Are you planning to add recipes to your website? Then, you should use these WordPress recipe plugin to add nutrition facts to each recipe. These WordPress recipe plugins will quickly transform your WordPress-powered website into a recipes-related site. Your recipes will have ratings and print features, and most importantly, you have much better recipes showing up in Google’s recipe view search results. These plugins provide your readers with the ability to convert measurements from the US to metric units and vice versa. Your readers can get instant encyclopedia information regarding any ingredient. Check out these WordPress recipe plugin and choose your favorite recipe WordPress plugin from the list below.

We have collected these amazing Best WordPress Recipe Plugin that are as follows:

  1. Delicious Recipes Plugin
  2. WP Recipe Maker WordPress Plugin
  3. Recipe Card Blocks Pro Plugin
  4. Total Recipe Generator – WordPress Recipe Maker
  5. Zip Recipes WordPress Plugin

Please note that all these WordPress recipe plugin are fully compatible with the latest version of WordPress. You can easily these recipe plugins according to your own requirements.

1).Delicious Recipes Plugin

Delicious Recipes is a feature-rich WordPress recipe plugin that is easy to use and flexible. This SEO-optimized plugin comes packed with tons of features like recipe image and video galleries, unlimited recipe creation, printable recipe options, nutrition charts, detailed, rich text instructions, and advanced search. This WordPress plugin uses the powerful WordPress REST API to create and manage recipes. With mobile-friendly and responsive design, Delicious Recipes makes it easy for you to create and share your recipes online. It features an interactive user interface with convenient color and layout settings for customization.

On top of that, this plugin lets you share your recipe on social media platforms using Instagram and Pinterest. The rich pins for Pinterest automatically get updated and give the best available information about your recipe to your users. Some of the key features of the Delicious Recipes plugin are as follows:


  • Clean and user-friendly interface
  • Six customizable widgets
  • Image and video recipes
  • Image gallery and lightbox
  • Attractive print template
  • Mobile-friendly and responsive design
  • Adjustable servings
  • Nutrition charts
  • Advanced and powerful search page
  • Schema friendly and SEO-optimized
  • Pinterest rich pins support
  • Instagram and Pinterest share
  • Layout and color settings
  • Author profile
  • Star rating etc.

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2).WP Recipe Maker Plugin

WP-Recipe-Maker-WordPress-PluginWP Recipe Maker WordPress plugin will let you add recipes to regular posts and pages, and your visitors can easily print a recipe, adjust the settings, and they can even generate a shopping list from a collection of recipes. It is fully optimized for speed, and it will automatically handle the recipe metadata for you. It also allows you to make money by referring to the ingredients that you have listed in your recipe. You can easily create a nutrition label, and you can integrate them with an API to help you calculate those values. With easy to use template editor, you can easily make your template to show the recipes on your website. The recipes are mobile-friendly, and that gives the same look to your visitors, whether they visit from anywhere on your site. Some other features of this WordPress plugin are as follows.


  • Google rich snippets & cards
  • Recipe metadata checker
  • Recipe snippets
  • Recipe collection
  • Make money through ingredients links
  • Nutrition label
  • Nutrition API integration
  • Unit conversion
  • Easy to use template editor
  • Developer friendly
  • Fallback recipe
  • Mobile – friendly recipes, etc.

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3).Recipe Card Blocks Pro Plugin

Recipe-Card-Blocks-Pro-PluginThe Recipe Card Blocks Pro plugin allows you to create and share delicious recipes and also allows you to grow your food blog with structured data markup in search results. It includes multiple recipe card styles and works well with any theme you are using. It is fully integrated with the Elementor plugin, allowing you to add the recipe anywhere. With the nutrition facts block, you can quickly fill out nutrition values and instantly see how the block will look through real-time previews. You can also embed a video, which will increase your exposure on search engine pages. Other features of this plugin are as follows.


  • Unit conversion
  • Recipe submission
  • Recipe roundups
  • Star rating
  • Nutrition facts block
  • Bulk add directions & ingredients
  • Recipe Equipment block
  • Cook mode
  • Recipe shortcode
  • AMP support
  • Adjustable servings
  • 5 recipe card styles
  • Customize colors
  • Social call to actions
  • Import recipes from other plugins
  • Food labels
  • Comments rating
  • Image gallery & lightbox etc.

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4).Total Recipe Generator

wordpress recipe pluginTotal recipe generator is a WP Bakery Page Builder Addon which allows you to create online recipe content with rich microdata and nutritional data. Your recipe content gets organized in semantic and hierarchical manner and will let you improve your site’s presence in the search results and personalized media platform such as Pinterest. The rich pins for Pinterest will automatically get updated and give best available information about your recipe to your visitors. It supports page, post, and custom post types and also comes with backend & frontend page builder support. Some other features of this WordPress plugin are as follows.


  • Built – in nutrition facts calculator
  • Built – in social sharing buttons
  • Custom author name & URL supported
  • Create recipe content by launching pre-made template
  • Auto conversion of times into minutes/hours
  • Recipe method element with inline support
  • Add recipe ingredients as single item or groups
  • Ingredients groups can be reordered by drag and drop facility
  • Internal links support for recipe meta
  • Translation ready
  • Works on all modern browsers
  • Use recipe image from the featured image etc.

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5).Zip Recipes Plugin

Zip-Recipes-WordPress-PluginZip recipes WordPress plugin will allow you to make your blog recipe SEO friendly and help your rank higher in the Google recipe view and you can easily add recipe image using media library to appear with your recipe. You can quickly add multiple paragraphs to the summary field and can also add a copyright statement or URL to look at the bottom of the print recipes. It supports blog with multiple languages. Other features are schema recipe support, Google AMP support, auto – populate recipe name, bold & italicized styling, add a link to recipe ingredients, instructions or other recipes, recipe image support, recipe notes filed, etc.

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What Next??
I would recommend you to use these WordPress recipe plugin for your website as it comes with many features which I discussed above. I have already cleared all the features of an excellent recipe plugin. So what are you waiting for?? Grab these awesome WordPress recipe plugin for your website now.


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