Are you looking for an excellent 3D photo animator for After Effects to take your project to the next level? Then, these 3D Photo animators will allow you to generate 3D landscape animations and will enable you to add 3D objects, text, flares, or particles to impress your audience. You can easily take your After effect project to the next level and add water, floor, or even sky layers whenever needed. You can easily enhance 3D impression by adding optical flares, including various stuff such as color controls, presets, and light leaks. Check out these fantastic plugins and choose your favorite 3D photo animator from the list below.

3d photo animatorWe have collected these 3D Photo Animator Plugins that are as follows:

  1. VoluMax 3D Photo Animator
  2. Photomotion 3D Photo Animator
  3. Photo Animator

1).VoluMax 3D Photo Animator

VoluMax is one of the best-selling 3d Photo animators and includes 5 products in 1, i.e., VoluMax portrait, VoluMax AI, VoluMax Smart, VoluMax landscape, and VoluMax projector. VolMax AI for after effects use Photoshop AI neutral filters to generate depth maps in just one click. VolMax Smart includes 3D planes, an auto volumizer & detailer, a local depth map corrector, and others. VolMax Landscape generates 3D landscape animations and lets you add water, floor, or sky layered if needed. VolMax Projector allows you to set up 3D objects, text, particles, or flares to impress your audience. Other features of this plugin are 25 particle systems, 1 custom particle system, 3 video weather systems, Facebook 3d photo ready, interface optimizations & upgrades, etc.

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2).Photomotion 3D Photo Animator

Photomotion is a 6-in-one toolkit that includes Photomotion portrait, Photomotion Horizon, Photomotion depth, Photomotion Parallax, Photomotion mirage, and Photomotion Glacier. Photomotion portrait features animate people, 3D face mesh, 1000+ facial positions, 3D camera control, Camera eye follow, and an effects library. Photomotion Horizon includes true 3D projection, adding objects to the scene, 3d particles, fully portable, animate objects independently, move the camera in 3d space. Photomotion depth includes animate animals, depth map based, animate products, depth map generator, one click boomerang, and add objects to the scene. Photomotion Parallax includes 2.5D animations, the parallax between layers, an effects library, 3D particles, facebook 3d support, and advanced options. Photomotion Mirage has an effects library, perfect for the organic movement, photograph animations, export up to 4k, animation speed control, 3d particles. Other features of this plugin are an effects library, autoloop, export presets, facial scans for unmatched precision and export presets, etc.

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3).Photo Animator

Photo Animator plugin allows you to create stunning videos from your photos and includes over 30 detailed Isolated objects. It also allows you to add trees, branches, birds, plants, fireworks, and other things to enhance the 3D effect. It lets you create particles through a particle generator, and you can quickly change the size, shape, amount, color, depth of field, and particle speed. Other features of this plugin are animation presets, reverse movement, all moves loopable, 13 different moves, set ease–in or ease-out, adjust the length of the animation, etc.

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What Next??
I recommend using these 3D photo animator for your project as they come with many features I discussed above. I have already cleared all the excellent 3D photo animator features. So what are you waiting for?? Grab these fantastic plugins for your existing or upcoming projects.


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