Are you running a multivendor or partnership website and looking for a WooCommerce stripe connect plugin to split the payments automatically? Then, you don’t have to look anywhere else. This time, we have collected these amazing plugins that are designed to deduct the desired portion of the payment and credit it to the receiver’s account. Stripe Connect is designed explicitly for platforms & marketplaces that are doing mass transactions on a large scale on a single platform. You can easily split the payments through these plugins; even the receiver can track their payment through the available dashboard. Check out these plugins and choose your favorite stripe connect WordPress plugin from the list below.

We have collected these fantastic WooCommerce stripe connect plugins that are as follows:

  1. Yith Stripe Connect for WooCommerce
  2. WC Vendors Stripe Connect
  3. Split Pay for Stripe Connect on WooCommerce

1).Yith Stripe Connect for WooCommerce

Yith-Stripe-Connect-for-WooCommerceYith Stripe connect plugin for WooCommerce will be suitable for automatically splitting payments made on your store by credit cards among your business partners. It also includes an easy-to-use dashboard that allows the receiver to monitor every single commission and data related to the payment made by the administrator. You can easily assign fixed commissions and percentage commissions. The admin & receiver can easily print a PDF summary of the commissions. Other features of this plugin are as follows.


  • Postpone commission payments
  • Pay manual commission directly
  • Connect Stripe account
  • Insert an unlimited number of receivers
  • Compliant with SCA
  • Live test mode
  • Save cards for future purchases
  • Monitor commissions from the dashboard
  • Support to direct & destination charges
  • Support to Multibanco
  • Associate commission to the sale of all products
  • Associate commission to specific products, etc.

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2). WC Vendors Stripe Connect

WC-Vendors-Stripe-ConnectThis WooCommerce plugin is designed to process your credit card payment and quickly pay commissions to your vendors automatically. The vendors can attach their standard Stripe account to receive their payments. You can also allow the customer to store their credit card tokens for future purchases, and they can even manage cards from my account page itself. Stripe Connect supports both direct & separate charges. Other features of this plugin are subscription support, refund support, Bancontact payments for Europeans, SCA ready for European users, etc.

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3). Split Pay for Stripe Connect on WooCommerce

Split-Pay-for-Stripe-Connect-on-WooCommerceThis WordPress plugin is designed for those who want to split the payments between multivendors and business partnerships and can also be used by those who want to deduct a portion of sales from another person automatically. It fully supports a subscription feature, so every renewal income will also be counted while splitting the money. Other features of this plugin are currency agnostic, etc.

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What Next??
I recommend using these WooCommerce plugins for your website as they come with many features I discussed above. I have already cleared all the features of a useful WooCommerce stripe connect plugin. So what are you waiting for?? Grab these awesome WooCommerce plugins for your upcoming website.


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