It doesn’t matter what kind of eCommerce store you own; the ultimate goal is selling more products and boosting revenue. Marketers keep trying various strategies for increasing sales, especially during the holiday season. But do these strategies work?


Yes, they do. Don’t get me wrong, of course, the quality of the product and service matters the most, but even great products/services fail to thrive in their respective industries. And most of the time, it’s the wrong marketing strategy that fails the product/service. To prove my point, here are two stats to consider-

  • Amazon states that 35% of revenue mostly scales up due to an effective marketing strategy.
  • According to Forrester Research Analytics, a whopping 10-30%  of the sales occur through eCommerce platforms and upselling tips that make buying online easier than visiting physical stores.

We all know that eCommerce businesses plan strategies for the holiday season. During these times, sales skyrocket, and people are looking to buy more and in bulk compared to their usual shopping behavior. Implementing these well-known marketing tactics for your store is always a good idea.

Ways to implement the following strategies on your eCommerce store are available all over the web. But, if you’re running your store on WooCommerce, it makes it even easier with the abundance of extension options available for it.

Want to explore what tips can help both Small and Big businesses to level up their game this holiday season?

Let’s show you-

Ship It For Free

product shipmentAccording to a recent study by Walker Sands, 79% of US consumers said that free shipping makes them more likely to buy online. Offering free shipping in your WooCommerce store during a special period can help you to attract leads and convert them into your customers. Be it attracting new customers or retaining the older ones, free shipping as a marketing tactic can be useful in both cases. Set a specific rate to attain, after which your customers would qualify for free shipping. Plus, use a plugin to inform customers about the minimum amount to avail of free shipping, how much they have ordered, and how much more they need to order to qualify for free shipping. Lastly, congratulate them once they qualify on the checkout page.

This can be achieved using WooCommerce Advanced Free Shipping & Woo Free Shipping Bar

Create FOMO (Fear of missing out) With Countdown Timers: Flash Sales (Today Only)

limited-offer-countdown-offersWhat else can be better than flash sales that trigger customers to buy immediately? Flash sales, being one of the most popular upselling tactics, can bring instantaneous traffic to your WooCommerce website. The idea behind flash sales is simple- you deploy urgency that makes your customers buy quickly. Here, the sense of scarcity prompts them to take the CTA. For instance, a person wouldn’t pay attention to a thing if they knew that it’s available anytime, but if the same product is available at a lower rate for a limited time, consumers would prefer to buy immediately.

This can be achieved using WISDM Scheduler for WooCommerce

Create Urgency Cross-Sell and Upsell

Have you noticed that “You may also like” or “Products related to this” columns while making a purchase? While the upsell feature lets you provide your consumers with related products, the cross-selling feature suggests the consumers buy a bundle product that offers a better price than a single product. This can immediately trigger the consumer during the checkout process and increase your overall WooCommerce store revenue. Cross-selling and upselling are two efficient techniques that can boost your store sales and revenue.

This can be achieved using: WooCommerce Cross Sell Product Display & Boost Sales for WooCommerce – Set up Up-Sells & Cross-Sells Popups & Auto Apply Coupon

No Celebration Start Without Gifting Upsell Offers

Celebrations and gifts are closely related terms. After all, the celebration is incomplete without gifts, right? And as your customers are your priority as well as your dearest people, you need to make them involved in your celebrations. Have a bird’s eye on the regular analysis of your WooCommerce website and leverage upselling strategies based on it.

This can be achieved using WISDM Custom Product Boxes

Promotional Badges On WooCommerce Products

Captivating words like Free, New, Hot, Sale, and Offer can instantly grab the attention of your customers and woo them into buying new products. Such words allow you to represent your new offerings, trending products, or products in front of your customers. In addition to boosting conversion rates, promotional badges also make your e-commerce store look more attractive, informative, and well-organized.

This can be achieved using Badge Management for WooCommerce & YITH WooCommerce Badges Management

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Personalize The Experience

It’s a fact that consumers love when websites provide them with personalized experiences. Each consumer is different, and so are their needs, and that’s why it’s crucial to provide them with offers based on their purchasing history. In order to make the user experience personalized, you can try sending personalized emails, offers, discounts, and, of course, personalized cart discounts to make the experience even better.

This can be achieved using WISDM Customer Specific Pricing

Use Coupons To Drum Up Excitement During Specific Seasons

Is your email flooded with coupons and promotional offers? If yes, I bet it’s a holiday season. While there’s always room for conducting sales, some days like Christmas and New Year are ideal for sales.

However, the success of a sale depends on the marketing strategy used to promote the event. The best way to do so is to showcase your coupon offers on your website’s homepage or send them through various channels like emails, social media, etc.

This can be achieved using Authentic WooCommerce Smart Coupons

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Offer Daily Deals

Some WooCommerce websites keep offering their consumers everyday deals that, in turn, make consumers check their websites more often. Of course, don’t annoy them with continuous emails of notifications, but try to make deals fun on your website and make them visit it more frequently.

This can be achieved using Sales Booster Pack by WisdmLabs

Offer Bulk Discounts

Bulk offers are great when it comes to decreasing shipping as well as handling charges. Offer and promote bulk discounts to make your consumers buy in bulk because such offers are beneficial for both you and your consumers. For this, you may even provide free shipping after consumers pass a certain threshold. If used correctly, this can be a very effective strategy for Wholesale stores on WooCommerce.

This can be achieved using: WISDM Customer Specific Pricing for WooCommerce

Capture Every Potential Lead

Sometimes, your consumers need what isn’t available at the moment, but you can’t afford to miss all these leads, right? So what should you do? In this case, it’s better to hide products that aren’t currently available or else provide the consumers with an option to get notified when they get back in stock in your WooCommerce store.

This can be achieved using WISDM Scheduler for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Private Store

This isn’t too common- a seasonal WooCommerce store. You can set up a seasonal store that will only be available during a specific season while the rest of the website will function throughout the year. Moreover, as an added bonus, you can also provide your VIP customers with early access to the store, making them feel special.

This can be achieved using Woo Private Product

WooCommerce Protected Categories

Like the last tip, which stated a seasonal ‘store,’ this one is to create seasonal ‘products’. Not all products can be used throughout the year; they can only be used during a specific season. You can show or hide seasonal products based on the season and showcase the other products all the time. Moreover, you may also change the rate card based on the season and start a separate sale accordingly.

This can be achieved using WordPress Password Protected Categories & Restrict Categories

Customer Reviews for WooCommerce

When it comes to selling online, positive customer reviews can work like magic. According to a survey, 72% of customers won’t take action until they check out the reviews.

Reviews work like social proof of the quality of a product or service. The more positive reviews you get, the more people trust your brand, and trust means more sales. Encourage your customers to leave reviews regarding your products or services. Send automatic reminders (emails or text messages) to your recent customers and ask them to review your products/services.

This can be achieved using Customer Reviews for WooCommerce

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WooCommerce Wishlist

This is the most common strategy yet effective like any other strategy. There are situations when people just browse through the store and curate items that they wish to buy in the future. Allowing your customers to curate all their desired products in a convenient manner encourages them to go back to your website and buy the desired items. Moreover, you may also let them share their wishlist with their friends or family to choose a better gift for the upcoming holiday season. This simple tactic can help you to boost website traffic and ultimately increase sales.

This can be achieved using TI WooCommerce Wishlist

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Send Personalized Emails to Abandon Carts

According to a report, online shoppers abandon their carts 68% of the time. However, this can even be used as a marketing weapon. You can create and send automatic reminders via emails or messages to the customers who left the cart before checking out. If done correctly, adding a plug-in for this can help you to recover up to 30% of your lost sales.

This can be achieved using Abandoned Cart Lite for WooCommerce & Abandoned Cart Pro for WooCommerce

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