Are you looking for some WordPress booking system plugins to provide a facility for booking tickets/reservations/appointments/ directly on your website? Then, you don’t have to look anywhere else. We have collected these WordPress booking system plugins that will help you to accept, set, and manage your bookings on your website. You can create, edit, and publish a booking calendar with just a few clicks. You can easily manage the bookings on a daily basis and embedding the booking calendar on a page takes only one mouse click. The front end booking calendar is responsive and can be viewed on all browsers and devices. You can easily create an unlimited number of calendars. These plugins will help you to manage rooms, room types, capacity, and hotel rates with different date ranges and month-wise advance payment features. Some of these plugins come with a booking calendar widget to show a booking calendar on your WordPress site. Check out these booking system WordPress plugins and choose your favorite plugin from the below list.

We have collected these fantastic WordPress Booking System Plugins that are as follows:

  1. WooCommerce Booking & Appointment Plugin
  2. Yith Booking & Appointment for WooCommerce
  3. Bookly Pro – Booking System WordPress Plugin
  4. Team Booking – WP Booking System
  5. Booknetic Multi-Purpose Booking System
  6. Calendarista WP Appointment Booking Plugin
  7. MWB Bookings for WooCommerce
  8. Pinpoint WordPress Booking System
  9. WP Booking System Plugin

Please note that all these WordPress booking system plugins are fully compatible with the latest version of WordPress.You can easily use these booking system plugins according to your own requirement.

1).WooCommerce Booking & Appointment Plugin

WordPress Booking System PluginThis WooCommerce plugin is a unique booking solution that allows you to convert your products, time, and services into bookable resources and even allows you to confirm/reject the booking confirmation from the admin panel. With this plugin, you can quickly provide both booking & appointment features on your website. It allows you to set the booking feature in minutes, hours, days, or months. You can easily allow your users to book multiple days or appointments simultaneously. If you have a booking calendar, you can easily convert that into an accommodation booking. You can even set per night bookings and also the display check–in and check–out date. It also allows you to manage staff by managing their availability and costs using the assets feature. Other features of this plugin are as follows.


  • Offer Single day booking
  • Offer multiple days booking
  • Offer recurring bookings
  • Offer single appointment
  • Offer flexible booking with start & end time
  • Dynamic booking cost calculation
  • Easily manage booking cost
  • Manage booking availability
  • Partial payments & deposits
  • Buffer time between bookings
  • Add custom fields
  • Complete control over bookings
  • Cancellation & confirmation feature
  • Set variable durations
  • Calendar design
  • Booking search widget
  • Create bookings manual
  • Individual or group booking
  • Multi-lingual support
  • 2 way calendar sync etc.

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2).Yith Booking & Appointment for WooCommerce

yith-appointment-plugin-for-woocommerceThis WooCommerce plugin lets you enable a booking/appointment system that you can use to manage to rent or booking services, houses, cars, rooms and accommodation facilities, and many related kinds of stuff. It will suit real estate, travel agencies, doctors, hairdressers, business consultants, and other associated sectors. It also allows you to add an image to identify the products, a description, address, or even location that helps your users to find you more quickly through Google API. With the help of advanced price rules, you can quickly increase or decrease the prices of your booking products to manage both high and low seasons and discounts. With a dedicated panel, you can easily monitor the booking, filter them by date, and choose to view all or only the next arrivals, bookings, already paid, or even completed. Other features of this plugin are as follows.


  • Enable the calendar date picker
  • Set the full-day booking
  • Create unlimited bookable services/products
  • Set default availability for each bookable product/service
  • Create unlimited custom search forms
  • Quickly monitor all your bookings in the specific tab
  • Synchronize the booking calendar with Google calendar
  • Option to show price totals in cart/checkout pages
  • Choose the booking form position or use the widget
  • Create unlimited resources to assign to bookable products
  • Create unlimited labels to identify the defined person types
  • Wide range of notifications for both admin and user
  • Create custom search forms & use shortcodes etc.

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3).Bookly Pro – Booking System WordPress Plugin


Bookly Pro is a fully automated online booking & scheduling plugin that comes with a fully customizable booking form with online payments, notifications, and Google calendar sync. It allows you to create a filterable, sortable, and searchable list that you can easily print or export to CSV. It also offers free integration with Zoom online meetings that helps you to include web meeting auto-generated links into your appointment details. It is fully compatible with WooCommerce and includes built-in analytics with statistics. With easy to use WordPress admin panel, you can easily set up your booking system for your website as per your requirement. It also allows you to send reminders to your users about their booking and helps you to increase your brand goodwill. You can also customize the booking form through various options like changing the layout, show or hide the specific fields, change the colors, reorder the service provider list, etc. Other features of this WordPress plugin are as follows.


  • Unlimited number of staff members
  • Unlimited number of services
  • Google Calendar & WooCommerce integration
  • Mobile friendly backend
  • WordPress admin panel
  • Unlimited number of booking forms
  • Switch calendar views
  • Different prices for different members
  • Custom schedules for individual staff members
  • Receive payments using available addons
  • Sort services by categories
  • Confirm booking manually
  • Export or import data
  • Add off days
  • Customer can view & edit booking online
  • Track of appointments by color-coded service
  • Add a handy progress bar
  • Set minimum notice periods for cancellations etc.

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4).Team Booking – WP Booking System


Team booking WordPress plugin is specially designed for appointments and services and allowed to make availability plans through Google calendar. It can be used for services, events, appointments, rooms and the reservation form builder allow you to create perfect reservation forms. It fully supports both PayPal & Stripe and also compatible with WPML. It also allows your customers to choose their time zones and comes with a complete notification email system. Other features of this plugin are discount coupons & campaigns, export data, specify WP roles, etc.

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5).Booknetic Multi-Purpose Booking System


Booknetic booking WordPress plugin will be suitable for booking any kind of appointment. It will suitable for law consultants, spa salons, repair centers, private salons, and gym & sports. It allows you to design your front end booking panel to suit your business colors and the easy to use form builder, you can also customize your custom fields to your business. It is fully compatible with WooCommerce and allows you to use a variety of payment gateways for your appointment payments. You can quickly export your entire booking system to another website using this plugin as it comes with a built-in export & import feature. Other features of this WordPress plugin are as follows.


  • Frontend customer panel
  • Google calendar sync
  • Integration with Zoom
  • SMS/Email notifications
  • Form builder
  • Responsive design
  • Visual translator module
  • Recurring appointments
  • Manageable calendar
  • Multi level categories
  • Multiple locations
  • Frontend timezone selector
  • Service extras
  • Group appointment
  • Insightful dashboard etc.

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6).Calendarista WP Appointment Booking Plugin


Calendarista WordPress booking plugin will make it easy for businesses to add their services and allow booking online to their customers. It will be suitable for a complete hotel reservation system, car rental, beauty salons, restaurants, and travel agency. With the custom fields, you can add any additional information to customers during the booking. It allows your customers to make payments with WooCommerce, Stripe & PayPal. You can add a search form with search attributes via shortcodes that allow customers to find matching appointments. It also makes it easy for you to view & manage appointments & sales in the backend. Other features of this WordPress plugin are as follows.


  • Seasonal rates supported
  • Public calendars
  • Discount coupons & deposits
  • Unlimited guests
  • Group booking
  • Holidays & GDPR ready
  • Custom fields
  • iCAL live feeds
  • Export to CSV
  • Translations – WPML & polyplang support
  • Multiple date formats
  • Collect payment offline
  • Sync your appointment with Google calendar
  • Customizable email reminders etc.

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7).MWB Bookings for WooCommerce

MWB-Bookings-for-WooCommerceMWB Bookings for WooCommerce is a robust plugin that allows store owners to transform their time, products, and product-related services into bookable resources. WordPress Online Booking helps you to empower your bookings for WooCommerce as store-based products with bookable solutions, which would benefit almost all types of businesses. The Bookings Plugin allows you to create a reservation system for your services like making appointments, reserve classroom seats, order supplies, lodging, and so on.


  • Create unlimited bookable products with ease.
  • Easily create and access all bookings using the calendar listings.
  • Create booking slots for days, hours, and minutes, as required.
  • Reject bookings with a pending payment status automatically.
  • Set the maximum number of bookings per unit for bookable products.
  • During the booking process, easily inquire about the types of people.
  • Allow you to organize your booking slots into days and hours.
  • You can also limit max bookings per unit allowed for bookable products.

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8).Pinpoint WordPress Booking System


PinPoint booking system WordPress plugin will allow your clients to make a reservation directly from your WordPress website. If you are in an accommodating business then you can also customize the reservations by days or nights with morning checkouts. You can also add extra amenities or services to your client’s booking or even offer them discounts & vouchers. Other features of this plugin are book days, WooCommerce support, multi-currency support, reservations, booking rules, SMS notifications, email templates & notifications, payment system, widget support, etc.

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9).WP Booking System Plugin


It is a simple booking calendar for WordPress that allows you to create booking calendars & forms and allows lets you to manage your bookings. You can easily generate a shortcode to insert the booking calendar & booking form anywhere you want. It supports the booking widget and multiple languages. You can also use the Gutenberg block to embed the booking calendar etc.

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What Next?
I would recommend you to use these WordPress booking system plugins for your website as it comes with many features which I discussed above. I have already cleared all the features of a good WordPress booking system plugin. So what are you waiting for?? Grab these awesome booking system WordPress plugin for your existing or upcoming website.


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