Are you looking for an Appointment booking WordPress plugin for your existing or upcoming business website where you need an appointment feature? Then, you don’t have to look anywhere else. We have collected these amazing appointment WordPress plugins that will allow your users to book appointments to take your services directly from your website. These WordPress plugins can be easily used for hairdressing salons, barbershops, beauticians, spas, clinics, sport facilities rentals, doctors, and many others. The developer of these plugins created some amazing add-ons that allow you to extend the feature of these plugins and with the shortcode option, you can easily place the appointment form anywhere you want. Check out these amazing WordPress plugins and choose your favorite appointment booking WordPress plugin from the list below.

We have collected these fantastic Appointment Booking WordPress Plugin that are as follows:

  1. WooCommerce Booking & Appointment Plugin
  2. BookingPress WordPress Booking Plugin
  3. Bookings for WooCommerce Pro
  4. Yith Booking & Appointment for WooCommerce
  5. JetAppointment – Appointment Plugin for Elementor
  6. Bookly Pro – Appointment Booking Plugin
  7. Team Booking WordPress Plugin
  8. LatePoint Appointment Booking Plugin
  9. Booknetic Appointment Booking System
  10. Bookme Appointment Booking Plugin
  11. Salon Booking WordPress Plugin

1).WooCommerce Booking & Appointment Plugin

Appointment-booking-wordpress-PluginThis WooCommerce plugin is a unique booking solution that allows you to convert your products, time, and services into bookable resources and even allows you to confirm/reject the booking confirmation from the admin panel. With this plugin, you can quickly provide both booking & appointment features on your website. It allows you to set the booking feature in minutes, hours, days, or months. You can easily allow your users to book multiple days or appointments simultaneously. If you have a booking calendar, you can easily convert that into an accommodation booking. You can even set per night bookings and also the display check–in and check–out date. It also allows you to manage staff by managing their availability and costs using the assets feature. Other features of this plugin are as follows.


  • Offer Single day booking
  • Offer multiple days booking
  • Offer recurring bookings
  • Offer single appointment
  • Offer flexible booking with start & end time
  • Dynamic booking cost calculation
  • Easily manage booking cost
  • Manage booking availability
  • Partial payments & deposits
  • Buffer time between bookings
  • Add custom fields
  • Complete control over bookings
  • Cancellation & confirmation feature
  • Set variable durations
  • Calendar design
  • Booking search widget
  • Create bookings manual
  • Individual or group booking
  • Multi-lingual support
  • 2 way calendar sync etc.

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2).BookingPress WordPress Booking Plugin

bookingpress-pluginThe BookingPress WordPress Booking Plugin will eliminate all myths about free WordPress plugins. It is very flexible, very high-quality, and very good for all kinds of service-based businesses. It is a simple online booking WordPress plugin that simplifies the online booking procedure and provides you with complete control over your appointment management. It suits any service-based businesses like Barbershop, Spa, Tutors, Consultants, Wedding Planners, Dealers, Home Inspection, Doctors, Rental Properties Agents, Gym and yoga trainers, Restaurants.

BookingPress-dashboardKey-features of BookingPress:

  • Easy And Quick Configuration Options
  • Great UI And UX
  • Seamless Integration With Your Website
  • Manage Appointments with Calendar View
  • Online Payment with PayPal
  • Offline Payment Available
  • Translation Ready
  • Super handy dashboard to track your business
  • Customisable email notifications
  • Captcha Free In-built Anti-spam Facility
  • Support of Gutenberg and Elementor

BookingPress Plugin has an extremely simple interface, so no coding or design abilities are required. So, Download now on WordPress for FREE to start accepting bookings in just a blink of an eye.

3).Bookings for WooCommerce Pro

Bookings-for-WooCommerce-Pro-pluginBookings for WooCommerce Pro is a powerful plugin designed to enhance the functionality of WooCommerce by allowing businesses to easily manage and sell bookings for their products or services. With features such as flexible booking options, customizable email notifications, and advanced reporting, this plugin streamlines the booking process and provides businesses with the tools they need to efficiently manage their bookings. Whether you are running a hotel, restaurant, or any other type of service-based business, Bookings for WooCommerce Pro can help you streamline your booking process and improve your customer experience.

Features :

  • Automated Booking Status Update
  • Fully Configurable Date/Time of Bookings Start and End
  • Enable Booking Location
  • Color Codes to Display Availability
  • Easy Booking Refunds with RMA
  • Export Bookings Orders Data
  • Avoid Unwanted Bookings
  • Email/SMS Reminder for Bookings
  • Easy Facebook Sharing10. Unpaid Bookings Rejections

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4).Yith Booking & Appointment for WooCommerce

yith-Booking-for-WooCommerceThis WooCommerce plugin lets you enable a booking/appointment system that you can use to manage to rent or booking services, houses, cars, rooms and accommodation facilities, and many related kinds of stuff. It will suit real estate, travel agencies, doctors, hairdressers, business consultants, and other associated sectors. It also allows you to add an image to identify the products, a description, address, or even location that helps your users to find you more quickly through Google API. With the help of advanced price rules, you can quickly increase or decrease the prices of your booking products to manage both high and low seasons and discounts. With a dedicated panel, you can easily monitor the booking, filter them by date, and choose to view all or only the next arrivals, bookings, already paid, or even completed. Other features of this plugin are as follows.


  • Enable the calendar date picker
  • Set the full-day booking
  • Create unlimited bookable services/products
  • Set default availability for each bookable product/service
  • Create unlimited custom search forms
  • Quickly monitor all your bookings in the specific tab
  • Synchronize the booking calendar with Google calendar
  • Option to show price totals in cart/checkout pages
  • Choose the booking form position or use the widget
  • Create unlimited resources to assign to bookable products
  • Create unlimited labels to identify the defined person types
  • Wide range of notifications for both admin and user
  • Create custom search forms & use shortcodes etc.

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5).JetAppointment – Appointment Plugin for Elementor

JetAppointment-Appointment-Plugin-for-ElementorJetAppointment is a WordPress appointment plugin designed for Elementor & Gutenberg that allows you to create a fully functional appointment booking website. You can easily use this plugin to set up appointment services on various sites such as barbershops, photo services, Spa & beauty, Sports/Gym, law consultancy, hourly car rental, services stations, and also healthcare & dental. It lets you set up service booking through the availability calendar. Your users can easily pick a vacant slot, and the appointment engine will book a zoom video call and also communicate all the details to participants via email. With the help of WooCommerce, you can easily add payment options to the payment gateways. Other features of this plugin are as follows.


  • Manual time input
  • Custom forms
  • Filterable calendar
  • Recurring option
  • Price per time unit
  • Multiple service & providers
  • Manage appointments via the clean dashboard
  • Allow booking appointments from different pages
  • Appointment reminders
  • Various payment options
  • Service booking through the availability calendar
  • Add service and set up their terms
  • Multiple booking schedule types etc.

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6).Bookly Pro – Appointment Booking Plugin

Bookly-Pro-Appointment-Booking-PluginBookly Pro is a fully automated online booking & scheduling WordPress plugin that comes with fully customizable booking forms with various amazing features such as online payments, notifications, and Google calendar sync. It will allow you to filter, sort, and searchable booking lists that you can easily print or export to CSV. With an easy-to-use WordPress admin panel, you can easily change the layout of each step in the booking process, show or hide specific fields, customize any text on the form, add new fields to the process. You can even reorder the service provider list, categories list, and list of services. The booking form will automatically readjust itself to fit your mobile site. With Google calendar and Bookly Pro, you can easily manage your staff workload, hours, and booking with maximum efficiency. Other features of this WordPress plugin are as follows.


  • SMS & Email notifications
  • Mobile friendly backend
  • Google Calendar & WooCommerce integration
  • Different prices for different staff members
  • Custom schedules for individual staff members
  • Receive secure & flexible payments
  • Sort services by categories
  • Import or export data
  • Confirm your bookings manually
  • Add a handy progress bar
  • Minimum notice periods for cancellations
  • Built-in analytics
  • Track appointments by color-coding services etc.

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7). Team Booking WordPress Plugin

Team-Booking-WordPress-PluginTeam booking is a booking and reservation plugin designed for appointments and services and all the available plans are made via Google calendar. With easy to use reservation form builder, you can easily create some good looking reservation forms and it works perfectly with both PayPal & Stripe to accept payments. You can even customize the general and personal reservation behavior, frontend calendar style, maps, and confirmation emails. It also allows you to export data in a full reservations database, downloadable as CSV and XLSV files. Other features of this plugin are timezone conversion, promotions, language support, notification email system, etc.

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8).LatePoint Appointment Booking

LatePoint-Appointment-Booking-PluginLatepoint WordPress plugin will make it easy for you to schedule appointments with just a few clicks and you will also get a customizable work schedule for each agent and service, custom days off, holidays, and selected days with the custom schedule. You can easily create custom fields and make at the required at the time of booking. The agent personal dashboard will give your agents more control over their schedule by allowing them to log in to their dashboard to manage their working hours. Other features of this plugin are set your holidays, export customers & appointment to excel, multiple locations supported, multi-level categories, unique availability power, show info about your agents, coupon & discount codes, seven color schemes, social login available, powerful admin reporting, etc.

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9).Booknetic Appointment Booking System

Booknetic WordPress plugin is designed for booking of any kind of appointment and the form builder will allow you to customize your custom fields to your business with your frontend booking panel. It is also compatible with WooCommerce that allows you to use a variety of payment gateways and WooCommerce opportunities. It also allows you to create your own services with multi-level service categories and with an easy-to-use structured view, you can also categorize your business service. It supports multi-location and you can also use three different payment systems i.e., PayPal, Local & Stripe to accept payments from your customers. Other features of this plugin are integration with zoom, Google calendar sync, reminders, GDPR compliance, form builder, visual translator module, deposits payments, recurring appointments, insightful dashboard, multi-level categories, service extras, any staff option, frontend timezone calculator, Google Recaptcha, etc.

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10).Bookme Appointment Booking Plugin

Bookme-Appointment-Booking-PluginBookme is a fully customizable appointment booking plugin that allows your customers to check availability and make appointments for specific days and also time slots. With an easy-to-use admin panel, you can quickly manage bookings from the WordPress admin area and it also supports multipurpose booking such as service booking, group booking, and consultant booking all in one package. Other features of this plugin are form builder, fully translatable, SMS & email notifications, cart system, Google calendar, event scheduling, education & patient scheduling. Payment system, four booking statuses, custom successful page, custom fields for specific services, multiple breaks for a staff member, booking reminder notification, etc.

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11).Salon Booking WordPress Plugin

Salon booking plugin is designed for those who want to manage their appointments for busy salons and can also be used for hairdressing salons, barbershops, beauticians, spas, clinics, sport facilities rentals. It comes with a responsive design and the advanced discounting system will allow you to create discounts and coupon codes based on multiple criteria. The frontend booking form will allow your customers to book appointments and frontend shortcodes will allow you to place the form anywhere you want. Other features of this plugin service catalog, assistants catalog, multi-language ready, customers archive, booking reports, booking form custom colors, collect customers feedback, users account page, multiple payment options, etc.

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What Next??
I would recommend you to use these WordPress plugins for your website as it comes with many features which I discussed above. I have already cleared all the features of a useful Appointment booking WordPress plugin. So what are you waiting for?? Grab these awesome plugins for your upcoming website.


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