If you want to protect your WordPress website from hackers then you should install the latest version of WordPress on your website. Many persons like you always ignore these things and their ignorance creates the easy path for the hackers to get into your website from the back door of your website.

Installing a latest version will protect your website to an extent only, you need to set a strong password to give hackers a strong competition. You should use the Login Lockdown WordPress plugin to limit the number of login attempts from a given IP range with in a certain time.

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We have installed latest version & even login lockdown plugin, but what about Backup of your website?. Taking a backup is the important aspect of any particular website. You might be thinking, why you should take a backup of your website. No Problem, Check out the importance of backup below.

Why You Should Take a Backup?

Here are some known & unkownn reasons you should keep a backup of your website.

  • Prevent data loss during upgrades : If your website build using a content management system (CMS) on which a number of plugins installed. There are various plugin which needs to upgrade on a regular basis. These updates rarely cause a problem, but for the safe side, you should take a backup of your website before any update.
  • Server failure : A full server failure does not happen very often. But, when it does, it causes a lot of problem & unnecessary downtime of your website. If you have don’t have a copy of your website and a server failure will totally destroy your website data. To prevent your website from such situation, you should take a backup of your website.
  • Hackers : Even though , you are using the good security WordPress plugin on your website and still, there are sometimes holes in the code used to build your website that exploitable your vulnerabilities, which the hackers in the world trying to find. To protect your website from hackers, you should take a backup of your website.

Don’t know how to take a backup of your website manually? Don’t worry, the WordPress Duplicator Plugin will help you to backup, copy & clone your website.

Duplicator WordPress Plugin

The Duplicator WordPress plugin will solve your problems related to backup your website. This WordPress plugin is a powerful tool you can use to do rapidly clone and deploy WordPress sites. It gives you the ability to migrate, copy or clone a site from one location to another. The Duplicator WordPress plugin supports both serialized and base64 serialized string placement.

If you are a developer then you should use this Plugin, this tool is great to move WordPress or backup WordPress sites and for pulling a production site down into your local machine for testing & validation.

Features of Duplicator Plugin

  • Share your site
  • Backup your site
  • Create a snapshot
  • Create templates
  • Sync Prod to Dev

Want To Know More About WordPress Duplicator Plugin then click here to know more about it.


This WordPress plugin will save your WordPress site data and also create a clone of it for the worst situation.


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