Are you looking for a WooCommerce category Accordion plugin that allows you to set up a widget to list the categories of the products in your sidebars? Then, you don’t have to look anywhere else. These WooCommerce plugins are created to showcase the product categories/sub-categories using the accordion feature and it will help your users to check all of your product categories quickly. They can easily open and close the accordion and as result, your site will consume fewer resources and it also increases your site’s speed so it’s a win-win option for both of you. These plugins come with a shortcode open that you can use to show the widget anywhere you want. Check out these WooCommerce Category Accordion plugins and choose your favorite plugin from the list below.

We have collected these fantastic WooCommerce Category Accordion Plugins that are as follows:

  1. Yith WooCommerce Category Accordion
  2. ZF WordPress Category Accordion Plugin
  3. WPB Accordion Menu or Category
  4. Iks Menu WordPress Plugin

1).Yith WooCommerce Category Accordion

Yith-WooCommerce-Category-AccordionThis WooCommerce plugin will make it easy for you to create a widget to list the categories of the products for sale in the sidebars of your eCommerce. It will also allow you to show both categories and sub-categories without putting extra weight on your page and making the navigation easier for your customers. It allows you to choose when accordion should open i.e. hover or click option. You can also highlight the current category on the related detail page. Other features of this WooCommerce plugin are as follows.


  • Show WordPress/WooCommerce categories
  • Hide empty categories
  • Four different styles
  • Shortcode included
  • Show both menu & tags
  • WPML compatible
  • Set the number of categories to show
  • Set the level of the subcategories
  • Easy to show tag & menu list
  • Easy to hide the list in pages, posts & categories
  • Category sorting by ID, name or number of associated elements, etc.

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2).ZF WordPress Category Accordion Plugin

ZF-WordPress-Category-AccordionIt will allow you to show all categories both as WooCommerce & WordPress category accordion. It also supports pages and any custom post types. It is fully customizable to display categories with seven color schemes and you can also add more available colors. You can easily include/exclude the category or page and even hide the empty category/hide. It also allows you to limit the number of categories/pages. It supports both shortcode & widget so you can easily configure both of them as your need. It allows you to highlight current categories while viewing a single post. Other features of this WordPress plugin are as follows


  • Support click or hover event
  • Toggle accordion
  • Translation ready
  • Pages accordion
  • Limit number of categories/pages
  • Allow link to parent category
  • Arrow alignment (left or right)
  • Seven default color schemes
  • Pages accordion (Accordion menus)
  • Limit number of categories/pages
  • Open default any parent categories & pages
  • Change speed while expanding/collapsing changes
  • Support WordPress/WooCommerce category accordion
  • Support clicks or hover event
  • Expanded first-level child of active category/page etc.

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3).WPB Accordion Menu or Category

WPB-Accordion-Menu-or-CategoryIt will allow you to show the WordPress accordion menu or any WordPress category with submenu or subcategory support. It is fully optimized for WooCommerce or any eCommerce categories. It also has a shortcode that you can use anywhere on a widget, page, or post. It works well with all the WordPress themes and also includes two custom Elementor widgets for showing the menu and categories accordion in the Elementor page. Other features of this plugin are custom taxonomy support, multiple menu accordion support, category accordion, etc.

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4).Iks Menu WordPress Plugin

Iks-Menu-WordPress-PluginIks WordPress plugin will allow you to select custom WordPress menus or any taxonomy i.e., categories, post tags, WooCommerce product category as a source for accordion menus. It provides image support both for custom menus & taxonomies and also allows you to show your menu using WordPress widgets, shortcode, or PHP code. It allows you to customize the appearance for multiple states and for any part of the menu. It supports keyboard accessibility and showing posts for a taxonomy source etc.

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What Next??
I would recommend you to use these WooCommerce plugins for your website as it comes with many features which I discussed above. I have already cleared all the features of a useful WooCommerce category Accordion plugin. So what are you waiting for?? Grab these awesome plugins for your upcoming website.


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