Do you want to stop fraudulent orders on your eCommerce and looking for a WooCommerce Anti Fraud plugin for it? Then, you don’t have to look anywhere else. This time, we are going to share some of the best WooCommerce fraud prevention plugins that help you to detect and prevent fraudulent activities in your store. There are various types of fraudulent activities you may notice on your eCommerce websites such as phishing, credit card fraud, customers going for unethical strategies, and fraud by vendors. These WooCommerce plugins will auto scan and provide a score for each completed transaction made via your online store and it will automatically block or pause fraudulent orders. Check out these amazing WooCommerce anti fraud plugins and choose your favorite plugin from the list below.

We have collected these fantastic WooCommerce Anti Fraud plugins that are as follows:

  1. WooCommerce Anti Fraud
  2. Yith WooCommerce Anti Fraud
  3. WooCommerce Fraud Prevention Plugin
  4. Woo Manage Fraud Orders

1).WooCommerce Anti Fraud

WooCommerce-Anti-Fraud-pluginWooCommerce anti-fraud plugin allows you to pick up the fraudulent transactions and catch them by scanning and providing a score for each completed transaction made via your online store. It automatically assigns a score out of 100 to each order and the higher the number, the more likely the order is to be fraudulent. When a fraudulent transaction is detected, it provides three types of automated action i.e., cancel the order, holder the order, or notify the administrator via email, without changing the order status. Other features of this plugin are as follows.


  • Trends over a week
  • Require verified Paypal accounts
  • Discover recent fraudulent activities
  • Email blocked in 24 hours
  • What’s going on with the latest orders
  • Pre-configured rules
  • IP Geolocation checker
  • Proxy detection
  • Cancel suspicious orders before they processed
  • Blacklist fraudulent email addresses
  • Order quantity & amount check
  • Billing & shipping address conflict indicator
  • Set a list of unsafe countries
  • Detect multiple orders from the same IP addresses etc.

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2).Yith WooCommerce Anti Fraud

Yith-WooCommerce-Anti-Fraud-pluginYith WooCommerce anti-fraud plugin will allow you to create safety rules that help you to block fraudulent purchases on your eCommerce website. It checks the suspicious actions during the purchase process by assigning them a coefficient of risk which will block the order automatically if it is too high and setting it as pending as well. It allows you to set as fraudulent every order made by specific countries and you can easily activate the anti-fraud check from the options panel. Other features of this plugin are as follows.


  • Choose the risk limits
  • Check the order amount
  • Block suspicious emails
  • Check a large amount of sudden orders
  • Block order from selected countries
  • Check the billing information
  • Cancel all suspicious orders
  • Benefit from a blacklist
  • Request Paypal Email verification
  • WPML compatibility
  • Three different risk levels i.e., low, medium, and high
  • Check if the proxy is used to complete orders
  • Check the first order of every user
  • Geolocation of user’s IP address
  • All orders with the level of fraud are automatically canceled etc.

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3).WooCommerce Fraud Prevention Plugin

WooCommerce-Fraud-Prevention-PluginIt will allow you to stop fraudulent transactions and help you to grow your business and build a strong reputation. It makes it easy for you to block users by their first name, last name, IP Addresses, domains, domain extensions, web browsers, multiple states, multiple zip codes, mobile phone numbers, user role, shipping zones. You can easily create a custom message for all blacklisted users to make it clear to them why you have blacklisted them. Other features of this plugin are as follows.


  • Bulk upload blacklisted email addresses from excel
  • View blacklisted user details
  • Bulk upload blacklisted Zip codes from excel
  • Bulk upload blacklisted state from excel
  • View blacklisted user details
  • Import & export settings etc.

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4).Woo Manage Fraud Orders

Woo-Manage-Fraud-Orders-pluginThis WooCommerce plugin allows you to blacklist customer information such as billing phone, billing email, and IP address. It also allows you to track the number of fraud order attempts for various payments gateways such as credit card, electronic check and allow you to blacklist the customer if the customer exceeded the pre-decided number of fraud attempted.

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What Next??
I would recommend you to use these WooCommerce plugins for your website as it comes with many features which I discussed above. I have already cleared all the features of a useful WooCommerce Anti Fraud Plugin. So what are you waiting for?? Grab these awesome plugins for your upcoming website.


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