Are you tired of installing every single plugin on your new WordPress site? Then, you don’t have to worry anymore. This time, we sharing an excellent plugin which helps you to install multiple plugins at a time rather than going through the process of searching, installing and activating the various plugins. Multiple plugin installer is excellent plugin created by that allows you to install multiple plugin in just one click.

This WordPress plugin will also enable you to take a backup of all the plugins and install it on another WordPress installation. You just have to put the names/URL/path –to-zip of the plugin the text box and press install button and all those plugins will be installed for you.

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How to Use This Plugin?

Click on Install now to install Multi plugin installer
Enter the URL or name of the plugins you want to install
Your Plugins are now successfully installed

You can also install multiple plugins from your local computer by selecting them all together and installing them in go. This WordPress plugin will surely resolve you to set up multiple sites in just a few minutes especially if you are creating sites for your clients.

What do you think about this plugin? Please let us know in the comments section.

Click Here To Download Multiple Plugin Installer


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