Do you want to increase sales, members of your WooCommerce powered eCommerce website? Then, you just need to use these unique WooCommerce coupon codes plugins to give a discount to your loyal customers. We have added lots of best coupon code plugins through which you can offer limited discount offers without touching any line of code.

Why Should You Give Discount?

Before proceeding further, I would like to tell you something related to coupons. Whenever we purchase a product, we always look for some discounted offer at the mall, online shopping websites and almost at every place, if there is any discount, we buy more quantity of that particular item. According to a study, a consumer is always looking for discounted offer as compare to other offers. You should always try to give some discounts to your loyal as well new customers. Loyal customers will purchase every item from you if you provide them with a discount and new customers will become your loyal customers after taking proper amounts of discounts, and your professional customers care service.

Benefits of Coupons:

  • Customer buy more items to grab the discount using coupons
  • You can use coupons to give away a product for FREE
  • Coupons will help you to give a trial to your customers
  • Coupons save money of your customers and encourage them to buy more from your store.

Some of these WooCommerce extensions allow you to easily add a social coupon system to your site that lets users get instant discounts for sharing your pages. If you want to offer discounts on bulk purchases, then with the help WooCommerce volume discount, you can provide automatic discounts and coupon based on the qualities in the cart. Check out these WooCommerce coupon code plugins and choose your favorite plugin from the below list.

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Please note that all these WordPress WooCommerce coupon code plugins are fully compatible with the latest version of WordPress.You can easily use these WooCommerce coupon code plugins according to your requirement.

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WooCommerce Coupon Code Plugin

1).Easy Customer & Order Import WordPress Plugin

Easy-Customer-and-Order-Import-WordPress-PluginThis WordPress plugin will allow you to import WooCommerce customers, coupons and orders in a CSV format. It will be ideal for those who are moving their eCommerce website from one eCommerce platform to another. It supports importing of thousands of records within a few clicks.

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2).WooCommerce Extended Coupon Features

WooCommerce-Extended-Coupon-FeaturesWooCommerce extended coupon features WordPress plugin will allow you to create an advanced coupon or giveaway products. It will allow you to add coupons automatically to the user’s cart if the restrictions are met. You can easily restrict the coupon by shipping method, payment method and by a combination of products. Other features are applying coupon via an URL and allow customers to choose between free gifts etc.

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3).Sumo Coupons WooCommerce Coupon System

Sumo-Coupons-WooCommerce-Coupon-SystemSumo coupons WordPress plugin will allow you to reward your customers using coupons for social promotion, product purchase, writing reviews, and sign up on your website. It supports fixed discount and percentage discount value and includes three modes i.e. credit coupon mode, email coupon mode, and auto apply mode. The product review coupons restricted to one review per product per member and support all three modes. Some other features of this WordPress plugin are as follows.


  • Reward coupon types
  • Product purchase coupons
  • WordPress account signup coupons
  • Blog post creation coupons
  • Page comment coupons
  • Daily login coupons
  • Product review coupons
  • Signup coupon after first purchase
  • URL coupons
  • Payment gateway coupons
  • Coupons with expiry
  • Maximum number of credit coupons
  • Time limit to earn next coupon
  • Bulk update
  • The message can be customized etc.

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4).WooCommerce Volume Discount Coupon

WooCommerce Volume Discount Coupon

WooCommerce volume discount coupon is an extension for WooCommerce, providing automatic discounts and coupon based on the qualities in the cart. It will automatically apply a discount based on minimum/or maximum quality criteria defined in the coupons. This extension provides an excellent solution, allowing to display discount directly on the product when they apply. Some other features of this WordPress plugin are as follows.


      • Pretty coupons in various colors
      • Display discounts on products
      • Cart quality discounts
      • Auto – apply and normal coupons etc..

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5).Apply Coupons on Order For WooCommerce

Apply-Coupons-on-Order-For-WooCommerceIf you want to use coupons on order placed by your customers, then this WordPress plugin will be suitable for you. This WordPress plugin will allow the store owners to implement coupons in the order instead of editing each line items to offer a discount on their listing. It supports cart discount and cart percentage discount off coupon type, and you can easily apply coupons from phone order. Other features are optimized coupon search; discount partitioned for each line etc.

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6).WordPress Apply Coupons Automatically

WordPress-Apply-Coupons-AutomaticallyThis WordPress plugin will allow you to link your coupons to users, roles and groups. You can easily use the power of WooCommerce default coupon to create instant discounts for individual sales, registered customers, merchants, resellers and much more. It supports groups, and you can set a custom label for the coupon. Other features are combined multiple coupons, select users or/and roles, restrict coupons to selected users, roles, groups only, etc.

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7).WooCommerce Every Order Coupon Plugin

WooCommerce-Every-Order-Coupon-PluginWooCommerce every order coupon WordPress plugin will send a coupon to your website after every order for their next order. The unused coupons will be visible on my account page and you customers will be notified by this plugin with the coupon direct adding code, discount amount, link, code and expiration date, etc.

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8).WooCommerce Coupon Countdown

WooCommerce Coupons Countdown

WooCommerce coupon countdown is an extension for WooCommerce that provides pretty coupons with real – time countdown counters. You can quickly add coupon limited for those who have purchased certain products. Coupons that expire automatically show a countdown. This plugin works with a coupon that has a fixed expiration as well as with coupons that their expiration set for a period after user registration. Some other features of this WordPress plugin are as follows.


      • Limit validity after registration
      • Pretty coupons in various colors
      • Limit coupon usage as per user
      • Real – time coupon countdown etc..

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9).WooCommerce Gift Coupons

WooCommerce Gift Coupons

This WordPress plugin allows you to create gift coupons to rewards customers with a free gift after applying the coupon code. This extension is ready to be translated to your own language by the standard WordPress localization process.

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10).Like 2 Discount WordPress Plugin

Like-2-Discount-WordPress-PluginLike two discount WordPress plugin will generate a discount coupon for those who like your Facebook page. The coupons will be activated one they confirm the email address and you can quickly setup your coupon parameters, modify model content, a banner to display, triggering options, set enter/exit transitions and many other options. Other features are three section of banners.

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11).WooCommerce Coupon Registration Overlay

WooCommerce-Coupon-Registration-OverlayWooCommerce coupon registration overlay will allow you to send unique coupon code after user registration. Your viewers can see part of the page/product as a teaser to encourage registration, and the user roles can be reselected for registering users in the admin section of the plugin. You can easily insert registration form on any page using the shortcode and upload a custom image into overlay registration form. Some other features of this WordPress plugin are as follows.


      • Sync user registrations to Mailchimp
      • Shortcode registration form can be inserted after the form is submitted
      • Upload custom image into overlay registration form
      • Customizable registration form via CSS
      • Sends a one-time use unique coupon code etc.

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12).WooCommerce Role Discount

WooCommerce Role Discount

WooCommerce role discount WordPress plugin will help you to take advantage of WooCommerce built – in coupons system and WordPress users roles. You can easily add as many custom roles as you want and create different discounts for them. You can only use all of the coupon systems to manage it for every role. Some other features of this WordPress plugin are as follows.


      •  Customizable discounts
      • Multilingual support
      • WooCommerce support etc..

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13).WooCommerce Coupons Exclusions

WooCommerce Coupons Exclusions

It is a powerful extension which provides extended coupon usage restrictions. This WordPress plugin allows restricting the validity of a coupon based or other coupons applied. It also allows removing specific coupons when a coupon is used. It provides a new exclusion section for coupons. Some other features of this WordPress plugin are as follows.


      • Remove other coupon when a coupon is applied
      • Limit coupon validity based on other coupons etc..

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14).WooCommerce Coupon Message WordPress Plugin

WooCommerce-Coupon-Message-WordPress-PluginThis WordPress plugin will help you to show a custom message or any other content to your customer when they apply a coupon during the cart/checkout process. You can easily use this plugin to show various things such as terms of use, additional offers, details of the coupon or any other thing you want. You can also send this message in order complete email if you need.

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15).WooCommerce Coupons Extended Plugin

WooCommerce-Coupons-Extended-PluginIt will allow you to manage report, track your WooCommerce coupons and offer complete front end tracking and backend management of coupon. It tracks the amount used by the coupon and deducts the discount amount from the coupon balance and also update the coupon balance. If the order contains the coupon is canceled, then the coupon deducted will be added back to the user coupon balance. Other features are barcode integration, gift card features, coupon management, and coupon reporting, etc.

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16).Woo Product Export-Import Plugin

Woo-Product-Export-Import-PluginWoo product is an import and export WordPress plugin will allow you to import and export product, product categories, orders, users, and coupons. It comes with various features such as field management, scheduled export & backup management, multiple powerful filters, variation product, field settings, etc.

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17).WC Coupon Usage Report Plugin

WC-Coupon-Usage-Report-PluginWoo coupon usage report plugin will help you to know about your coupon performance. It comes with a dashboard widget with five used coupons, and you can filter all coupons using date filter and by coupon type filter. Other features are tabbed navigation for various reports display, drill down to users who have used coupons, etc.

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18).WooTrigger Addons For WooCommerce

WooTrigger-Addons-For-WooCommerceWooTrigger add-ons for WooCommerce will allow you to award coupons, product and discount for users when they order with conditions setting in the admin panel of this plugin. You can easily manage the triggers and date, duration, categories and product events, etc.

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Free WooCommerce Coupon Code Plugin

19).WooCommerce Bulk Discount Plugin

WooCommerce Bulk Discount

WooCommerce Bulk discount WordPress plugin makes it possible to apply fine – grained bulk discounts to items in the shopping cart, depending on the ordered quantity and the particular product. The settings for discounts are simple yet extensive, allowing a broad range of discount policies be adopted in your store. Some other features of WordPress plugin are as follows.


      •  Discount is visible on the checkout & order details page
      • Bulk discount for product variations is supported to treat them separately
      • Showing the applied discount when hovering over the item price etc..

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20).WooCommerce Coupon Schedule Plugin

WooCommerce-Coupon-Schedule-PluginWooCommerce coupon schedule WordPress plugin will replace default coupon expiry field with dedicated tab for coupon validity settings.

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21).YITH WooCommerce Coupon Email System

YITH-WooCommerce-Coupon-Email-SystemThis WordPress plugin will allow you to send an automatic rewarding email for the first purchase of your customers. You can easily customize email subject and email content using a wide set of options. Quickly enable/disable the plugin from the options panel, and you can also send a test email, etc.

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22).WooCommerce Discount Plus Plugin

WooCommerce-Discount-Plus-PluginWooCommerce discount plus WordPress plugin will allow you to implement multiple discount criteria’s and compatible with s2member plugin. You can quickly set percentage discount plus or flat discount plus in the currency units. The discount will be visible on the checkout page, order details page and also visible in WooCommerce order emails and invoices as well. Other features are the possibility of quickly changing the CSS of the price before and after discount etc.

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23).WooCommerce Auto Added Coupons

WooCommerce auto added coupons

This WordPress plugin will allow you to select coupons that will automatically be added to the user’s cart if its restrictions are met. The coupon will be removed when the restrictions are no longer met.

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24).Woo Coupon Box Plugin

Woo-Coupon-Box-PluginWoo coupon box WordPress plugin will allow you to create a coupon for your eCommerce store that allows your visitors to get an instant discount for sharing your posts on next purchase. You can easily configure the discount code for your visitors, and you will find out get discount in the corner of the website, and you just have to click on it to get the discount coupon. It supports many social networking platforms and quickly integrated with themes & plugins etc.

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25).URL Coupons For WooCommerce Plugin

URL-Coupons-For-WooCommerce-PluginIt gives the store owners a unique link for each coupon on their website and hide coupons fields to increase conversions but still allow them via coupon URLs. You can quickly add a new URL coupons tab to your coupon edit screen which shows you the link for the coupon as well as other options. Other features are flexible shortcode, disable coupon fields on the frontend, restrict coupon to user roles, work with any theme or plugin, etc.

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26).WooCommerce Social Share Discount Coupon

WooCommerce-Social-Share-Discount-CouponThis WordPress plugin will allow you to add a social coupon system to your eCommerce store that allows your customers to get an instant discount for sharing your product on their next purchase. It is valid for one-time use coupon and thoroughly tested with the latest version of WooCommerce.

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27).Dynamic Price & Discounts For WooCommerce

Dynamic-Price-&-Discounts-For-WooCommerceThis WordPress plugin will allow you to setup product based bulk discount on the quantity. You can quickly add discounts from minimum to maximum range, add the product based discount, percentage discount or amount discount and apply or remove bulk discount if the coupon code is used, etc.

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28).WooCommerce Next Order Coupon

WooCommerce-Next-Order-CouponWooCommerce next order coupon plugin will allow you to automatically emails customers a single use coupon once they have completed order in your WooCommerce store. You can easily change the style and text of the coupon email and set a minimum order amount balance before order quantities for a coupon. Other features are set the coupon’s expiring date.

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29).PW WooCommerce Copy Coupon Plugin

PW-WooCommerce-Copy-Coupon-PluginThis WordPress plugin will add a copy link to the default Woocommerce coupon pages and makes it possible to duplicate an existing coupon.

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30).Woo Coupons Pay For Shipping

Woo-Coupons-Pay-For-ShippingIf you want to add a coupon to pay for the buyers shipping cost, then this WordPress plugin will be suitable for you. It will allow WooCommerce coupons to pay for the customers shipping too.

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31).Advanced Coupon Conditions For WooCommerce

Advanced-Coupon-Conditions-For-WooCommerceThis WordPress plugin will allow you to create coupons with the advanced attributes and you can create coupon based on payment methods, billing countries, shipping countries and postal codes.

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32).GNA WooCommerce Coupons Plugin

GNA-WooCommerce-Coupons-PluginGNA WooCommerce coupon will allow you to add additional functionality for WooCommerce coupons i.e. allow discounts for weekdays only, a specific day, weekend only or day of the week, etc..

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What Next??

I would recommend you to use these WordPress WooCommerce Coupon code plugins for your eCommerce website as it comes with many features which I discussed above. I have already cleared all the features of a WooCommerce coupon code Plugin. So what are you waiting for?? Go and buy these awesome coupon code plugins for your website.

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