How-to-increase-Online-course-conversions-on-your-LearnDash-Site.The thought of people visiting your online course website and not converting is scary, isn’t it?

Offering a variety of the best courses on your LearnDash site might give you an edge over your competitors, but sadly, it isn’t enough to ensure the much-needed conversions. [toc]

With the ever-increasing competition, especially due to the ongoing crisis, you have to step up your game and look beyond the courses to your entire website.

But how?

Well, you’re about to find out 🙂

In this article, we’re going to throw some light on how you can smartly increase online course conversions on your LearnDash website.

Let’s begin!

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1.Simple User Interface to keep your visitors hooked

Simple-User-Interface‘The first impression is the last impression’. Unfortunately, this statement stands true to online websites.

When it comes to offering courses online, it is vital that people feel the vibe of your eLearning platform as soon as they land on your website to prevent them from bouncing off early on.

For this purpose, you’ve got to ensure that the design of your LearnDash website is clean and crisp, allowing people to navigate swiftly through different pages and courses.

The goal should be to make it as easy as possible for users to understand your website. This involves having simple layouts and a clean user interface with course descriptions presented in an organized fashion. Think of how Udemy does it!

Trust me, if you want to unlock the door to conversions on your site, providing a great user experience and convenience is the key.

2.Display Course Rating and Reviews front and center

Course-Rating-and-ReviewsWe, as human beings, like to rely on others’ experiences before making a decision. Especially when it comes to purchasing a product.

Similarly, having a feedback mechanism on your LearnDash website is a solid formula to increase your course conversions.

Allowing your students to review and give feedback on the courses they’ve enrolled in will help your potential visitors to make an informed decision before enrolling themselves, thereby, leading to a lower number of refund requests.

With valuable reviews and feedback coming in from your students, you can constantly improve your courses and involve your students in the process as well.

You can implement this mechanism through a plugin like WISDM Ratings, Reviews, and Feedback.

While implementing reviews and feedback is a popular method, however, in these troubled and competitive times, innovation is the need of the hour, and having a LearnDash-specific theme like eLumine makes this integration and job much easier for you.

Clubbing Ratings, Reviews, and Feedback plugin with eLumine will help in displaying reviews beautifully and tactically in important places like your Course Grid, Course Pages, etc.

3. Integrate video lessons to replicate a classroom-like experience

Integrate-video-lessonsWhat’s learning without interaction? A bunch of dry, boring lessons and students dozing off.

You don’t want that, do you?

With so many eLearning platforms emerging, offering courses with the usual shenanigans of quiz, assignments, lessons, etc. is rather ordinary in today’s times.

To stand apart from the rest, there is a need to go beyond the ordinary. You need to have a theme that supports teaching in real-time.

While choosing a theme, ensure that certain functionalities like Zoom can be integrated to conduct video lessons, web seminars or live sessions with your students which can provide a real classroom like experience in a virtual environment.

Doing this will not only enhance the learning experience of your students but also facilitate real-time student-teacher interaction enabling students to get all their doubts cleared then and there.

This little trick of providing classroom-like user experience will help in spreading the word about your courses and the lessons leading to an increase in enrollments and conversions.

4. Attract students globally with course translation options.

course-translation-optionsIn order to attract students from all over the world, you need to take your LearnDash courses global and enable international students to access your courses with an option to translate them in their native language.

Having easy course translation functionality on your website will help in overcoming the language barrier and make it possible for people to learn from any part of the world.

However, to facilitate course translation perfectly, you will need a theme which comes with ready-to-translate language support to cater to diverse international audiences.

The idea is to make it as easy as possible for your international students to understand and comprehend your courses, which in turn, will create a reputation for your courses and eventually lead to an increase in course conversions.

5. Enhance learning experience with collaboration and networking

collaboration-and-networkingThe learning experience evolves with social media culture.

Students are more likely to have an online presence and are attracted towards the social media culture. Leveraging social media and merging it into your LearnDash website will allow you to create a vibrant network for student collaborations and networking.

Healthy discussions will emerge when you let students share information and ideas regarding their courses, and it will also give way for the peer to peer learning opportunities in the form of project collaborations over social media.

In line with this, setting up discussion forums on your LearnDash LMS can also enhance your students’ learning experience.

To achieve this objective, you need to have a theme that supports integrations with social plugins like BuddyPress and bbPress to provide an interactive experience for your students.

6. Use reward systems to increase your course enrollments

reward-systemsTo keep your students constantly motivated and engaged with your courses, an excellent trick to do this job efficiently is to reward your students for their achievements.

These rewards can be presented in the form of certificates, badges, points, or even digital rewards if your theme supports it.

With a theme like eLumine, given its ability to integrate beautifully with a plugin like BadgeOS provides an opportunity for you to create unique and styled badges for your students, which can attract and motivate them even more.

Rewarding your students will instill a sense of accomplishment, thereby encouraging them to work hard and try out other related courses as well.

To enhance gamification further, this theme also makes it comfortable to switch quickly to night/reader-friendly mode that lets your students view courses as they desire by eliminating distractions on the screen.

Having said that, all you have to do is select a theme that supports gamification functionalities and market them properly in order to increase your course enrollments.

Acting the course conversions!

In these tough times, the e-learning space has become more competitive than ever.

When it comes to increasing your course conversions, we recommend using the eLumine theme, specially designed for LearnDash, which will provide support and integrate easily with all of the above-mentioned functionalities.

Implementing all of these functionalities in your LearnDash LMS will increase your teaching arsenal and put you in an advantageous position over your competitors.

With that being said, it also makes sense to acknowledge the above functionalities as marketing strategies that can be used smartly to promote different aspects of your LearnDash LMS.

In doing so, you can successfully create a synergistic effect, ultimately leading to an increase in your course conversions and profits!


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