WordPress is a great Content management system for building websites. It is used for every kind of website as their primary CMS. I have collected some good Weather WordPress widgets and plugins which quickly add a weather section on your site. If you are running any travel, adventure, tourism, hotels, resorts, transportation website, these plugins will help you to display weather reports on your site.

If you are new to these kind of niches, then you might be thinking that why people use these weather plugin on their website. Actually, with the help of these weather plugin, an individual may quickly check the weather status of the location where he/she is planning to go. They can quickly make up their mind about whether or not they should travel. Maybe, these weather boxes are ugly, but you will surely find some good-looking plugin in our list.

Google killed the Weather API on Aug 2012, but still, you can display weather using the Yahoo Weather API, Weather.com, OpenWeatherMap, World Weather Online API, etc.. These WordPress plugins were already using these API, so you don’t have to worry about it. Just install your favorite Weather WordPress widget or Plugin from the below list & don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

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Please note that all these Weather WordPress plugins are fully compatible with the latest version of WordPress.You can easily use these Weather WordPress Plugins according to your own requirement.

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WordPress Weather Plugin

1).Better Weather WordPress Widget


Better weather WordPress widget comes with the incredibly smart responsive design. You can easily customize background images and make it custom for your location for better design. The amazing admin panel will let you change options of weather widget, translate text and export/import them. Easily convert all words of weather inside BetterWeather options panel without playing with .po files. Some other features of this WordPress widget are as follows.


  • Auto-detect user location via IP
  • 10 unique forecast design
  • WPML ready
  • Advanced admin panel
  • Two different layout style
  • Widget & Visual composer support & Shortcode
  • Customize background image
  • Four weather source supported
  • Translation panel
  • Smart responsive design
  • Sunrise and Sunset time design etc.

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2).Simple Weather WordPress Plugin

Simple-Weather-WordPress-PluginSimple weather WordPress plugin will allow you to displays the current weather via shortcodes or widgets. You can easily choose the text color for the weather conditions displayed in the widget and also use imperial or metric units to display the temperature. It is available in various languages and custom date format available. Other features are unlimited color options, customizable update interval, seven-day forecast options, location/GSP coordinates, Multilanguage and weather shortcode options and weather widget extra options, etc.

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3).Bonobo Weather Widget

Bonobo Weather Widget

Bonobo weather widget is a beautiful weather slider widget and 22 weather types. It is a powerful WordPress widget plugin, based on Yahoo Weather API. This WordPress widget comes with eight color schemes. Some other features of this WordPress widget are metro style, slider, multilanguage, Choice F or C etc.

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4).Weather Slider WordPress Weather Widget


Weather slider weather widget can be easily added to your WordPress website. It comes with beautiful and easy to use admin interface with localization and WP multisite support. You can easily show current weather and three-day weather forecast on your website. It is device friendly by supporting responsive mode, touch gestures on mobile devices and CSS3 transitions for optimal performance. Some other features of this Weather widget are as follows.


  • 48 different weather types
  • 3 day weather forecast
  • 12 or 24 hour time format
  • Multiple locations inside one slider
  • Multiple slider with unique setting
  • Custom location search bar
  • Keyboard navigation
  • Multiple locations in one slider
  • Beautiful CSS3 animations
  • Multisite ready
  • Support all the major browsers
  • Admin user interface
  • Touch control for mobile devices
  • Reliable geolocation feature
  • Three day weather forecast etc.

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5).Astero WordPress Weather Plugin

Astero-WordPress-Weather-PluginAstero WordPress plugin will allow you to create beautiful weather widgets with custom images, animated backgrounds and a minimalist look using the shortcode builder. It supports fixed location user geolocation, and the optional search function will let you find the weather information with a city name or zip code and choose their preferred units. It supports WordPress multisite, multiple weather displays on the same page, etc. Some other features are as follows


  • Three background styles
  • Two layout modes
  • Customize border style
  • Full-screen weather forecast
  • Translatable and includes all .mo & .po files
  • Optional rounded corners
  • Operweathermap.org language support
  • Forecast.io language support
  • Support HTTP or https
  • Responsive elements
  • IP detection only avoiding user geolocation prompt
  • Local cache for one hour
  • CSS3 animations & transitions for better mobile performance etc.

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6).Caretta Weather Shortcode

Caretta Weather Shortcode

Caretta weather shortcode is a beautiful weather slider shortcode and 42 weather types. This Caretta weather shortcode is based on Openweathermap. This WordPress plugin shows seven-day weather forecast. Some other features of this WordPress plugin are 17 langauges supported, 42 different weather types, slider, both F and C options, multiples uses on one page etc.

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7).Weather Widget One

Weather Widget One plugin

Weather widget one is a great plugin for displaying weather conditions and forecast for planes across the world. It auto detect the user location through HTML5 Geolocation, IP address or mixed mode. You can quickly search location weather by US zip code, UK zip code, Canada Postal code, IP address, City name, latitude/Longitude, etc. Some other features of this WordPress widget are as follows.


  • Can be displayed as widget or directly through shortcode
  • Change any font by using Google font
  • Color customizable
  • Responsive Wrapper etc..

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8).Weather For Visual Composer Plugin

Weather-For-Visual-Composer-PluginThis WordPress plugin will allow you to display the current weather as a simple text or elegant box widget. It is based on openweathermap.org and available in three weather display styles. You can easily choose city and country for quick weather display and use latitude and longitude coordinates to pinpoint the location. Other features are custom date format, up to seven days forecast option, unlimited color options, Multilanguage and easy to use and customize, etc.

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9).SW Weather WordPress Plugin

SW-Weather-WordPress-PluginSW weather WordPress plugin will help you to display the weather forecast in a particular area by using OpenweatherMap API. It is compatible with the visual composer, and you can place it at the top of your website or anywhere you want. It will allow you to set plugin title, use extra class and set plugin description. The widget will let you display three-day forecast, city, geolocation, wind speed, current temperature, current weather icons, current weather conditions, and humidity, etc.

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Free WordPress Weather Plugin

10).Awesome Weather Widget

Awesome Weather Widget

Awesome Weather Widget allows you to add super easy to use weather widgets to your website. You can quickly add the weather widget to your pages and posts using the shortcode. Openweathermap.org provides this weather data. Some other features of this WordPress plugin are custom background color, background, hide stats, forecast days, text color, inline style, background image based on weather, units, size, override title etc.

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11).WP Cloudy Plugin

WP Cloudy Plugin

WP cloudy WordPress plugin is an easy to use and flexible weather plugin that allows you to create unlimited different weather using custom post types and Open Weather Map API. You can easily embed the weather widget anywhere with the help of shortcode. Some other features of this WordPress plugin are automatic image background based on weather, responsive design for skin add-on, Ajax, forecast precipitations, language pack for translations supported, Import/export setting etc.

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12).Weather For Us – Animated Weather Widget

Weather-For-Us-Animated-Weather-WidgetThis WordPress plugin will allow your users to see the weather updates for their location on your website. This weather widget will be staying in your footer, or you can put the mini weather widget in your sidebar. You can easily embed widget anywhere via shortcode and also includes various customization attributes such as color, location, units and more advanced attributes. Other features are daily forecast, current weather, fresh & familiar style, ultra snappy to load from fast CDN, etc.

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13).ICIT Weather Widget Plugin


The ICIT Weather Widget WordPress plugin will add a widget that can be dropped into any sidebar can be customized to suit your theme and won’t hit any usage limits. Easily choose the country to get weather data from. Some other features of this WordPress plugin are country, city, display mode, API key, color style, show temperature in celsius, show weather breakdown, output CSS, show credit link, show wind speed etc,

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14).Weather Station WordPress Plugin

Weather-Station-WordPress-PluginWeather station WordPress plugin will allow you to display meteorological data from weather stations on your website. It supports both free and paid weather stations such as OpenWeatherMap, Weather underground services, Netatmo station, all stations supported by software such as cumulus, weather display, WeeWX, etc.

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15).NOAA Weather Widget

NOAA Weather Widget

The NOAA Weather widget will show the current weather and weather icons for any locale in the United States including Commonwealths & Territories. This WordPress plugin will add the necessary information into the WordPress Cron to update every 30 minutes. Some other features of this WordPress plugin are weather alerts, current conditions details, shortcode included, three or five day forecast etc.

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16).Location Weather WordPress Plugin

Location-Weather-WordPress-PluginLocation, weather WordPress plugin, will enable to get up – to – date weather information on your website sidebar. It works for all the WordPress themes, and you can easily display, hide or change the widget title. It supports all the major web browsers and comes with real – time weather forecasts and has responsive design.

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17).Weather Master WordPress Plugin

Weather-Master-WordPress-PluginWeather Master WordPress plugin is packed with widgets to publish in your theme best widget areas to display weather and shortcodes. It is built for news agencies and also comes with geolocation that provides weather info automatically to each user according to the user location. It is using the TechGasp framework and HTML5 code and has the option to display weather in Celsius or Fahrenheit and includes city weather detail. Other features are mobile responsive, weather master basic widget and show, hide or change any widget title, etc.

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18).Easy Weather Widget

Easy Weather Widget

Easy weather widget provides you with an easy to use widget which outputs weather information. You just need to enter U.S. zip code while creating the widget on your website. It will display the current weather on your site.

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19).Weather Press WordPress Plugin

Weather-Press-WordPress-PluginWeather Press WordPress plugin will allow your visitors to get the weather data for as many cities as you can inside a single and powerful front – end layout and you can easily set the language, temperature unit and can also upload the XML configuration, etc.

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20).National Weather Service Alerts Plugin

National-Weather-Service-Alerts-PluginIt will allow you to display the weather alert on your website and the alerts will be pulled directly from the national weather service based on the location you specify. The alerts are then automatically updated using AJAX and based on the severity of the alerts for the specified location. You can also set the location through zipcode, city, state and the country. It will let you set alerts for a tornado warning, flash flood warning, flood warning, blizzard warning, winter storm warning, freeze warning, dust storm warning, high wind warning, severe thunderstorm warning, etc. Other features are shortcode, widget, NWS alerts settings page for adding the alerts bar, etc.

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21).Hot Weather WordPress Plugin


Hot weather WordPress plugin is a weather forecast widget for WordPress. This WordPress plugin downloads data from Weatherlet.com site for the selected location. The widget can show temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius degrees. Some other features of this WordPress plugin are as follows.


  • Two forms of the widget
  • Select any city in the USA by zipcode
  • Simple static image
  • Rotating flash based carousel etc.

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22).Oplao Weather Widget Plugin

Oplao-Weather-Widget-PluginOplao weather widget WordPress plugin will provide you the accurate weather forecast on your website from Oplao.com. It will allow you to setup the weather forecast up to five days and comes with five beautiful themes. You can also use the built – in the widget to display forecast on your sidebar or can place the weather information anywhere using the shortcode. Other features are fast live search, current weather, four responsive dimensions, etc.

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23).TK Event Weather Plugin

TK-Event-Weather-PluginTK event weather WordPress plugin will allow you to display free hourly weather forecasts between a start and end time on the same day. It is perfect for event calendars and includes sunset, sunrise, temperature, wind speed and direction. You can easily use the shortcode to display the weather anywhere on your site. It is optimized for loading of assets and dark sky API and Google Maps Geocoding API calls. Other features are returns temperature in units and actions and filters available etc.

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24).WP NG Weather Plugin

WP-NG-Weather-PluginWP NG weather WordPress plugin will allow you to put a weather widget on your website by using a simple shortcode.

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What Next??

I would recommend you to use these WordPress weather plugin for your website as it comes with many features which I discussed above. I have already cleared all the features of excellent WordPress Weather plugin. So what are you waiting for?? Go and buy these awesome plugins for your upcoming website.

25 Best Weather WordPress Widgets & Plugins 2017 (Free & Premium)
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