The New Year has arrived with flair, and we’re sure you’ve created a list of new goals and targets to be met. While the figures have probably changed – regarding traffic, conversions or sales – the underlying targets remain the same. You have to put more effort into increasing conversion rate, boosting customer engagement and more importantly capturing buyer interest.

woocommerce-tactics-to-capture-buyer-interestWith the amount of competition out there, buyer expectations have increased. What has probably worked well in the past, might not be effective today. So, in keeping with tradition, it’s time to say goodbye to the old, and hello to the new!

Revamp Your Store With These 7 Proven Strategies

1).Update Your Website’s Look And Feel

As a website owner, you might have created the perfect look that was popular in 2017. You focused on an interface that used to be popular. Although colors are tied to your brand, you can always choose to update your website’s layouts, font, user-interaction elements, and the like.


Web-design trends for 2018 include videos on product pages, mobile-first designs, vibrant color schemes, big, bold typography, and so on.

You can do this by choosing an entirely new WooCommerce theme, just make sure that it supports the features you’re looking for.

2).Market Trending Products

This does not mean you’ll need to add new products to your store, however, what you need to do is divide the products judiciously into new categories.

For example, you could probably add “Trending” category or “New Year Specials.” Bundling is always in. So including purchase options like “Get this Trending Look,” “Buy this Gadget Combo” can make for great upsells.

trending-products3).Add Visually Compelling Content

Content is key, no doubt. And among content, visual content still reigns superior.
Buyers physically go to the stores to view the product before they make a purchase. Parallelly in the online world, product demo can work wonders. Embed videos using video hosting services like YouTube or Vimeo, so that your website’s performance is not affected.
Videos have proven to generate great traffic and can help buyers make a more informed decision. Moreover, buyers trust sellers who demo products without hesitation. Animated videos work too! Just make sure videos look professionally made and are aimed to heighten engagement levels.

4).Make Existing Customers Your PR Specialists

Want to drive more traffic to your store? Let your customers market the store for you. Your shoppers are in fact the best advertisers and PR specialists out there. Fellow customers talking about your products can definitely pique the interest of potential buyers.

You can certainly encourage your customers to share product info on their social media channels, award them discounts on product reviews or the like.

Remember, just like positive feedback, negative feedback is also something to watch out for. Always be in tune with customer expectations and concerns by offering customers various communication and grievance channels.

feedback5).Integrate Contemporary Payment Methods

2018 is the era of digital wallets. Digital wallets have various offers like cash back, reward points and more, which prompts customers to use them. You might find it hard to believe, but many buyers are probably not making a purchase on your store because you don’t support their preferred choice of wallet!

payment-methodsSo, make sure that your webstore supports contemporary payment options like Mobile payment gateways in addition to the traditional mode of payments.

6).Drive Loyalty with a Reward System

A reward system is a definite plus for buyers. Pamper your buyers with gift vouchers and welcome discounts. An excellent joining discount and subsequent rewards will keep your users loyal and wanting more. Tap into consumer psychology.

reward-systemIf you haven’t implemented it yet, membership levels offering an increase in the level of discounts are a grand strategy to drive more sales.

7).Bank on FOMO

Buyers want to be on top of things that are new and in style. Create interest with limited time availability offers. Make a buyer want to keep on checking your website time and again for the latest offerings. Create exclusivity and drive sales.

limited-offerOver To You

Now, we’re sure you’re as excited as the rest of us to start working on the above strategies. But proceed with caution. You need to pick those strategies that you think would work best for your audience. Going overboard might be time-consuming and might take a toll on the performance of your website.

So, which strategy appealed to you most? Is there anything we missed out?
Do let us know in the comments, right away!


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