If you are looking for a useful WooCommerce product compare plugin that helps you to add product comparing features on your online store, then you don’t have to check anywhere else. We have collected these fantastic WooCommerce products compare plugins, which allow you to compare different products in your shop and helps your visitors to analyze their features and ultimately convert their minds to purchase the product from your site. A WooCommerce product compare plugin allows you to compare the unlimited products with the selected area and even support different kinds of themes available at different marketplace.

Benefits of Adding Product Comparison Option

  • Your customers can easily compare the two similar category products
  • The customers can see the pros and cons of each product
  • It increases your product conversions
  • It gives a branded look to your online store
  • Users can share the comparison on social media etc.

Some of these WooCommerce product comparison plugins also allow you to compare the size of the product image and the text colors. You can easily customize the table styling and can add simple widgets to the list of products that the users have added. Check out these WooCommerce product compare plugins and choose your favorite WooCommerce product compare plugin from the below list.

We have collected these amazing Best WooCommerce Product Compare Plugin that are as follows:

  1. YITH WooCommerce Compare Plugin
  2. WooCommerce Compare Products
  3. Product Compare For WooCommerce
  4. WooCommerce Smart Compare
  5. WooCommerce Compare Products

Please note that all these WooCommerce product compare plugins are fully compatible with the latest version of WordPress.You can easily use these WooCommerce product compare plugins according to your own requirement.

1).YITH WooCommerce Compare Plugin

YITH-WooCommerce-Compare-PluginYITH WooCommerce compare plugin will allow you to compare a simple product in your shop and helps your visitors to analyze the main features in a single table and ultimately convert their mind to buy your products. You can easily customize the comparison table and also activate the comparison table for specific categories. It will allow your visitors to compare the product information and also share the comparison table on various social sharing sites. With the help of generated shortcode, you can quickly place the table with the desired products. Other features of this WooCommerce plugin are as follows.


  • Customize attributes
  • Compare elements by category
  • Show the comparison in another page
  • Exclude specific categories
  • Compare always the product information
  • Change styles and colors
  • Immediately show the related products
  • Create a table with desired products
  • Various widgets also included etc.

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2).WooCommerce Compare Products

WooCommerce-Compare-ProductsIt will allow you to create a comparison table and lets you choose the data you want your users to compare with and efficiently help your customers to find the difference between products. You can easily use the Shortcodes to create SEO friendly compare tables etc.

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3).Product Compare For WooCommerce

WooCommerce Product Compare Plugin
It will allow your customers to compare products and add the product to compare list and then with a click of a button; they can compare the product in the comparison table. Other features of this plugin are a different type of widgets, set custom text on buttons, select attributes for everyone, compare page, add to compare button, etc.

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4).WooCommerce Smart Compare

It will allow your users to compare some products of your shop and you can easily access the comparison table and rearrange them the compare products just by drag and drop. It has a fully responsive design and other features like unlimited colors, save data for each logged user, etc.

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5).WooCommerce Compare Products

WooCommerce-Compare-ProductsThis WordPress plugin will allow your users to add the products firstly to a compare a widget basket and then you can see them at a comparison table with just a click of mouse button. You can easily configure the products and add the compare feature on a product by product basis. It includes comparing a table with horizontal scrolling comparison table and allows you to save and print options from the compare table. Other features of this plugin are works with any theme, compare table pop – up fully synched, etc.

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What Next??
I would recommend you to use these WooCommerce product compare plugins for your website as it comes with many features which I discussed above. I have already cleared all the features of an excellent WooCommerce product compare to plugin. So what are you waiting for?? Grab these excellent product compare plugins for your website now.



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