Picture a small school set up online with LearnDash. You’re the Admin (Principal) of your e-learning website (school) offering subjects like Math and English, which you teach since you are good at both!

Now, since there are only 2 courses you’re offering, you take up the responsibility and manage these courses on your own – You’re making money!

Soon after, you realize that these students have the potential and want to learn more. So you decide to offer more good courses/subjects. By doing so, you provide a bigger opportunity to existing as well as new learners to take up different courses, in turn, increasing your revenue.

But, growing a business takes work!

Since you’re expanding, in terms of courses and students, it will become difficult to manage everything on your own. Also, it is practically impossible for a single person to have knowledge in all subject fields and find the time to carry out multiple tasks at once.

Therefore, in order to teach different courses and grow, you need to bring in help in the form of teachers/instructors who specialize in the respective subjects and create a delegation of authority to help you with responsibilities and management.

Instructors with knowledge of various subjects will help you grow your business.

Conquering challenges on the road ahead

With LearnDash course management becomes easy. As the admin, you can access the backend of your e-learning website with ease to create courses, manage students, grade quizzes, track performance, communicate with others, and more. And when you’re pretty much on your own, security is never a concern.

But instructors would need the same level of capabilities to create courses on LearnDash. They’d need to access the backend. The idea can be overwhelming and scary at the same time as you may feel a sense of dilution of control, a potential security threat, and concerns of data exposure. Above that course creators might not be well-versed with WordPress and can unintentionally affect operations.

Well…as an owner, the concerns regarding implementing a multi instructor platform on your e-learning website are obvious and genuine!

But to grow your business similar to leading platforms like ‘Udemy’ or ‘Cousera’, a multi instructor platform is the way forward. And there is one solution that can help you easily create the system you need and overcome security challenges.

It’s simple.

The WISDM Instructor Role plugin – Your guardian angel.

With the WISDM Instructor Role plugin, you can convert your LearnDash website into a multi instructor platform in no time!

The plugin helps:

1). Take Creating And Managing Courses Woes Away From The Admin

Course-CreationAfter hiring instructors, you can empower each instructor with the responsibility
of creating quality courses, quizzes, lessons, certificates, and managing students. Instructors also have the right to maintain their courses, edit content they create, and review assignments leading to hassle-free course management. And, thus sharing course creation responsibilities.

The instructor is offered a sleek and intuitive dashboard to speed up interaction and make it easy to use the system, hence taking away any complexity the WordPress backend might present.

The courses can be automatically published or you get to approve or reject them, giving you complete control over the content publishing process!

2). Restrict Access

Restricted-AccessNow, when there is a lot of data on your training website/marketplace, giving the admin dashboard and backend access to the course creators can be worrying in terms of security.

Don’t stress! We’ve got you covered!

The WISDM Multi Instructor role plugin limits the Instructors’ capabilities and access by not allowing them to interfere in the courses created by others or the main LearnDash or WordPress settings.

Only you, the admin, will have access to the main settings making your data safe and secure.

3). Sell Courses Created By Instructors

Commissions-ModuleNow, making money is important and when it comes to sales, you can sell courses created by an instructor to make profits. The plugin also takes care of tracking a commission fee, which you can award instructors on every sale of their course. You can set up a fixed percentage of commission for each instructor.

4). Facilitate Student-Teacher Communication

Direct-email-to-contact-studentsFor an e-learning website to be successful, it is important that the students or learners are given importance and are heard or spoken to since it is not possible to meet in person.

Encouraging communication between students and instructors is important when it comes to developing student performance and boosting their enthusiasm. The more your instructors engage, the higher will be the student’s academic success rate.

The WISDM Instructor Role plugin is designed to allow instructors to access the students’ reports, monitor their performance, and directly email the students with any queries, updates, or feedback.

Moreover, whenever a student completes a quiz, an instant email notification is sent to the instructor. This speeds up the assessment process leading to quick communication of the same with students. Hence, giving a personal touch to your e-learning website and making the student-teacher relationship more meaningful.

5). Be In Control!

Absolute-Admin-ControlThere will always be concerns about the dilution of control when you give backend dashboard access to instructors.

That’s ok!

Even though you have delegated certain authorities, you still have complete control over the creation and management of courses and student analytics as you have the option to approve or reject changes before publishing or making the course live!

As the admin, you always have the final word.


Like a school that is nothing without subjects, learners, and teachers an e-learning website too, is nothing without courses, students, and instructors!

Watch your e-learning website scale to new heights by using the multi instructor platform.

What else do you think would help your e-learning business to grow? Let us know in the comments 🙂


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