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Do you want to highlight your brochure, photo albums. and other promotional material on your website? Then, Flipbook jQuery Responsive WordPress plugins are the best way of highlighting your promotional materials. These WordPress plugins provide a friendly user interface for configuring your flip books and displaying them anywhere on your WordPress site using the shortcode. Some of these WordPress plugins will help you to present a responsive and beautiful slideshow experiences to visitors of a WordPress site. You can also post your photos or publication to the best advantage and post them in a picture gallery speedy manner. Check out these responsive flipbook WordPress plugin and choose your favorite plugin from the below list.

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Please note that all these Responsive Flipbook plugins are fully compatible with the latest version of WordPress.You can easily use these flipbook WordPress plugins according to your own  requirement.

1).Responsive FlipBook WordPress Plugin

responsive-flipbook-wordpress-pluginResponsive flipbook WordPress plugin is fully HTML & jQuery driven no flash player needed. This WordPress plugin works great both on the desktop and mobile devices. With the advanced admin panel, you can quickly setup this plugin without any coding knowledge. You can easily choose 11 predefined book/navigation styles or create your own. Some other features of this WordPress plugin are as follows.


  • RTL support
  • Lazy load
  • Mobile zoom
  • Flat admin panel
  • Batch page upload
  • PDF Wizard
  • Easy Print
  • Page turn sound
  • Popup mode
  • Full screen mode
  • Fully responsive & retina ready
  • Grid page view
  • Interactive table of content
  • Translation ready
  • Unlimited layouts & styles
  • Works as a visual composer shortcode
  • Slide show feature
  • Choose from over 1000 icons
  • Over 650+ font families included etc.

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2).Real 3D Flipbook WordPress Plugin

real-3d-flipbook-wordpress-pluginReal 3D flipbook will help you to create flipbook directly from a PDF file. This plugin has multiple fallback modes that enable it to work on all platforms – desktop & mobile. The responsive design feature will resize books so it fits screen width or screen height depending on the layout, thumbnails are placed horizontally or vertically depending on the layout. Some other features of this WordPress plugin are as follows.


  • Lightbox effect
  • Realisitic paper animation
  • Zoom in and out buttons
  • RTL support
  • Single page view
  • Deep linking
  • Fullscreen mode
  • Responsive mode
  • Unlimited flipbooks
  • Shortcode parameters
  • Optimized mobile
  • Touch friendly etc.

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3).dFlip PDF Flipbook WordPress Plugin

dflip-pdf-flipbook-wordpress-pluginDFlip WordPress flipbook plugin is based on modern WebGL technology which allows you to create image-based photo flipbooks. It works on wide range of devices from screen desktop to phones. It comes with built – in PDF support and has PDF integration with any extra extension. You will get lots of new features such as PDF annotations, outline, custom outline, images support, and many others. Quickly switch from 3D to 2D easily and you can rely on smart fallback. Some other features of this WordPress plugin are as follows


  • Easy jQuery realistic 3D mockup library
  • Support for PDF links
  • Image & PDF support
  • Smart rendering for low CPU consumption
  • Format support
  • Switching from 3D to 2D
  • Drag and drop user-friendly
  • RTL support
  • Deep linking
  • CSS fallback etc.

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4).Manglone Flipbook WordPress Plugin

manglone-flipbook-wordpress-pluginManglone flipbook WordPress plugin will allow you to create the beautiful and interactive flipbook, books or magazines out of your PDF documents.  It will allow you to convert your existing PDF document into an interactive flipbook. It includes support for tablets, smartphones, touchscreens and low bandwidth situations. It enables your visitors to read any of your PDF documents on your website on any devices. You can easily render PDF files using the PDFs library and works in all major browsers. Some other features of this WordPress plugin are as follows.


  • Lazy loading
  • Page turn animations
  • Touch controls
  • Automatic thumbnails
  • Four thumbnail locations
  • Customizable controls
  • Single/double page models
  • Two included themes
  • Over 20 turn sounds
  • Slideshow mode
  • 29 Easy to use options
  • Keyboard navigation
  • Zoom in and out buttons
  • HTML5 fullscreen support etc.

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5).Flip Magazine WordPress Plugin


Flip magazine WordPress plugin is designed to create beautiful HTML5 and full-width pages as a magazine from your WordPress pages or posts. It has a responsive, user-friendly touch-optimized design with touch support. You can easily use this plugin for any website. Easily add unlimited flip magazine pages as you want. Some other features of this WordPress plugin are as follows.


  • Responsive & Retina ready
  • RTL support
  • Off – Canvas menu
  • All Google fonts supported
  • Translation ready
  • CSS3 animations for navigation menu
  • Three skins included
  • SEO optimized
  • Open posts by Ajax
  • Unlimited flip magazine pages
  • Cross browser compatibility etc.

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6).Newspaper Flipbook WordPress Plugin

newspaper-flipbook-wordpress-pluginThis WordPress plugin will allow you to create a book directly from the PDF file and automatically converted to jpg files. You can easily upload all your pages at once and separately too. It works great on the iPhone, iPhone, and support for tags in WYSIWYG editor. You can easily change the zoom to double the mouse, zoom step for zoom in and for zoom out. Quickly create an unlimited number of flipbook on one theme. It includes reverse flipbook for the Eastern countries. Some other features of this WordPress plugin are as follows.


  • Responsive design
  • Support PDF
  • Lazy loading option
  • Three techniques to show flipbook
  • Multiple books
  • Right to left flipbook for eastern countries
  • Ajax form
  • Icon fullscreen
  • Double pages
  • Show all pages
  • Insert scripts in section head
  • PDF render
  • Unlimited number of pages
  • Excellent tools to zoom etc.

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7).Diamond Flipbook jQuery WordPress Plugin


The diamond flipbook jQuery WordPress plugin will allow you to create a book directly from the PDF file and the PDF will automatically convert to jpg files. It supports multiple files upload and works great on iPad, iPhone (no flash player needed). You can quickly reverse the flipbook for the right to left eastern countries. Quickly create an unlimited number of flipbooks in one theme. Some other features of this plugin are as follows.


  • Responsive design & layout
  • PDF to flipbook
  • JPG to flipbook
  • RTL support
  • Can add pages manually
  • Show flipbook in three ways i.e. shortcode, template & lightbox
  • Lazy loading
  • Double pages
  • Show all pages
  • Ajax form
  • YouTube videos are presented on a layer above book
  • Support for tags in WYSIWYG editor etc..

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8).Visual Composer Addon – Business jQuery Flipbook

visual-composer-addon-business-jquery-flipbookThis visual composer addon works great on iPad, iPhone without any flash player and support various tags in WYSIWYG editor. It will allow you to create an unlimited number of flipbooks on one time. You can enable or disable deep linking and change the zoom to double click the mouse. Quickly reverse flip book for the eastern countries i.e. right to left. Some other features of this WordPress plugin are as follows.


  • Support for PDF file
  • Insert scripts in section head
  • Responsive design
  • Show all pages
  • Double pages
  • Excellent tools to zoom
  • Enable/disable individual icons in the admin panel
  • Icon fullscreen
  • Pages in Flipbook does not have support for html characters etc.

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9).3D FlipBook For Visual Composer Plugin

3d-flipbook-for-visual-composer-pluginIt will allow you to create flipbooks using customized options and can swipe through touch devices for smooth flipping and can add contents as your need. Other features of this WordPress plugin are as follows.


  • Fully responsive
  • Custom backgrounds
  • Shortcodes supported
  • Single and dual modes
  • Touch devices supported etc.

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FREE FlipBook WordPress Plugins

10).WP Booklet WordPress Plugin


WP booklet WordPress plugin will allow you to a creation of flip books. It comes with built – in themes for casual users and allows more advanced users to add their own. Some other features of this WordPress plugin are as follows.


  • Bulk image uploads
  • Fully responsiveness
  • Page popups
  • PDF uploads
  • Compatible with mobile devices etc.

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11).WordPress PDF Light Viewer Plugin


WordPress PDF light viewer plugin allows you to embed standard, big and great pdf documents to the WordPress site as a flipbook with thumbnail navigation. Some other features of this WordPress plugin are as follows.


  • Dashboard flipbook preview
  • s2member compatible
  • Translation ready
  • Unlimited PDF files
  • Slider thumbnails navigation integrated
  • Page zoom
  • Page navigation
  • Support WordPress multisite
  • Developer friendly
  • Bulk PDF import
  • PDF downloading
  • Lazy loading page integrated
  • Per-page downloading in JPEG or PDF
  • Imagick or Gmagick support etc.

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12).Flowpaper WordPress Plugin

flowpaper-wordpress-pluginFlowpaper WordPress plugin will allow embedding your PDF catalogues, magazines and brochures as flipbooks on your website in HTML5 format. It supports the majority of browsers and devices  and you can easily modify the header & publication title that is displayed and style of the viewer theme etc.

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13).Yumpu ePaper Publishing Plugin


Yumpu WordPress plugin enables you to upload any PDF you want to your website and then converts it an online readable ePaper. Your visitors can then read your publications, without having to download the whole document. The ePaper can be inserted into your posts and pages via shortcodes.

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14).Flipping Book WordPress Plugin

flipping-book-wordpress-pluginFlipping book WordPress plugin will help you to embed FlippingBook interactive publications into your blog post or WordPress webpage quickly.

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15).Exclusive Flipbook WordPress Plugin

exclusive-flipbook-wordpress-pluginThis WordPress plugin uses flash technology and does not work on the mobile phone and you can easily add various images such as jpg, png or SWF on your website. You can quickly change the backgrounds, all colors and add logo & logo redirect. Quickly enable fullscreen at any time and smoothing for the page. Some other features of this WordPress plugin are as follows.


  • Add a double page
  • Print pages
  • Change all colours
  • Hide/show shadow for page
  • Enable/disabled smoothing for page
  • Unlimited number of flipbook
  • Change the background
  • Add logo and logo redirect
  • Attach a file to download
  • Add swf, png or swf files etc.

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What Next??

I would recommend you to use these flipbook WordPress plugins for your website as it comes with many features which I discussed above. I have already cleared all the features of a good flipbook WordPress plugin. So what are you waiting for?? Go and buy these awesome flipbook WordPress plugins for your existing or upcoming website.

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