Do you want to highlight the testimonials of your customer regarding any product, services or any other thing? Then, these free & premium WordPress testimonials plugins are the best way to showcase it on your sidebar, footer with the help of testimonials widgets. You can also show your client testimonials in your blog post with the help of a shortcode. Some of these testimonials WordPress plugins allow you to insert a list of all testimonials or output a random testimonial. With the help of testimonials, you can easily convert a customer into a client. Many companies use their client testimonials to get positive/negative reviews about their products. Reviews, testimonials, and case studies are still considered by most of the marketing experts as the most efficient way of marketing. Check out these WordPress testimonials plugins and choose your favorite plugin from the below list.

We have collected these amazing Best WordPress Testimonials Plugins that are as follows:

  1. Testimonials Slider – WordPress Testimonial Plugin
  2. Testimonial Showcase For Visual Composer Plugin
  3. Testimonials Showcase WordPress Plugin
  4. Instagram WordPress Testimonials Plugins
  5. Testimonials Widget WordPress Plugin
  6. Easy Testimonials WordPress Plugin
  7. Testimonial Rotator WordPress Plugin
  8. Strong Testimonials WordPress Plugin
  9. Testimonial Slider WordPress Plugin
  10. WP-Testimonials With Rotator Widget
  11. BNE Testimonials WordPress Plugin
  12. Testimonial Free WordPress Plugin
  13. GS Testimonial Slider WordPress Plugin
  14. Easy Testimonial Widget Plugin

Please note that all these WordPress testimonials plugins are fully compatible with the latest version of WordPress.You can easily use these WordPress testimonials plugins according to your own requirements.

1).Testimonials Slider – WordPress Testimonial Plugin

Testimonials-Slider-WordPress-Testimonial-PluginTestimonial slider WordPress plugin will allow you to display your customer’s testimonials on your WordPress based website and you can easily use this plugin to show author’s name, photo, company logo, and even a URL to the client’s site. It is fully compatible with the popular WordPress themes and includes Effsight testimonial widget that you can use to highlight testimonial to any WordPress sidebar or footer of the website. It supports visual composer plugin and also comes with a responsive design means the testimonial will work on all kinds of types. Some other features of this WordPress testimonial plugin are as follows.


  • Responsive design
  • Gutenberg compatible
  • GDPR compliant
  • Six testimonial templates
  • User-friendly editor
  • Native WordPress widget
  • WordPress shortcode
  • Visual composer support
  • No coding required etc.

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2).Testimonial Showcase For Visual Composer Plugin

Testimonial-Showcase-For-Visual-Composer-PluginTestimonial showcase for visual composer WordPress plugin will allow you to build and manage your testimonials as responsive grid and dynamic slider. It includes ten unique responsive themes and let you display your testimonials on any resolution. The easy to use submission form will allow your visitors to submit testimonial directly from the frontend. The product reviews will show up in Google search results, and you can quickly order the team members by the last name, first and not the entire theme. Some other features of this WordPress plugin are as follows.


  • Grid showcase option
  • Submission form
  • Filter Showcase
  • Ten predefined responsive themes
  • Unique colors
  • Multiple ordering
  • Characters custom limit option
  • Multiple slider pagination themes
  • Fully visual composer compatible
  • Rich Snippets integrated
  • Multi – groups
  • Multi – language
  • Read – more option
  • Filtering showcase feature
  • Inside page ready
  • Testimonials management
  • Responsive & columns structure
  • CSS3 effects
  • Dashboard pending etc.

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3).Testimonials Showcase WordPress Plugin

Testimonials-Showcase-WordPress-PluginTestimonials Showcase WordPress plugin will display testimonials, reviews or quotes in multiple ways. With easy to use front end submission form, your clients can easily submit testimonials, and once you approve them, the testimonial will automatically display where you want to show them. You can easily choose which fields to display and the messages to display. It includes a set of options that enable you to include meta information for search engines. It is perfect to display testimonials from your clients or supporters, display a list of quotes, link case studies, and display reviews of your product or service. Some other features of this WordPress plugin are as follows.


  • Slider & grid layouts
  • Star rating system
  • Rich snippets available
  • More than 15 layout customization options
  • Translation ready
  • Front end submission form available
  • Gravatar compatible
  • Custom lightbox styles
  • Advanced shortcode generator
  • Display random entries with shortcodes
  • Control the image sizes
  • Front end submission form
  • Rich snippets compatible etc.

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4).Instagram WordPress Testimonials Plugins

.Instagram-Testimonial-WordPress-PluginInstagram testimonial WordPress plugin will let you display Instagram posts from your customer’s account as a testimonial on your website. It is work with any WordPress theme and user-friendly editor makes it easy for edit and setup testimonial for your website. Other features of this WordPress plugin are native WordPress widget, Visual composer support, WordPress shortcode, etc.

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Free WordPress Testimonial Plugins

5).Testimonials Widget WordPress Plugin

Testimonials-Widget-WordPress-PluginTestimonial Widget WordPress plugin will help you to insert testimonials content via theme functions, shortcodes or widget with category and tag selections. It has multiple display options such as specific or random ordering and built – in review schema will improve the search engine results for your website. You can easily slide mixed content on your sidebar such as responsive slider images, text and video together and slide text will be suitable for rotating testimonials. It will also help you to filter slideshow content by WordPress categories, tags or post ID. Other features are random display, widget & shortcode display, shortcode compatible, slide videos, carousel, fade and slide transitions etc.

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6).Easy Testimonials WordPress Plugin

wordpress testimonials pluginsEasy testimonials WordPress plugin will allow the website owners to add testimonials to the sidebar, widget or you can also embed the testimonials on page or post using easy to use available shortcodes. It will display testimonials with rating and compliant markup. You can quickly organize the testimonial with the testimonial categories. The easy to use interface will help you to manage the testimonial section without any coding knowledge. Some other features are testimonial list, fading testimonial widget, sliding testimonial widget, responsive testimonials etc.

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7).Testimonial Rotator WordPress Plugin

wordpress testimonials pluginsTestimonial Rotator WordPress plugin will allow you to create a testimonial and a testimonial rotator custom post type and includes widget and shortcode to display the testimonials. You can easily add testimonials to multiple rotators and can change all the setting in the admin. It has the ability to show the add rotator section based on user role and ability to make custom templates. Some other features are hReview support, setting section, pagination in list format, star ratings, prev/next buttons, new hooks and filters, author information field, testimonial single template and add testimonial to multiple rotators etc.

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8).Strong Testimonials WordPress Plugin

Strong-Testimonials-WordPress-PluginStrong testimonials plugin will help you to organized the testimonial into multiple categories and display them in different ways i.e. a slideshow widget, a full page of testimonials and a form for accepting new testimonials. You can easily sort the testimonial by oldest, newest, random or menu order. It is fully compatible with WPML and comes with built – in templates with several layout options. Other features are front – end form, custom forms fields editor, featured images, pagination, star ratings, ready for translations, excerpts both for manual and automatic etc.

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9).Testimonial Slider WordPress Plugin

Testimonial-Slider-WordPress-PluginTestimonial slider WordPress plugin comes in a clean, responsive and beautiful slider format. It will allow you to enter the name, company, customer’s image/avatar, website in the custom fields for the testimonial. You can customize the testimonial slider with just few clicks. Quickly show the category specific testimonials and recent testimonials on your website. Some other features of this WordPress plugin are as five stylish skins, shortcodes and widgets available, multiple sliders, add list of view of slider, multiple transition effects supported etc.

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10).WP-Testimonials With Rotator Widget

WP-Testimonials-With-Rotator-WidgetThe WP testimonials with rotator widget plugin will allow you to add testimonial from the admin panel and allows them to display on your website. You can easily display the testimonial in a list view, grid view and slider testimonial with a responsive layout. Quickly add your testimonials with their jobs pictures, authors, picture size, website URL and position. Some other features are four new designs, testimonial categories wise, adding a random testimonial on a page, add client page etc.

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11).BNE Testimonials WordPress Plugin

BNE-Testimonials-WordPress-PluginBNE Testimonials WordPress plugin will help you to add testimonials on your website as a slider or list and each testimonials comes with a featured image, title, website, message and includes a custom taxonomy. The shortcodes will allow you to place testimonials on any post, page, and widget. You can easily arrange the testimonials based on name, publish date or random. Other features are set your testimonials into categories to display multiple instances etc.

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12).Testimonial Free WordPress Plugin

Testimonial-Free-WordPress-PluginTestimonial free WordPress plugin will allow you to display unlimited testimonials, reviews or quotes in multiple ways anywhere you want such as page, post, custom template, widget or sidebar. It includes 20+ modern predefined testimonial theme styles and shortcodes which you can use anywhere to display the testimonial on your website. It is fully compatible with all the major browsers and works with all the standard themes. Some other features are nice bullet control system, responsive & mobile ready, translation ready, mobile & touch – swiped, previous/next font – awesome arrow used etc.

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13).GS Testimonial Slider WordPress Plugin

GS-Testimonial-Slider-WordPress-PluginGS Testimonial slider WordPress plugin will create a custom post type which allow you to add a client’s testimonials/recommendations to display anywhere on your using easy to use shortcodes. It works with all the WordPress themes and display author image with each testimonial. You can quickly manage, create, edit and delete testimonials. Some other features of this WordPress plugin are responsive testimonial slider, author image with each testimonial, testimonial shortcode ready etc.

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14).Easy Testimonial Widget Plugin

Easy-Testimonial-Widget-PluginEasy testimonial widget WordPress plugin will allow you to add testimonial slider and testimonial submitter form for your blog and sites. You can easily show testimonial slider anywhere in post/page by using slider and both slider & forms are fully responsive. You will also receive the notification when someone review/testimonial on your website. Other features are preview your slider before use it, set slider setting options, set form label and error messages etc.

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I would recommend you to use these WordPress testimonials plugins for your website as it comes with many features which I discussed above. I have already cleared all the features of an excellent WordPress testimonials plugin. So what are you waiting for?? Grab these awesome WordPress testimonials plugins for your website.

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