Elegant themes introduce Divi 2.1  with some good features which help you to create a single page website in just few minutes. Divi 2.1 introduces several new features as well as tons of improvement. And bug fixes, which make it the most stable version and feature rich version of Divi yet.

The Divi 2.1 WordPress theme is the complete package to create your website with lots of good features which help you to customize your website without any extra effort.

Elegant theme team have been working hard on their upcoming theme i.e. Extra and on their upcoming social sharing plugin Monrach.

Divi 2.1 One Page Features

1).Back To Top Button


Now, you can easily enable back to top button. Your page is just a click away for your viewers. This is a global feature that works great when combined with section navigation. With this feature, your viewers don’t have to scroll more to go the top of your website.

2).Floating Side Navigation

floating side navigation

This is one of the awesome feature which every one page WordPress theme should have. This feature lets you to turn on a per page basis. This navigation bar auto detects the sections on your page and creates a dot indicator for each. The highlighted dot indicates the current section, and each dot is linked to its respective section. When you clicked on any dot, they will transport you to their relevant sections using a smooth animation.

3).Sticky Images


This is one of the simple feature, yet it open lots of amazing possibilities to make your website more interesting. They have added a new setting to all the image module that allow you to remove the space from the below image and letting it sit directly above the module or section below it. This lets your image “break the frame” in a controlled fashion.

4).Smooth Scrolling Internal Links
smooth scrolling internal links

You can now scroll smoothly to any of your internal page links with the help of this update. With this update, the browser will smoothly scroll to any internal page links you add. This is great for adding primary navigation items that link to specific sections or modules of a single page website.

The Divi 2.1 is almost amazing update. The new one page website is just a tiny part, but the major time spent by the elegant theme on bug fixes that have been reported since the release of Divi 2.0.

To know how to create a one page website using Divi theme, click here.

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