Do you want to increase sales, members of your WooCommerce powered eCommerce website? Then, you have to use these unique WooCommerce coupon code plugins to give a discount to your loyal customers. We have added lots of best coupon code plugins through which you can offer limited discount offers without touching any line of code.

Why Should You Give Discount?

Before proceeding further, I would like to tell you something related to coupons. Whenever we purchase a product, we always look for some discounted offer at the mall, online shopping websites and almost at every place, if there is any discount, we buy more quantity of that particular item. According to a study, a consumer is always looking for a discounted offer as compared to other offers. You should always try to give some discounts to your loyal as well as new customers. Loyal customers will purchase every item from you if you provide them with a discount, and new customers will become your loyal customers after taking proper amounts of discounts, and your professional customers care service.

We have collected these amazing Best WooCommerce Coupon Code Plugin that are as follows:

  1. Advanced Coupons WooCommerce Plugin
  2. Smart Coupon For WooCommerce
  3. Discount Rules for WooCommerce
  4. YITH WooCommerce Coupon Email System
  5. YITH WooCommerce Share For Discounts
  6. WooCommerce Next Coupon Plugin
  7. Coupon Wheel for WooCommerce Plugin
  8. WooCommerce Coupon Box Plugin
  9. WooCommerce Extended Coupon Features
  10. WooCommerce Discount Plus Plugin
  11. PW WooCommerce Copy Coupon Plugin
  12. WooCommerce Coupon Usage Plugin

Benefits of Coupons:

  • Customer buy more items to grab the discount using coupons
  • You can use coupons to give away a product for FREE
  • Coupons will help you to give a trial to your customers
  • Coupons save money for your customers and encourage them to buy more from your store.

Some of these WooCommerce extensions allow you to quickly add a social coupon system to your site that lets users get instant discounts for sharing your pages. If you want to offer discounts on bulk purchases, then with the help WooCommerce volume discount, you can provide automatic discounts and coupons based on the qualities of the cart. Check out these WooCommerce coupon code plugins and choose your favorite plugin from the list below.

Please note that all these WordPress WooCommerce coupon code plugins are fully compatible with the latest version of WordPress.You can easily use these WooCommerce coupon code plugins according to your requirement.

1).Advanced Coupons WooCommerce Plugin

Advanced-Coupons-WooCommerce-PluginOne of the biggest limitations of WooCommerce stores is coupon features. It only allows for basic coupon options which can be boring and repetitive. Advanced Coupons fixes this problem by expanding the features to allow for more interesting coupon deals. Here are 3 of the amazing features of Advanced Coupons:

  • Buy One, Get One (BOGO) – you can now run Buy One, Get One deal on your store. Whether you just want your sales to go up or need to sell inventory fast, BOGO deals are a great way to move inventory quickly.
  • Shipping Overrides – give yourself more options other than just giving free shipping or not. Most times, giving out free shipping is just not practical especially on small orders. Advanced Coupons has a coupon type called Shipping Overrides that can help you choose which shipping offers to give. You can now offer fixed shipping discounts or percentage-based discounts on shipping.
  • Loyalty Program – encourage repeat orders by adding a loyalty program to your store. Customers can now use points they have accumulated as discounts on their orders.

These are just some of the marketing offers you can do now with Advanced Coupons that you couldn’t before. Get creative and watch your sales go up with the help of Advanced Coupons.

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2).Smart Coupon For WooCommerce

woocommerce coupon code pluginsSmart Coupon for WooCommerce by WebToffee is a WooCommerce extension that enhances the functionalities and more features to the standard WooCommerce coupons. This makes it possible to achieve more from WooCommerce coupons and boost sales in a WooCommerce store.

Below are the features that the plugin adds to the WooCommerce coupons.

  • Option to display applicable coupons account of the user
  • Duplicate a coupon
  • Apply coupon restrictions based on the specific payment method, shipping method, or user role
  • Create giveaway products with simple products
  • Option to apply coupons automatically
  • Additional filters for usage restriction by the quantity or subtotal of the product in the cart
  • Get categorized view for users of active and used/expired coupons
  • Change the style for the coupon templates etc.

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3).Discount Rules for WooCommerce

WooCommerce-Discount-Rules-PluginDiscount Rules for WooCommerce is one of the best WooCommerce Discount Plugins around and the most loved one of course. Discounts are a magic wand and utilizing them properly can help increase your store’s sales figures and revenue. The plugin offers its users a 14-day money-back guarantee and 1-year complete technical support. This plugin offers you to choose from a diverse range of discount rules, based on different scenarios & conditions.With WooCommerce Discount Rules Plugin, you get to offer the following types of discounts,

  • Product Specific Discounts
  • Category-wide Discounts
  • Buy One Get One Free Offers
  • Bulk Purchase DiscountsPercentage
  • Based & Price Based Discounts
  • Purchase History-Based Discounts
  • Cart Subtotal Based Discounts
  • First Order, Next Order Discounts & more.

With more than 20,000+ installations, this is one plugin you should already be having.

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4).YITH WooCommerce Coupon Email System

YITH-WooCommerce-Coupon-Email-SystemYITH WooCommerce coupon email system will help you to send the coupon to your customers and encourage them to purchase from your site. You can quickly send the coupon on any occasion like customer’s birthday, your site anniversary, any special event, bumper sales and even when the customers join your site, you can send them a welcome coupon. You can quickly take advantage of Mandrill to manage and send emails to your customers. Other features of this WooCommerce plugin are rewarding your users, four different templates, WPML compatible, etc.

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5).YITH WooCommerce Share For Discounts

YITH-WooCommerce-Share-For-DiscountsIf you want to attract social network traffic to your site, then this WooCommerce plugin will be suitable for you. YITH WooCommerce share for discounts will allow your customers to share discounts on their social profiles and in return, you will get the good amount of traffic from various social network sites. You can easily specify the URL if you want to share the content different from the one used by the users. It also allows you to customize the share settings and you can also take advantage of shortcode and include the activated shortcode to any page you want. Other features of this plugin are email sharing, choose the position of sharing box, create customized coupons, WPML compatible, etc.

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6).WooCommerce Next Coupon Plugin

Retainful-WooCommerce-Next-Order-CouponsRetainful is a WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery plugin that allows you to recover abandoned carts and also drive repeat purchases by sending next order coupons. Retainful automatically generates next order coupons and sends it to your customers along with order notification emails.

This eventually drives more repeat purchases and thereby increases your store’s revenue. The plugin comes with power-packed coupon customization and usage restriction options.

Below mentioned are some of the other features of Retainful,

  • Set minimum and maximum spend values. The coupon will be generated only if the customer shops between the set values.
  • Custom coupon expiry dates can be set manually. The coupon you send will expire after the set date.
  • Choose which products and categories your next order coupon should be displayed and not be displayed.
  • Send unlimited abandoned cart recovery emails.
  • Recover abandoned carts with a single click – Unique URL
  • Create automated sequential cart recovery email campaigns and do more with Retainful.

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7).Coupon Wheel for WooCommerce Plugin

Coupon-Wheel-for-WooCommerce-PluginCoupon wheel for WooCommerce plugin will help you to engage your customers by giving them a chance to win a coupon by spinning a fortune wheel. It will automatically issue unique WooCommerce coupon codes, display coupons immediately or send them by mail and it even displays the urgency timer countdown for more engagement. You can even set the limiter based on email, cookies, or IP, ReCaptcha support to prevent cheating, and the developer also added a real-time email domain validator, which helps you to check the emails submitted to your customers. You can easily customize the slice label and coupon code for each slice, and you even add new subscribers directly to your MailChimp list. Some other features of this WooCommerce plugin are as follows.


  • Popup preview mode
  • Connect with services
  • 12 customizable slices
  • Popup display options
  • Unlimited wheels
  • Mobile & desktop friendly
  • Page filtering
  • 250+ popup backgrounds to choose
  • Popup triggers & page filtering
  • Advanced anti-cheating functionality
  • Connect with various services etc.

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8).WooCommerce Coupon Box Plugin

WooCommerce-Coupon-Box-PluginWooCommerce coupon box plugin will help you to collect your customer’s emails, and it even displays a pop-up that allows your customers to subscribe to their emails to get the discount coupons. You can easily customize the coupon box pop-up using the front – end style to match your site’s style and the subscriber’s emails will be saved in email campaigns. Other features of this plugin are Email API, auto – update and email campaigns, etc.

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9).WooCommerce Extended Coupon Features

WooCommerce-Extended-Coupon-FeaturesIt will allow you to extend the coupon functionality of WooCommerce by adding different features such as auto coupons means coupons will automatically apply to the user’s cart if it’s restrictions are met. You can even apply coupon via URL. It gives various methods to restrict coupons such as by shipping method, payment method, certain roles and a combination of products, etc.

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10).WooCommerce Discount Plus Plugin

WooCommerce-Discount-Plus-PluginWooCommerce discount plus WordPress plugin will allow you to implement multiple discount criteria’s and compatible with s2member plugin. You can quickly set percentage discount plus or flat discount plus in the currency units. The discount will be visible on the checkout page, order details page and also visible in WooCommerce order emails and invoices as well. Other features are the possibility of quickly changing the CSS of the price before and after discount etc.

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11).PW WooCommerce Copy Coupon Plugin

woocommerce coupon code pluginsThis WordPress plugin will add a copy link to the default Woocommerce coupon pages and makes it possible to duplicate an existing coupon.

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12).WooCommerce Coupon Usage Plugin

Best WooCommerce Coupon Code Plugins
It will display the coupon usage statistics on your WordPress powered website and even allow your affiliate to view their coupons stats in the frontend or via a unique link.

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What Next??
I would recommend you to use these WordPress WooCommerce Coupon code plugins for your eCommerce website as it comes with many features which I discussed above. I have already cleared all the features of a WooCommerce coupon code Plugin. So what are you waiting for?? Grab these awesome coupon code plugins for your website.


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