Do you want to increase your sale with the help of WhatsApp? Then, you don’t have to look anywhere else. This time, we are sharing some great WhatsApp share plugin which helps your visitors to share your products and posts on WhatsApp just by a click of a button. WhatsApp is a great way to grab new customers for any business because as per the recent survey, WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app and most of the persons are very active on WhatsApp as compared to the Facebook messenger. These WhatsApp sharing plugins will add a WhatsApp share button into your custom posts types, posts, and pages. You can quickly change the text, color, icon, position with just a few clicks. Check out these WhatsApp share buttons and choose your favorite WhatsApp WordPress plugin from the below list.

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Please note that all these WordPress WhatsApp plugin are fully compatible with the latest version of WordPress. You can easily use these WhatsApp Sharing buttons according to your own requirement.

1).WhatsApp Connect WordPress Plugin

WhatsApp-Connect-WordPress-PluginThis WordPress plugin will allow your customers to contact your through WhatsApp with just one button and the conversation with you will open automatically. It includes WhatsApp widget, shortcode, and sticky or floating button, etc.

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2).WhatsApp Contact Button Plugin

WhatsApp-Contact-Button-PluginWhatsApp contact button plugin will allow you to create a chat with you at Whatsapp and works with any theme. You can quickly change color icons, button and comes with five animation effects. It supports cross browser and has five animation effects etc.

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3).WhatsApp Click to Chat for WordPress

WhatsApp-Click-to-Chat-for-WordPressThis WordPress plugin will let you display your team’s accounts in just one box, and you can check availability by time and days for each account. Other features are page targeting, editable text & color, auto display, etc.

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4).WhatsApp Contact WordPress Plugin

WhatsApp-Contact-WordPress-PluginWhatsApp contact plugin will help your clients to you quickly through WhatsApp on your site. It supports all browsers and works with any theme. You can easily enable or disable the presentation on various devices. You can use a shortcode to place the WhatsApp anywhere you want. Other features different types of buttons, custom color button, twenty animations, custom CSS for each button, WhatsApp contact widget, etc.

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5).WhatsApp Mobile Share For WordPress

WhatsApp-Mobile-Share-For-WordPressWant to promote your product on WhatsApp? Then, you can use this WordPress plugin which allows you to share product details and pages of your site through WhatsApp with individual users or groups while you are browsing your site. It is entirely compatible with all the major web browsers. The developer of this plugin has added protection so that WhatsApp share option will be only visible on mobile devices. Other features are user guide included etc.

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6).WooCommerce Products Share on Whatsapp

WooCommerce-Products-Share-on-WhatsappIf you are for WhatsApp sharing option for WooCommerce platform, then this WordPress plugin will be suitable for you. It will automatically add a share on WhatsApp button on all products single pages next to the cart and allow your visitors to share your store products etc.

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7).Chat It WordPress Plugin

chat-it-wordpress-pluginChat, It WordPress plugin, will let you add sharing buttons for Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, messenger. It will help you to spread your content all over the different conversation in the world. This plugin works great for iOS, Android, desktop and other mobile platforms. You can easily customize the button title text, text color, background color, etc. Some other features of this WordPress plugin are as follows.


  • Custom button design
  • Control button visibility
  • Post types which will have these buttons
  • Icon type i.e. round, square and button
  • Button title text
  • Text color & background color etc.

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Free WhatsApp Share Plugin

8).WPUpper Share Buttons Plugin

wpupper-share-buttons-pluginWPUpper share buttons plugin will allow you to implement the share buttons of various social networks including the WhatsApp on your blog and website. You can easily store some options with the data that will be used to show, hide, stylize and remove specific buttons. The sharing buttons can be easily added before and after the content post or both.

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9).Share Buttons By E-Mailit

share-buttons-by-e-mailitE – Mailit WordPress plugin will allow you to share any information and transforms the way content in distributed. The share buttons and floating share sidebars are fully optimized and customizable, ensuring that they will appear only on mobile devices. It offers publishers the after share promo to increase user engagement and generate revenue. You can easily choose exactly where you want E-mailit website tools to appear. Some other features of this WordPress plugin are as follows.


  • 130+ sharing services to choose from
  • Custom placement
  • 30+ following services to choose from
  • Tweet via you
  • After share promo
  • Add your logo
  • Auto show
  • Shareable images
  • Google analytics integrated etc.

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10).Share Post On WhatsApp Plugin

share-post-on-whatsapp-pluginShare post on WhatsApp WordPress plugin will allow you to share posts, pages and custom post to WhatsApp. You can easily do setting to enable and disable WhatsApp share icon.

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11).WhatsHelp Chat Button Plugin

WhatsHelp-Chat-Button-PluginThis WordPress plugin works similarly to Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp and allows you to initiate the conversation with your visitors. It helps you to support your customers from anywhere or even on your mobile phone. It supports Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Snapchat, Line, WeChat, and Telegram. Other features are multilingual ready, works everywhere, etc.

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12).Add Social Share Messenger Buttons

add-social-share-messenger-buttonsThis WordPress plugin will allow you to add social share buttons to your posts, pages, and products page. You can be easily social share buttons for Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google plus. Other features of this plugin are as follows.


  • Apply custom CSS
  • Set social share buttons
  • Reorder social share buttons
  • Social share button with different size
  • Social share button in product page & blog pages etc.

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13).WhatsApp Share Button WordPress Plugin

WhatsApp-Share-Button-WordPress-PluginIt will let you create WhatsApp share button for your blog, and you just have to place shortcode to add WhatsApp share button anywhere you want. It has three types of share button and compatible with all the major web browsers.

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14).WhatsApp Chat WP Plugin

WhatsApp-Chat-WP-PluginIt will allow you to start a WhatsApp chat directly from your website and you just have to click on the floating button from your mobile to open the WhatsApp with the exact the contact and message to start. It will automatically detect the mobile to redirect to Whatsapp, and you don’t have sign –in anywhere, etc.

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15).Free WhatsApp Share Button

free-whatsapp-share-buttonWhatsApp share button will allow you to share your post or site content on any social media site including Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, and others.

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What Next??

I would recommend you to use these WordPress WhatsApp plugin for your website as it comes with many features which I discussed above. I have already cleared all the features of a real WhatsApp share button. So what are you waiting for?? Grab these awesome WhatsApp WordPress plugins for your existing or upcoming website.

15 Best WhatsApp Share WordPress Plugin (Free & Premium)
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