The advent of E-Commerce has changed the way people buy and sell products. Online businesses are thriving and what was once believed to be a niche market is now a multi-billion dollar industry. Market leaders are coming up with new strategies to increase their sales and bridge the gap between Customer and Product using Analytics which help with the overall e-commerce experience.

wholesale-tradeAmong the plethora of e-commerce websites thriving on the internet, standing out as an individual e-store owner is now an uphill task.

The WooCommerce Angle

If you already own an e-store powered by WooCommerce, you must be aware of the multitude of features WooCommerce offers. However, some functionalities are lacking in WooCommerce and need to be introduced.

For instance, you might want to define product rates based on specific users. You might also want to give some existing customers improved pricing options over others. Unique product rates for specific buyers is not a new concept. It already exists in the offline world in the form of wholesale establishments.

The Wholesale Perspective

When customers buy in bulk, they get the products at a lower price than usual, and it is a win-win situation for both the parties. Your sales increase with a considerable profit margin and the customers are happy with the reduced price. This feature can be easily integrated using WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels plugin.

Group-based discount is another strategy that is used. Customers are categorized according to their buyer personas and are offered products at a relevant price. Flat and percentage discount is another way of urging customers to buy more. This type of strategy works best with End of Season sales.

To implement such strategies on your e-store requires some serious increase in functionality to your WooCommerce plugin.

The Solution:

This is where a useful add-on for WooCommerce comes into perspective.

With Customer Specific Pricing, you can evolve your e-store into a dynamic wholesale-retail store without comprehensive modifications.

CSP is a custom pricing plugin. If you have a WooCommerce store working in tandem with your website, you can easily integrate the plugin and see the results.

This perfectly suits the wholesale requirement, because you can set individual prices for your wholesale customers. We have tried and tested the plugin and have some insights into its features.

Let us look into some areas where the plugin stands out of the crowd :

Unique Prices for Wholesale Customers

If you’ve got a handful of products or a few wholesale business partners, you can define specific product prices for a registered wholesale customer.

This setting is available under each product.

customer-based-pricingWholesale Prices by Group or User Role

Prices can be set per product for your wholesale groups/roles – making it simple to set prices for multiple wholesale customers at once.

role-based-pricingWholesale Prices for Multiple Products at Once

With the price import functionality or the Pricing Manager for customers/roles/groups, you can set multiple wholesale prices at once; thus putting manual price updation to rest.

CSP has a Dynamic Pricing feature which ensures that customers receive a price advantage only on bulk purchases. For this, you can set a minimum / maximum quantity field in the Pricing Manager.

import-pricesA Dynamic Wholesale – Retail Store

Since product prices are not replaced by wholesale prices entirely, you can dynamically run wholesale prices along with retail prices, to cater to different type of customers.

To bridge that line between a Wholesale and a Retail customer, you can offer customized forms to potential users. For the creation of such User Roles, you can use Ninja Forms or Caldera Forms.

Having such a hybrid store is becoming more and more lucrative in the industry.

Our Final Advice

In a nutshell, the more you keep your customer happy, the higher your profits will soar. With Customer Specific Pricing, you can give your E-Store that extra advantage over others. Your loyal customers get better prices and products will sell swiftly. This plugin will help sustain your E-Store in this increasingly competitive market.

How did you like our take on wholesale E-commerce and the Customer Specific Pricing plugin? Do mention your suggestions in the comments below. We are always looking for more and more ways to help you better!


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