Are you looking for a fantastic photo contest WordPress plugin to set up a photo contest on your WordPress-powered website? Then, you don’t have to look anywhere else. This time, we will show these contest WordPress plugins that allow you to create a compressive photography competition. With these plugins, you can quickly run and manage contests, and they also allow you to track votes and submissions daily, weekly, and monthly. By running a photo contest, you will get many benefits, such as new traffic, new social shares, an increase in email newsletter subscribers, and new backlinks. Check out these fantastic plugins and choose your favorite photo contest WordPress plugin from the list below.

We have collected these Photo Contest WordPress Plugins that are as follows:

  1. Photo Contest WordPress Plugin
  2. TotalContest Pro – Contest WordPress Plugin
  3. Contest Gallery Plugin
  4. TS Poll WordPress Plugin

1).Photo Contest WordPress Plugin

Photo-Contest-WordPress-PluginPhoto contest WordPress plugin allows you to create a compressive photography competition on your WordPress-powered website. It comes with a responsive design and is fully integrated with BuddyPress, helping you to set up BuddyPress features on your website. It is Gutenberg-ready. Other features of this plugin are email notifications, vote options, complete voter control, a powerful admin panel, useful widgets, 9 layers of vote protection, etc.

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2).TotalContest Pro – Contest WordPress Plugin

TotalContest-Pro-Contest-WordPress-PluginTotalContest Pro WordPress plugin lets you run and manage contests and competitions on your website. It is fully optimized for mobile, and the WordPress customizer allows you to customize every aspect of your contest designs. It includes various templates and skins to make your contests engagable. It is fully SEO-friendly, and statistics options let you track votes and submissions daily, weekly, and monthly. Other features of this plugin are multiple fields, different field types, restrictions & limitations, logs, custom fields, etc.

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3).Contest Gallery Plugin

Contest-Gallery-PluginIt is designed to upload images and videos for creating responsive galleries and allow users to vote on files. You can easily create user registration frontend forms and add login forms. It can easily add additional files to every file post, similar to multiple files uploaded on Instagram. Other features of this plugin are gallery view options, image view options, gallery view, voting options, registration options, login options, email confirmation, icons, translations, addable registration form fields, etc.

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4).TS Poll WordPress Plugin

TS-Poll-WordPress-PluginThe TS poll WordPress plugin lets you create/edit polls and change the background color. It is designed to show polls in posts, pages, and widgets. It lets you add both images and videos and also allows you to upload a photo for each option of the answer while creating a question. It has a clone option to duplicate polls and themes. Other features of this plugin are an unlimited number of answers, text instead of results, Gutenberg block, etc.

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What Next??
I recommend using these Photo Contest WordPress Plugins for your website as they come with many features I discussed above. I have already cleared all the features of the excellent contest WordPress plugin. So what are you waiting for?? Grab these excellent plugins for your existing or upcoming website.


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