Did you know that all of the wiki plugins for WordPress claimed to have wiki features but never really had the features necessary to be called a Wiki Plugin? For longtime users had to settle for other options which did not meet their needs for a WordPress wiki adequately. This dilemma is no more.

helpie-wiki-pluginIntroducing Helpie, the most advanced wiki plugin for WordPress. It helps users to enjoy the full array of wiki with all the advantages that come with WordPress.

What’s A Wiki?

A wiki is a website in which anyone can add their content which could be collaboratively modified in the front-end. Wiki can be in different forms such as public wiki, team wiki, and enterprise wiki. Both team wiki and enterprise wiki are used for internal knowledge sharing with differences in structure and access.

How can Helpie help you?

A team wiki is used for facilitating online team collaboration and is mostly used by technical teams for internal knowledge sharing, documentation, etc., You can build your team wiki site using Helpie on WordPress which could be fully customized to your need.

Who can make the best use of Helpie wiki plugin?

  • Anyone who has a small or a medium-sized company
  • Any company who needs knowledge collaboration
  • Any team or a small group who need an internal knowledge sharing platform
  • Anyone who wants to customize their team wiki
  • Anyone who cannot afford a commercial enterprise wiki such as Confluence, Zendesk or Freshdesk

Why build a team wiki with Helpie?

Many of the team wiki softwares which are available are very expensive, having to pay for every member who is using the wiki and it is also given on a monthly/annual subscription model.

Many small businesses and teams can not afford to buy these team wiki and hence need an alternative.

Having your team wiki site means that you can add any number of members and customize it with all the features you need.

Click Here To Checkout The Helpie Demo

Why use WordPress based Helpie wiki plugin software?

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) which anyone can use to create a good website.

Helpie plugin can also be integrated with many of the useful plugins on WordPress (many of them are free) which you can use to add the necessary features like chat, ticketing, etc., to your team wiki site.

What are the wiki features in Helpie?

Helpie has many advanced features which are on par with many of the wiki enterprise software. The Features are:

1).Front-End Editor

frontend-editorWith just a click of a button, any user can create or edit content with an easy front-end, rich-text, and media-rich editor.

2).Publishing Capabilities

WordPress Wiki PluginAs an administrator with full access to the wiki, you can assign publishing capabilities for specific users (of user roles). Anyone can create content, but not everyone can edit or publish it. With Helpie the Admin can assign capabilities for user roles as defined by WordPress, the capabilities being

  • The ability to Add content
  • The ability to Edit content
  • The ability to Publish content
  • The ability to Approve which Revision of the edit gets published.


WordPress Wiki PluginCreated content can be edited by selected people who are given access, and the different version of the edits are shown under Revisions. The users with approve capability can choose a particular revision and publish it. The admin can also edit the maximum revisions to be stored.

4).Adding Categories and Tags:

While creating content, the specific category can be chosen or, a new category can also be created. Users can also add tags to their content to help others find their content easily.

5).Access Restriction:

With Helpie, the admin is enabled to restrict users to have access to selected categories. So each team member can access only the categories which they are allowed to access.

6).Password Protection:

In Helpie, the Password Protection feature is also available which you can give to certain users to protect their content from others.

Advantages of Using Helpie Wiki


Helpie wiki plugin has a nominal yearly price ( for updates and support ) and has no restrictions on the number of users. Compared to other wiki softwares which are mostly paid on annual/monthly subscription with limited users it is a very much affordable option.

2).Knowledge Base Wiki

Helpie is a Knowledge base wiki, which means that users will be able to find the relevant content in a very short time without having to go through the irrelevant content.


Many of the features of Helpie are customizable for the user’s specific purposes. It has lots of other features for styling and fonts. It could also be integrated with other plugins on WordPress, which could give your team wiki more functions like membership, e-commerce, social media integration, chat, etc.,

4).WordPress Themes

WordPress has hundreds of themes, and many of them are free. You could use themes well when making a wiki site with Helpie and WordPress.

Try a Demo: You can try a free demo to build your team Wiki site with Helpie.

Grab The Helpie Plugin From Codecanynon


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