – Album, Interesting, Author, Tag, Clusters

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33).Mallard – Premium Prices Tables

Mallard Premium Pricing Tables Widget

This premium plugin is a good pricing tables widget.You can fully customize from your simple admin area.Some features of this plugin are as follows:

  • Simple admin panel
  • Metro style
  • 2 color schemes
  • easy to use
  • Multilanguage
  • Highly customizable

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34). Announcements

annoucments widget plugin

Announcements widget plugin is another good plugin which helps you to show schedule messages to appear in a WordPress Widget or Shortcode on specific dates..It is suitable to display sales and event announcements or holiday and birthday greetings.Some other features are

  • Announcements shows automatically
  • Show announcements in a widget or shortcode
  • Display announcements using start and end dates.
  • Display announcements annually,weekly,monthly

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35).Instagram Recent Photos Widget Pro

Instagram Recent Photos Widget Pro

Instagram recent photos widget pro is a WordPress plugin that lets you quickly and easily display recent photos from any Instagram account.You just need to enter your username and password and pick you style.Some other features are

  • Customize widget display with image size, column count, follow button and more.
  • Full lightbox support – optional lightbox can show off high res full size images on click with gallery support,
  • Display recent Instagram photos of any Instagram User.
  • Display recent photos from Tags on Instagram,
  • Full retina / high DPI display support – all images will be crisp no matter what display they are on.

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36).Smart Markets Widget

Smart Markets Widget

If you are an envato affiliates. Then this plugin is just for you.Smart Market Widgets is WordPress plugin containing 4 widgets, using Envato API to get information about files available on all Envato Marketplaces and display them in the website sidebars using different methods and styling.Other features are

  • List marketplace items: popular, collection, new and random.
  • Sort marketplace items: random, new, old, last updated.
  • Comes with 5 item rendering methods
  • Comes with 2 predefined styles and lots more

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37).Freelancer Widget Bundle

Freelancer Widget Bundle

Are a Freelancer?? Then check out this plugin,its specially made for you only.This widget is specially made for musicians, artists,designers, developers and all other freelancers.Some other features are

  • Social links widget
  • Biography widget
  • Advertisement widget
  • Buy me a beer/a coffee widget
  • Contact widget
  • Contact form widget
  • Opening hours widget

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38).Advanced Links Widget

Advanced Links Widget

Advanced links widget is an advanced plugin that allows to display your links with more powerful options. There are many options on how you should select and display the link with custom queries, include or exclude, ordering, show or hide, search or by link categories and link metas.Some other features

  • Stars Rating, new features for link hit counter.
  • Category Order, ascending or descending.
  • Search Feature, if you want to search link by keyword.
  • Limit, specified the number of links per link category.
  • Color Picker, pick the rating background-color with your favorite colour. and lots more

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39).Advanced Pages Widget

Advanced Pages Widget

This advanced pages widget gives you control over the output of your pages. Support multiwidget, resizeable page featured image, sorting and ordering, easy to customize and full features. Displays a list of Categories as links.Other features are

  • Display meta_key:, for displaying additional page text-based on meta_key, eq. page description, etc.
  • Include & Exclude, for including or excluding selected page(s).
  • Number of Pages, the total pages to display.
  • Thumbnail Height & Width, easy featured images resizing using Timthumb.etc

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40).WordPress Widget Bundle

WordPress Widget Bundle

This widget is a collection of 9 premium widget that will give full control on your blog.This is essential bundle for every blogger.These premium versions widgets comes with more options and ajax support . All the widgets can also be placed with shortcodes.Other features are

  • Twitter widget,RSS widget
  • Recent posts and comment
  • Popular post and commenters
  • Popular authors
  • Quotes and flickr

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41).StatDash :Statistics on Your Dashboard

StatDash Statistics on Your WordPress Dashboard

StatDash display statistics on your WordPress Dashboard, giving you at-a-glance access to figures from Google Analytics, FeedBurner, Twitter, and the Envato Marketplaces.Some other features are

  • Your FeedBurner circulation is displayed prominently, next to your Twitter follower count.
  • Displays your page view and visitor counts from Google Analytics, as well as a chart of the current month.

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What Next??

I would recommend you to use these WordPress premium widget plugin for your blog as it comes with many feature which I discussed above .So what are you waiting for go and buy this awesome plugin for your existing or upcoming blog


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