Are you bored with the default look of your WordPress dashboard and want to change it without any coding? No problem, you can do with these WordPress admin themes. The developers has created many admin themes and convert them into a plugin through which you can change your WordPress dashboard look without any coding knowledge. Many of these WordPress plugin comes with White Label branding features that allows you to create your client website using your own brand instead of showing WordPress.

If you don’t know about White Label product or service then just read below excerpt from Wikipedia.

A White – label product or service is a product or service produced by one company (the producer) that other companies (the marketers) rebrand to make it if they had made it.

The white label branding features includes rename plus rearrange menu and submenu items, change menu icons, plugin access permissions, customize footer, control top bar links, login page customizing options help you to design web project for your clients with your own company branding.

If you are running many sites then multi – site network support will be great feature for you. You can easily customize the whole network’s backend themes as a super admin or you can let each of your network blog admins to customize their admin theme as their wish. Check out these WordPress admin themes and choose your favorite admin WordPress themes from the below list.

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Please note that all these WordPress admin theme plugins are fully compatible with the latest version of WordPress.You can easily use these WordPress admin themes according to your own requirement.

1).Ultra WordPress Admin Theme


Ultra admin theme comes with along with white label branding feature. You can easily control appearance of admin menu, top bar, buttons, content – boxes, typography, forms, text and background logo. It also comes with 31 awesome inbuilt themes and gives you an option to create your own theme. You can customize look and feel of admin panel using vast variety of available options.

It includes many styling options such as logo and favicon options, control admin top bar styling, content box styling options, primary color of theme option, logo and favicon options, pick a inbuilt theme or create your own, button customizing options etc. Some other features of this WordPress plugin are as follows.


  • 31 Inbuilt themes
  • Rename menu & change icons
  • Unlimited colors
  • Advanced control panel
  • Page loader integrated etc.

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2).WPShapere WordPress Admin Theme


WPshapere admin theme is another nice WordPress plugin to customize your WordPress admin. It has simple to use user interface to manage the colors and elements of the WordPress admin theme. This plugin will totally white label the WordPress admin section. With this awesome plugin, you have the ability to offer your customers a complete new admin dashboard with your brand name.

You can easily customize menu of the WordPress dashboard with lots of changes such as rename menu labels, change icons, sort main menu items, and hide unwanted menu links. With the friendly options panel, you can control everything without any coding knowledge. Some other features of this WordPress plugin are as follows.


  • White label WordPress admin
  • Set custom labels & icons
  • Customizable login page
  • Adminbar management
  • Multi – site compatibility etc.

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3).Slate Pro White Label WordPress Admin Theme


Slate pro WordPress admin theme plugin reimagines WordPress with a clean and simplified design. With this plugin you can create a completely customized WordPress admin area without any WordPress branding. You can easily add your own branding to both the admin and login pages. You can change or remove all WordPress branding, creating a true white label admin area for your clients.

This WordPress plugin is now multisite compatible. The users can choose from preset colors through their profile page. Easily remove distracting, unneeded dashboard widgets. Some other features of this WordPress plugin are as follows.


  • Customize colors
  • Hide menus, notices & more
  • Custom dashboard widget
  • Add your own branding
  • Custom login page etc.

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4).First WordPress Admin Theme


First WordPress admin theme is another WordPress plugin which will convert your normal WordPress dashboard into a good looking dashboard according to your own logo, name. If you want to change the login page logo of your website dashboard then you can easily do it with this plugin. You can rename /remove the menu / sub menu on the left with just few clicks. Some other features of this WordPress plugin are as follows.


  • Footer info management
  • Menu management
  • Custom login page logo
  • Admin bar management
  • Predefined  9 colors included
  • 2 icon types etc.

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5).Retina Press WordPress Admin Theme


Retina press is a brand new retina display custom theme, designed for the WordPress admin. This WordPress plugin now gives you the ability to offer your customers & clients a completely new and customized dashboard. You can easily overwrite WordPress custom theme colors and pick your very own to match your brand. You can completely white label/brand the WordPress admin for your customers. Some other features of this WordPress plugin are as follows.


  • Custom logo
  • Flat design
  • Retina graphics
  • White label the admin
  • Multisite functionality etc.

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6).Forest WordPress Admin Theme


Forest is another great theme for you and your clients to get away from boring admin. With the outstanding quick panel, you can easily use widgets, change background, unlimited colors & fonts, profile colors, login logo & background. This plugin will make you and your clients be excited with managing a WordPress site. This WordPress plugin includes 2 admin styles, you can choose your favorite one to set on your WordPress site. Some other features of this WordPress plugin are as follows.


  • Custom background
  • Unlimited colors
  • Custom Google fonts
  • Login BG & logo
  • Flat retina design etc.

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7).Modern Admin WordPress Admin Theme


Modern flat is a flat – retina ready template for WordPress admin. This WordPress plugin comes with 5 color schemes, custom login form, dashboard icons & configurable menu. The 5 color schemes including blue, green, yellow, purple and custom color picker. Some other features of this WordPress plugin are as follows.


  • Retina support
  • Choose your own icons
  • Custom login
  • Import/export setting
  • Multilanguage support etc.

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8).Blue Press WordPress Admin Theme


Blue press is a social style theme for admin page with the new context sensitive menu and toolbar. You can custom login image and login image url. It includes 6 color schemes such as blue, yellowgreen, turquoise, darkorange, violet, and firebrick. You can easily add custom text on footer left and right. It comes with responsive design which means your WordPress dashboard looks great on pc browser, tablet and mobile. Some other features of this WordPress plugin are as follows.


  • Clean and professional look
  • Custom login page
  • Change icon menu on admin page
  • WPMU ready etc,

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9).WP Brand Identity WordPress Admin Theme


WP Brand identity is a WordPress plugin allows you to customize WordPress admin. You can easily hide admin bar for non admin users and restrict access to default wp – admin profile for them. You can customize login screen, set custom background, change form colors and your own logo. This WordPress plugin is multisite compatible. Some other features of this WordPress plugin are as follows.


  • Custom logo & link
  • Unlimited colors
  • Hide admin bar for subscribers
  • Custom background color
  • Customize login form
  • Hide admin bar for subscribers etc.

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10).AG Custom Admin Plugin


AG Custom admin WordPress plugin will help you to customize WordPress admin panel, login page, admin menu, admin bar etc. You can easily rebrand your admin panel pages with custom content, colors, images and text. Easily change and remove existing and custom menu items. It is integrated with AG custom admin panel and can be used to change default WordPress admin panel colors, admin bar, admin menu etc. Some other features of this WordPress plugin are as follows.


  • Admin panel options
  • Change link on admin bar logo
  • Add new buttons with custom links
  • Change admin menu colors etc.

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11).Helios Solutions Custom Admin Theme


Helios solutions custom admin theme style to transform your working experience into more enjoyable and beneficial way. The user can select admin user interface through customized WordPress admin themes. You can select from the preset themes or can create your own theme without any coding knowledge. Some other features of this WordPress plugin are as follows.


  • Save as feature for you customize theme
  • New Admin UI
  • Select themes from preset themes etc.

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12).Fancy Admin UI Plugin


Fancy admin UI gives you a clean blue/gray theme by default for the admin panel that simplifies the interface and make things more accessible for you. You can easily customize your colors by visiting the setting of this plugin. Some other features of this WordPress plugin are as follows.


  • Soft gray menu
  • Larger calls to action within edit screens
  • Ability to change custom primary/secondary colors
  • Blue adminbar in front and backend of site etc.

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13).Reimagined Admin Theme


Reimagined admin theme let you create the admin area for WordPress according to your wishes. You can easily change the appearance of the WordPress admin area, the WordPress login screen, reorder the dashboard menu and customize the WordPress admin bar. Some other features of this WordPress plugin are as follows.


  • Change the WordPress logo screen
  • Change the default WP footer copyright
  • Change WordPress admin bar logo etc.

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14).Wave Admin Theme


Wave admin will customize the WordPress admin theme. You can easily remove the WordPress logo from the toolbar. Customize the left & right footer text. It help you to remove the admin color scheme picker from the profile page.

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What Next?

I would recommend you to use these admin themes for your website as it comes with many feature which I discussed above. I have already cleared all the features of a good WordPress admin theme. So what are you waiting for?? Go and buy these awesome admin theme WordPress plugin  for your existing or upcoming website.


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