WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems on the internet, and many small and big instructors are using it to create sell their courses online and make money out of it. But, in the current scenario, there are minimal options available to sell courses for free, and you have to pay monthly or yearly fees to the plugin owners to get the desired features. Now, you don’t have to pay any hefty amount to get access to the necessary features of Learning management system. Recently, Themeum released an all WordPress LMS plugin named Tutor LMS. Tutor LMS, the all-in-one learning management system that covers everything from course creation to payment options.


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The Tutor LMS WordPress plugin is specially designed and created for an individual instructor, educational institution, and eLearning platform. If you are an individual instructor and want to spread your knowledge online, then you can choose the Tutor LMS easily. It has all the features that you will need as an individual teacher. It also has a bulk amount of features which is required for any educational institution. And eLearning platforms can easily trust Tutor LMS to offer their versatile courses online.

Tutor LMS WordPress plugin is an extensive course builder. It brings the drag and drop course building system, which will let you create resourceful courses without any hassle.
The exciting part of this WordPress LMS plugin is the advanced quiz creator. This unique feature will let you create your quiz with any questions. No matter what is your question pattern, you can easily create it using this WordPress LMS plugin.

Let’s Start With The Installation of Tutor LMS Plugin:


Just go to your WordPress Dashboard -> Plugins -> Add New and search “Tutor LMS” and click on install and after that activate it.

Tutor LMS Options
Tutor LMS Options

After Installation, you will see a Tutor LMS tab on the left side of your dashboard, and you will find various sections such as courses, students, categories, tags, instructors, etc.

Tutor LMS Settings
Tutor LMS Settings

And when you click on the setting tab, you will find the settings for the several available options. You will also get some predefined pages for your course such as Dashboard, Instruction Registration, and Student Registration.

Tutor LMS Predefined PagesYou have to go through the settings and enable or disable the option the required option.

We have finished the installation of Tutor LMS WordPress plugin and now let’s check out the features of Tutor LMS Plugin.

Features of Tutor LMS Plugin:

1).Extensive Course Builder:

Tutor LMS Course Builder
Tutor LMS Course Builder

Tutor LMS WordPress plugin comes with an easy to use drag and drop system that allows you to create a resourceful course for your eLearning website. You don’t need any technical knowledge to create the courses, add the content like you do while creating the post for your website.

Just go to Dashboard -> Tutor LMS -> Courses -> Add New, and you will find the complete course page look like this one.

Tutor LMS Course OverviewYou will get tons of options that help you to showcase your course perfectly on your website. Let’s see the available options.


  • Title Field: You will add your course title in this area
  • Course Description: This field will allow you to add a lengthy description of your course, and it will be visible on the course overview page.
  • Categories:  For better navigation, the developer provided the category option, and you can assign a category according to the nature of the course. But, only Admins can create categories.
  • Course Excerpt:  It is just a short summary of the course.
  • Skills: In the section, you can highlight the skills that needed to learn a specific course.

Some Other Stuff Related to Course Page

  • Total Course Duration:  In this field, you can select the duration of a course.
  • Difficulty Level:  You can set the difficulty levels for your courses such as “Beginner,” “Intermediate,” and “Expert.”
  • Benefits of this Course:  In this section, you can highlight the skills that your students will learn after completing your course.
  • Requirements of the Course:  In this field, you can write the requirements for a specific course.
  • Target Audience: Specify the target audience who are the most benefit from a course.

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Introduction Video:


This section will allow you to add and control the settings of the introduction video that appears on the single course page.



The announcements are just like notice boards, and your students will see the announcements when you make one.

2).Student Registration:

Tutor LMS Student Registration Form

Tutor LMS plugin will automatically create a student registration page when you install it on your website. Your student can easily use the form to register on your eLearning website.

3).Instructor Registration:

Tutor-LMS-Instructor-Registration Form

As student registration, the instructor can be quickly registering themselves through the instructor registration form. The instructor status will show pending until you approve them.

4). Question & Answer Quiz:

Tutor LMS also allows you to create a quiz related to your course topics and there’s no limitation on how many questions can be created in a quiz and once the topics is created, a lesson or a quiz can be added to that topic.

Topic Quiz Option
Topic Quiz Option
Quiz Creation Screen
Quiz Creation Screen
Tutor LMS Quiz Settings
Tutor LMS Quiz Settings

The developer added ten different question types i.e.

  • True False
  • Single choice
  • Multiple choices
  • Open Ended/Essay
  • Short Answer
  • Matching
  • Image Matching
  • Fill in the gaps
  • Ordering
  • Image Answering

5). Sell Your Courses Easily:

Tutor LMS WooCommerce & EDD Support
Tutor LMS WooCommerce & EDD Support

You can quickly sell your courses through WooCommerce & Easy Digital Download plugin.

6).Earning and Commission Allocation:

Tutor LMS Earning and Commission Allocation

This section will allow you to share the revenue between the admin and the instructors.


Tutor LMS Withdraw Option
Tutor LMS Withdraw Option

This field will let you decide the minimum withdraw the amount.

8).Gutenberg Compatible:

Tutor LMS Gutenberg Compatible
Tutor LMS Gutenberg Compatible

Tutor LMS plugin is also compatible with Gutenberg and comes with three custom Gutenberg blocks inside the tutor-student dashboard, student registration and instructor registration form, and you can place these blocks anywhere in your website.

We have finished the overview of the free version of Tutor LMS plugin and now, let’s check out the PRO features of Tutor LMS plugin

Pro Features of Tutor LMS Plugin:

If you are satisfied with the free version and want to your platform to the next level, then Tutor LMS comes with powerful and essential features. You will get 8 Addons along with 5 quiz options. Let’s check out the Eight Add-ons.

Themeum Addons
Themeum Addons
  • Tutor Prerequisites: Define a certain set of courses that students need to complete before enrolling for a new course
  • Tutor Assignments: Create assignments that students can submit easily with a number of useful settings to asses students smartly.
  • Tutor Certificate: This will help a student to download the certificate of the completed course. You’ll get 12 certificate templates in total to choose from, and you have to add an authorized name, company name, and the signature in the settings.
  • Tutor Course Attachments: The attachments will allow you to upload unlimited attachments related to a course. And the files will be available on the course landing page under the overview section.
  • Tutor Course Preview:  It will enable you to make certain lessons accessible for the unregistered users to get a glimpse of your course.
  • Tutor Email: This Addon will let you manage when and what notification will be sent to your users.
  • Tutor Multi – Instructors: This feature will allow more than one instructor to take a course.
  • Tutor Report:  This Add-on will generate every single detail since the day of installation and provides you powerful analytics on your platform.

What Next?

We have checked all the features that Themeum has provided in the free part and we are quite satisfied with the performance. The course builders offer a smooth experience that required making a professional eLearning platform.  We surely recommend using Tutor LMS plugin for your next eLearning website.

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