As humans, we’re lazy. We procrastinate – when we have time at our disposal.

Lead-CaptureAdd a timer to any event, and you can get to see the exact opposite behavior. Our minds will want to make a quick decision when we have limited time. The same principle, when applied to an e-commerce store, has proven to be the best strategy to capture genuine leads. This technique is similar to moving the time on our wall clocks to 5 minutes ahead the regular time, so as to get things done on time or a bit early, owing to the fear of being late.

Capture Leads with the Power of Urgency

Studies have proven that there are various factors that affect conversion or motivate users to take an action. One of the factors is “urgency”. A simple way to implement this strategy on an e-commerce store is to limit the time a buyer has to make a decision. For example, adding a live timer on the store to indicate the time duration a person has to make a purchase. Think of it as a ticking time bomb, and you’re bound to act fast!

This simple strategy can be implemented in more ways than one. But the right way to do it on your WooCommerce store is using the WISDM Scheduler plugin.

How to Add a Live Timer on WooCommerce

WISDM Scheduler for WooCommerce is a plugin that’s specifically designed to create a sense of urgency and increase the number of sales, by adding a live timer on your products.

The extension can be used to schedule the purchase of products for a particular duration or on a day-to-day basis.

WISDM Scheduler can effectively capture leads by allowing you to:

1).Add a sense of urgency with a live timer

A push for purchase is created by a ‘now or never’ situation, you’ve got to grab the product now, or it’s never going to be available. A live timer on a product creates a fear of losing out on the product and drives the customers to buy the product before it becomes too late. WISDM Scheduler seamlessly integrates a live countdown timer on a product page. The timer indicates how long the product is available for purchase.

wisdm-scheduler-countdown-timerAs the clock ticks, the anxiousness to purchase is sure to increase.

2).Sell limited-time products to generate interest in your stock

Interest for a product dies over time. Hence, most e-commerce companies run “new season” or “new arrival” campaigns. If you want to generate interest in your products the best way to do that is by keeping the stock low and making them available only for a limited time. By limiting the time when a customer can make a purchase, you can generate interest in your inventory and sell out your stock.

3).Plan and manage your stock options based on customer interests

Just creating limited-time products will not do the trick, most of the people will not want a sweater in summer. It is important to do your homework on what product the customers are interested in and then create a sense of urgency to make more sales. You can also analyze customers interested in unavailable products to get a better understanding of what products generate customer interest.

4).Capture genuine leads with the “Notify Me” option

The “Notify Me” feature by WISDM Scheduler allows you to capture email addresses of genuinely interested customers. With this option, when a product is unavailable, customers can subscribe to get a notification when the product is back in stock or available to purchase.

notify-me-optionThis option lets you also know the popularity of the product – the more the subscribers, the more the popularity.

5).Never miss out on a lead

The customer doesn’t have to keep checking if the product is back or not because, once they subscribe, they will get notifications on products that they were interested in and was unavailable. This feature will help you in capturing the missed out leads, save customers’ time, and increase the number of sales. You don’t have to miss out on a lead when the product is not in stock.

6).Nurture leads with a solid email marketing campaign

With WISDM Scheduler, not only can you get a list of leads, you can keep them interested by sending them timely emails. Send informative emails about the latest sale or product availability, tell them about less-known features of the product, to update customers and increase the chances of a sale.

Final Word

Keeping customers interested, generating leads is a challenge of every e-commerce store owner. WISDM Scheduler gets you one step closer by allowing you to implement a proven strategy to attract genuine buyers and increase your sales.

Adding a live timer to your products, capturing information of interested customers, and nurturing these leads can boost purchases. It’s time now to see this plugin in action! So, what are you waiting for? The clock is ticking! Head on over to purchase the WISDM Scheduler plugin right away!


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