Yesterday, Elegant theme has released the next version of their most popular WordPress theme i.e. Divi 2.4. Divi is the smarter and most powerful theme build by elegant themes. It is built on the strong foundation of powerful features that give you complete control how you build your website. Elegant themes have re – imagined the Divi builder, now the divi builder has extended to all post types. The Divi builder is not limited to pages, you can easily build beautiful posts too.


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The backbone of Divi 2.4 is it’s all new full grid and re – imagined set of modules that are more flexible than ever. This new grid will allow you to add some great new settings to the Divi theme customizer, such as the ability to define column spacing, menu heights, custom content widths, menu widths, adjust the height of your logo, define your navigation fonts, text sizes and text styles.The theme customizer supports alpha transparency, giving you the option to make your navigation bars semi – transparent.

The Divi 2.4 introduces new controls for the typography that can be used to adjust every part of your website i.e. including headers, footer links, body, titles, navigation links, body text and even default text styling for individual modules. Now you will have 8 footer column to choose from for your footer area, as well as full control over footer widget and body text styling. You can easily change the column structure of any existing row in your layout. These rows have their columns adjusted instantly. Check out the other new features of Divi 2.4 below.

New Builder Interface:

Elegant themes has reinvented the interface of The Divi Builder. This redesigned is giving clear layout.


The Divi Library:

The Divi library is place for you to save your customized modules, sections, rows and the entire layouts. These items can be added directly into the builder on new pages or when starting to build new websites for your clients.


Divi Global Page Elements

You can make any Divi library single element global which means when you save a Global element to your Divi library, that item (whether it be a section, row or module) will be mirrored on each page that exists. When you update the item in location, it gets updated everywhere else instantly.


Divi Post Builder:

You can now use the Divi Builder on individual posts. It still allows you to retain left, right or full width post layouts. You also have the option to display your post title, meta, and featured image in addition to the builder content. Easily choose between full width and sidebar layouts.


Divi Fullscreen Header:

The Divi fullwidth module can now made fullscreen with additional options for adding logos, images, call to action buttons. With different combinations of content orientation and image placement, there are over 24 layout possibilities, you can create all responsive layout easily. Easily choose not to enable fullscreen mode and the header will take on the natural height of its content.


Revamped Customizer:

If you are familiar with the WordPress customizer then you can easily use the Divi customizer. Divi makes extensive use of WordPress customizer. In Divi 2.4, there are hundreds of new settings that you can use to customize your website.


  • Modules styles
  • Header & navigation
  • Layout settings
  • General settings
  • Footer styles
  • Theme gutter widths
  • Sidebar width
  • Website content width
  • Adjust the height of your logo
  • Hide navigation until scrolls
  • Add full or semi – transparency to your navigation
  • Typography settings
  • Define your column setting
  • Button & Widget styling etc.

Advanced Module Setting & Custom CSS:

You can now easily customize everything about the design of each individual module you add to your page. The developers of Elegant themes has added countless design options across the board that let you control things like backgrounds, spacing, borders, colors, typography etc. The section, row and module setting now have a new tabbed layout for general setting, advanced design setting and Custom CSS.


100% Fluid & Responsive:

The grid which powered the Divi theme has been recoded from the scratch to a fluid percentage based grid. All the fixed layouts has been removed from the theme so the layouts you have will work better on the mobile devices. It allows you to use Divi builder anywhere.




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