You have already know about  Divi WordPress theme by elegant themes which was launched by them last year. This month, they will going going to launch the next version of their Divi theme, i.e. Divi 2.0.  Divi 2.0 will have lots of new features which you expected from elegant theme to be included in their WordPress themes. To Celebrate the happiness of Divi 2.0 with you,  we are going to Giveaway 2 developer account of elegant themes on this blog.


The Elegant theme has added lots of new features in Divi 2.0 which will solve your lots of problems. The Divi 2.0 comes with Divi Builder,  which allows you to create beautiful and unique layouts visually without touching any line of code. The Divi WordPress theme is the most flexible theme ever created by elegant theme.

What New In Divi 2.0?


Live Demo Divi 2.0

The name of Elegant theme is sufficient to guess the quality of their work. Elegant theme is one of those companies which are providing flexible & Responsive WordPress theme at a very low price as compare to their competitors. The Divi 2.0 will have lots of new features, i.e. The Divi Builder, Divi Theme options, Post formats and much more. You can check detail of these features below.

The Divi Builder


In the first version of Divi, elegant theme includes Divi page builder through which we can easily create pages just by drag and drop. The builder can be accessed from the standard WordPress page editor via the new button that theme adds. But, In Divi 2.0, you will see all new Divi Builder, which allows you to create beautiful and unique layouts visually without touching any line of code.

Divi Theme Options


In the upcoming Divi 2.0, you will see lots of change in the theme options panel. You can easily design your Divi 2.0 powered website with the help of some new features, i.e. all new headers, navigation and layout options.  If you want to give an awesome look to your website then you should install Divi 2.0 on it.

Post Formats

Post formats is a theme features which was introduced in WordPress 3.1. It is a piece of meta information that can be used by a theme to customize it’s presentation of a post. The post formats feature provide a standardized list of formats that are available to all themes that support the feature.

The elegant theme team has added post formats features in their upcoming flexible theme,  i.e. Divi 2.0. You can check some formats which you will see in Divi 2.0 above.

Brand New Module


You will see a brand new module in the upcoming Divi 2.0. This brand new module will allow you to highlight your clients, customers & team members. The new module will have lots of new features including beautiful portfolio layouts, Google Maps, social media buttons, Image gallery, Media etc..

Divi is the most advanced and flexible elegant theme ever created. The elegant theme was working on Divi 2.0 form many months. Today, they will launch their Divi 2.0 among public. You can check the features of Divi 2.0 and see it live through this Link . To know more about the Divi 2.0 visit this blog post.

Who Will Win?

There will be 2 Winners in this Giveaway. Each will get a developer account from elegant theme.

Rules Of This Giveaway:

  • Anybody can enter in this Giveaway.
  • This Giveaway Will Expire on 5th June 2014.
  • Why you want to win this giveaway? Answer this question through commenting on this post.

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Winners Will Be Announced after 5 June 2014 on this page.Don’t forget to bookmark this Page.

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  1. I have been a fan of Elegant Themes for a long time, and it would be great if I can get my hands on their awesome themes. 🙂

  2. Looking forward to win this.Good job Himanshu btw why dont you have some good plugin for comments like disqus or wp comments ?

    • Thanks Amit, I will add social comments system on my website through which users can easily comments with their Facebook or twitter profiles.. Best of luck, hope you will win this contest 🙂


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