Yesterday, I got an email from Headway themes that they have turned 5 and to celebrate their happiness with us, there were offering 35 % off on All Headway licenses, license upgrades and all Headway Extend add-ons. Headway is a drag and drop builder for WordPress. This wonderful tool will allow you to build a your own layouts and themes for your website using a visual editor. It also has a design editor for customizing the styling of the site by changing the fonts, colors, and many other visual elements.

headway birthday celebration

Headway was launched on  July 31st, 2009 with version 1.0. Just a few weeks ago, they  pushed out version 3.7. You can easily get the headway drag & drop builder at 35 % off from July 17 th to August 1st 2014 12:00 AM CDT.

What’s New in Version 3.7

Headway is one of the popular drag & drop builder available this time. The Headway 3.7 comes is a huge update with many features and improvements.

We’re very happy to say this is the first release in which our Support Team contributed code. Our support team knows our community best and knows what our customers need.

Important Features:

  • Fresh User Interface : In 3.7, the most exciting feature is the fresh new interface. The visual editor has received a huge makeover. The headway team has done lots of changed in the visual editor. You will find the visual editor will look like the WordPress 3.8 interface. They have also made dragging, animations, and general usage feel much more snappy and responsive than previous versions.
  • Live CSS Editor : If you love to enjoy using CSS, then this one is for you. The Headway lives CSS editor is now powered by Ace. Ace has fantastic code – collapsing capabilities, syntax highlighting as well as suggestions for your CSS. They have also changed the live CSS editor to open in a new browser rather than a box in a visual editor. You can also the live CSS editor more like a desktop editor for your code.
  • Template Panel Redesign : The Headway Team has improved their template panel. Now they have made it easier to upload and create your Headway templates.
  • Improved Data handling : With 3.7, they are making major improvements to how data is handled. The Headway 3.7’s blocks, wrappers, design settings, and layout meta are now stored in custom MYSQL tables. They have also taken some good steps to cache all headway data from the MYSQL tables with the WordPress transient and caching APIs so your headway site speedy.

Some other new features:

  • The design editor now supports units, i.e. px, em, rem and % for properties such as font size, padding etc..
  • They have added support for styling lists and blockquotes in the content block.
  • You will also find a default widget option which allows you to set a default widget if the widget area does not have assigned.
  • The headway team has also added some new things in the admin page, you will find an improved getting started page. Added a what’s new page after uploading.

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