Do you want to create a clean, modern and professional business website just like Apple ? Then, today’s review of iBlogPro6 WordPress theme will be perfect for you. iBlogPro6 WordPress theme is a clean and light WordPress theme that comes with a modern style design inspired by the main apple/mac websites. The iBlogPro is a stand alone theme which has been jam-packed with custom section.

First of all, Kudos to Pagelines for making such a wonderful which is perfect to give your website a look that is professional and clean.  An Apple inspired WordPress theme quickly become one of the most popular and best known on the market. This is because, Apple has a beautiful minimalistic design which everyone strive in their own brands and designs.

The All New iBlogPro version 6 is now fully powered by DMS ( An Pagelines drag and drop system). If you don’t know about DMS then don’t worry, I will tell you about it. DMS is a Pagelines flagship framework for building websites and one of the most advanced site design systems on the planet. There are 100s of amazing feature and highly customizable options. You will able to amaze clients with 50+ sections, each with its own unique purpose.

Features of DMS By Pagelines

dms framework

The DMS will help you to create your own website like Apple without touching any line of code. This Year, Paglines has released the 2nd version of their framework, i.e. DMS 2. The DMS 2 features a completely reworked rich media toolset. Every full width elements inside of DMS now support the following features :

  • Full Window Mode : Now you can easily set full window areas to full browser window size.
  • Video Backgrounds : The Pagelines has added deep support for HTML5 support videos on every full width element inside of DMS.
  • Parallax Scrolling Effects: They have built a new translate parallax and parallax background modes into each section.
  • Background Images & Area Themes : All full width areas can have a set theme. This allows you to customize all text and graphics to match a background.

The PageLines has also added some new drag & drop sections and reworked the rest. Some highlights of them are as follows.

  • New Masonic Gallery section
  • New Quick Carousel section
  • New testimonials section
  • New Navi section
  • New docker section
  • New Maps section
  • New Popshot section
  • New Social section

Other Features of DMS 2 :

  • Post Format Support: They have also added support for WordPress post formats. You can easily choose from the following post formats while creating a new post.
    • Gallery
    • Quote
    • Link
    • Audio
    • Video
  • Custom Sections & Better Templates : The major improvement in this section is the new custom section and a template locking system. They have also added to save custom sections. This allows you to easily move a section between pages using drag and drop tool. The templates and custom sections can now also linked to the original template now, which makes it easier to adjust the existing template without any problem.
  • Drag & Drop Enhancements : With drag and drop enhancements, now adding sections to the page is faster and easier.They have also added dual width, a mode to sections which allows many sections to be used in either full – width or content – width configurations.
  • Theming Tools : The theming system will allow DMS to power stand – alone themes instead of simply child themes.

iBlogPro 6 WordPress Theme & It’s Features

iBlogPro apple inspired wordpress themes

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iBlogPro6 WordPress theme is a clean and lightweight theme that comes with a modern and style design inspired by the main apple/mac websites. This WordPress theme is the perfect way to give your website a look that is professional and clean. It also comes with lots of custom section which will give your website a totally unique look which everyone want in his/her website. Some custom sections of this WordPress theme are as follows.

Custom Sections

  • iSlider : It is a slick content – width slider to showcase your important content that can be added anywhere on any page. This slider comes loaded with lots of features which helps you to customize your slider without any extra effort.
  • iHeader : A highly responsive section with navigation, logo area and social links. You can easily choose the WordPress menu you want to display, upload your own logo and choose whether or not to exclude the social icons in the options panel.
  • iBlog : It allows you to display your latest blog entries with excerpt, title, thumbnail and read more link. This section is minimal and extremely focused on the content.
  • iChart : This section allows you to create amazing HTML5 chart easily and visualize your data in a slick way.
  • iShoutBox : It is a simple dismissial alert box that helps you improve the effectiveness.
  • iFooter : This section displays breadcrumbs with an icon that can be customized in the options panel.
  • iSubHeader : A Dynamic page header area that supports custom title and dynamic, sub navigation.

Features of iBlogPro6:

  • Responsive Design : This WordPress theme built with a mobile first approach. Your website will look great on all types of devices, whether iPad, iPhone, desktop etc..
  • SEO Optimized : You don’t have to worry about the ranking of your website in Google. It is coded with search engine optimized best practices in mind.
  • Color Control : You can easily transform your website into an online shop with WooCommerce, fully supported in Pagelines.
  • Widgetized : The widget is completely drag and drop and dynamic. You can easily create WordPress sidebars and place them anywhere you want.
  • Shortcodes : You don’t have to any extra plugin to enable shortcodes. The DMS framework has built – in shortcodes which helps you to add buttons, social, boxes, tabs and more.
  • Drag & Drop : You can save time and frustration by visually editing your site. With this visual editor, you can build professional layouts in minutes.

What Next?

If you are interested in getting this theme then you have to pay out $99 where you will get 1 year support & upgrades. Once you buy this theme and make it your own, then you can use it on more than one website of yours. You can easily opt for this amazing theme for your blog any time you want.

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