Merry Christmas To all of you, we are back with our MaxBlogPress Christmas offers. If you want to purchase MaxBlogPress for your website/project at a discounted price then, this MaxBlogPress Christmas 2013 Deals is the best choice for you. You can save up to 70 % of your hard earned income with this discounted offer.

MaxBlogPress has a Christmas sale going on. They were giving away 70 % discount on their 5 popular WordPress products. These WordPress products include MBP Ninja Affiliate, MBP Subscriber magnet, Max banner Ads Pro, MBP stripe ad pro, Bring my blog visitors back. These were the best product to save your lots of money If you are in affiliate marketing then the Ninja affiliate plugin is one of the awesome to convert your ugly affiliate link into the cute link.

MaxBlogPress Christmas Deals

In the spirit of this holiday season, we give you an opportunity to literally snatch our best selling products at whooping 50% – 70% OFF.

50% OFF on individual product and 70% OFF on bundled products.

This exclusive Christmas Deal is not something that you can find all the time. It’s the ONE time deal and will disappear instantly after Christmas event.

Here are some Products which were offered by MaxBlogPress to you.

1).MBP Ninja Affiliate Plugin

maxblogpress ninja affiliate christmas deals

About Ninja Affiliate : Ninja affiliate is a WordPress plugin developed to imbue lethal marketing power into your WordPress blog and instantly double or tripe your affiliate marketing commissions with almost no effort on your part. Using, Ninja affiliate, you can automatically convert any keyword in your blog to an affiliate link instantly. You can also cloak link your affiliate links, track them and manage them right from your WordPress text editor.

2).MaxBlogPress Subscriber Magnet

maxblogpress subscriber magent christmas deal

About Subscriber Magnet : MaxBlogPress Subscriber magnet will help you to double, triple and even quadruple the number of subscribers of your WordPress blog/website without getting any additional traffic. You can easily place subscribe box on sidebar, below post, header, footer etc..

3).MaxBlogPress Ad Pro

About Ad Pro : Easily add and rotate banners in your WordPress blog anywhere you like without editing any themes or touching any codes. You can easily create infinite numbers of ad zones and place theme anywhere on your blog. Some other features of this WordPress plugin are

  • Display third party ads
  • Rotate multiple banners
  • Control banner ad placement
  • Auto banner expiry etc..

4).MaxBlogPress Stripe Ad Pro

About Stripe Ad Pro :Boost Your Blogs’ Response Rate, Grab Visitors Attention, Increase Sales + Affiliate Earnings and Drive Traffic To Anywhere you want. It’s not just an advertising tool, It’s also has other features like

  • Create Infinite number of stripe ads
  • Rotate Multiple stripe ads
  • Control Stripe ads placement
  • Weight stripe ads
  • Schedule stripe ads display etc..

5).Bring My Blog Visitors Back

logpress bmb visitor back christmas deal

About BMB Visitors Back : This WordPress plugin will help you secure your RSS feed from theft. This plugin will turn your RSS feed into automated marketing that bring RSS readers back to your WordPress website blog and generate more traffic & revenue and at the same time protect your blog’s content and benefit from content theives & scraper websites.

maxblogpress banner ads

All The Above WordPress plugin will cost you $405 but for the next 2 days you can get them for only $121 with unlimited license. If you want to buy one product with unlimited or single license then this deal will be useful for you to save lots of dollars without any extra cost.

If you buy one product then you will be 50 % discount but If you buy all the product then you will 70 % Discount on your purchases.

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