Recently, Elegant Themes released an all-new product named Divi AI, a powerful tool that will provide you the power of Artificial intelligence (AI) to your WordPress-powered website. You have already seen many known AI tools, such as ChatGPT and Midjourney, but these third-party tools require complex prompts to generate content and are not very convenient to use on WordPress sites. But don’t worry; Divi AI has solved these problems as it is already available in the Divi Builder, so you don’t have to use any complex prompt. Just like Divi Builder, Divi AI is also easy to use. It is specially designed to write content and generate images for your website directly from the builder itself. Divi AI is fully integrated into Divi, and it automatically the existing content and website details to recommend the content that you should add to your site.

Features of Divi AI

1).Generate Image Automatically

Generate-Image-AutomaticallyDivi AI learns from your page and the context around your image, generates a relevant image, and even allows you to customize it as required.

2).Refine & Modify Existing Images

Divi AI-Refine-&-modify-Existing-ImagesDivi AI also allows you to change your existing images and helps you add high-quality photos to your website.

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3).Auto Generate Content with One Click

Divi AI- Auto-Generate-Content-with-One-ClickDivi AI is designed to analyze the existing content and website details. It will allow you to generate text, images, or even entire modules with just one click.

4).Auto Suggest What to Write Next

Auto-Suggest-What-to-Write-NextIt will also provide fresh ideas per your page’s content if you have writer’s block.

It also Learns from your website and gives you suggestions to improve your website.

  • Existing Users: Yearly Package – $288 & Month Package – $24 / Month
  • For New Users, you have to buy Divi membership first, then Divi AI.

Elegant Themes is also running a 40% Discount on their Divi AI product, so if you are interested in this, you can buy now and save your hard-earned money.

Grab Divi AI – An AI For Divi Builder Now


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