Last week, Elegant theme has launched an all new WordPress plugin named The Divi Builder. The Divi builder is a drag and drop page builder plugin which helps you to create beautiful pages for your website without any coding knowledge. If you have used their Divi theme, you may already familiar with it but for those who don’t, it’s time to try this amazing product. The Divi builder takes everything you love about the Divi theme and packages it into its own plugin that can be easily used with any WordPress theme. This WordPress theme is fully compatible with any theme, can be used with any theme to create beautiful and fluid layouts inside content areas of size and shape.

The Divi builder WordPress plugin gives you more freedom to explore new and exciting layout possibilities. You can easily create stunning landing pages that capture your visitors and build story driven blog posts that capture your visitor’s imagination.


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Features of Divi Builder Plugin

The Divi drag and drop page builder WordPress plugin comes with more than 40 content modules like accordion, audio player, bar counter, blurb, call to action, circle counter, contact form, gallery, countdown timer, filterable portfolio, number counter, pricing table, email optin, social media follow, video slider, testimonials and much more. These modules can be easily combined and arranged in any number of ways to create just about any type of website. Some other features of this WordPress plugin are as follows.

Endless Layout Possibilities:


With Divi builder, you will have 20 row types, 3 section types and over 40 content modules in your toolbox. The builder also allows you to fully customize each element using the Divi Builder’s advanced design setting.

  • Simple configuration options: You can easily configure your Divi Builder modules through wide range of configuration controls without any coding knowledge.
  • Customize Everything: The Divi Builder advanced design setting gives you full control, you can easily modify colors, spacing and typography with just a few clicks. You can easily create a unique design that matches your own style.
  • Easily build anything: The Divi Builder has a large collection of builder modules. Whatever you are trying to build, the Divi builder has a module that can help you to make your vision a reality. You can easily use the custom code module if you want to integrate third-party plugins.
  • Add Custom CSS: You can apply custom style to individual parts of individual modules.

Build Amazing Posts & Pages:


The Divi builder gives you more freedom to explore new and exciting layout possibilities. You can easily create stunning landing pages that capture your visitors and build story driven blog posts that capture your visitor’s imagination.

Building Power at Your Finger Tips:


The Divi builder comes with full of amazing controls. With its easy to use settings modals, top – level controls and right-click options, you can easily build gorgeous websites without any extra effort.

  • Duplicate any element with a single click: You can easily copy and paste any element on any page which save tons of development time.
  • Create Advanced Columns Structure in seconds: Easily create and combined columns to create all kinds of creative layouts and quickly adjust a row’s column structure with a couple of clicks.
  • Disable an item to hide on the frontend: This is one of the best feature which I have ever seen. You can easily disable the element that you don’t want to display on the front – end like seasonal promo banner or temporary notice. You don’t need to delete or rebuild it from the scratch.
  • Copy & Paste Items within Layouts or Even onto other pages: The Divi builder will help you to copy items from one page to another.
  • Unlimited undo & Redos: You will not find this feature in visual composer plugin also. Elegant theme has added this wonderful feature which saves a number of actions so that you can easily undo or redo moves, edits, clone and much more.
  • Lock an Item to disable its Editing Functions: The website administrators can look any section, row or module, disabling it editing functions.
  • Collapse Builder Chunks: Easily create an organized high – level view of your layout by collapsing section or row within your layout.

Complete Layout Spacing Control:


The Divi builder has already added appropriate spacing between elements, it also gives you a wide range of tools that let you to control the spacing within and around the items on your page.

  • Section & Row vertical spacing: Easily control the spacing between objects on your page.
  • Custom padding & margin: You can easily control site – wide or section – wide spacing, each individual element can be modified to create unique layout.
  • Row & column width: It also gives you full control over the width of your content, giving you the ability to create beautiful full width pages that look amazing on large modern screens.
  • Horizontal column spacing: Easily control horizontal spacing between objects.

The Divi Builder Library:


The Divi builder library can house an unlimited number of custom builder elements and pre – made layouts. Once you have saved the elements to the Divi library, these items can be easily added to the new pages instantly.

  • Saving Items with Selective Sync: Whenever you save an item to the Divi builder, easily choose which settings are saved and which are not. Next time, you will add the item, the settings will be automatically filled and you just have to focus on what matters.
  • Save any layout, section, row or module: Easily save anything, whether it be individual modules, collections of row or entire page layouts.
  • Access your library elements from any page: You can easily access the library elements at any time from within the Divi builder interface.
  • Export & import library data into any site: Whenever you start a new project, easily import your Divi library to jump-start your design process.

Global Items:


Whenever you save any item into the Divi builder library as a Global item, that single can be placed on multiple pages. Since the item is global, whenever you makes changes in the global item, those are changes are synced automatically on every instance of the global item.

  • Multiple items, All In Sync: If you want to repeat a single across your entire website, simply turn that item into a global library item. Whenever you make changes, the changes are synced automatically on every instance of the global item.
  • Global items + selective sync: When you save an item into the Divi library as a global item, you can easily choose to selective – sync certain settings. It allows you to create global items one every page that share certain characteristic, while at the same time having different content.

Price & Plans:

To grab this plugin, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to grab this plugin. Elegant themes already offering their 93 beautiful WordPress themes for the price of one. You can have access to their all themes & plugins for just $69/year.

Elegant themes also offering lifetime membership of their website for just $249 (One time payment). You don’t have to pay yearly fees if you choose their lifetime membership.

What Next?

Divi Builder plugin is the king of all drag and drop builder out there. It is most advanced builder plugin on the market. It is fully compatible with any theme and can be used to create beautiful and fluid inside layouts inside content areas of any size and shape. You can have access to all Elegant themes & plugins for just $69/year.

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