Do you want to restrict some payment method on your WooCommerce powered website and look for payment method restrictions for the WooCommerce plugin? Then, you don’t have to look anywhere else. This time, we have collected these amazing payment methods for WooCommerce plugins that allow you to enable or disable the payment method for every store product as per your requirement. By restricting payment methods, you can easily show the genuine payment gateways on your sites, such as PayPal, Stripe, Google pay, and Amazon pay, and people will feel safe using these gateways. You can also minimize frauds, refunds, and chargebacks by restricting some methods in areas with higher fraud rates, which helps reduce payment risk. Check out these amazing payment method restrictions for WooCommerce plugins, and choose your favorite plugin from the list below.

We have collected these fantastic Payment method for WooCommerce plugins that are as follows:

  1. Yith Payment Method Restrictions for WooCommerce
  2. Conditional Payment Methods for WooCommerce
  3. Conditional Shipping & Payments

1).Yith Payment Method Restrictions for WooCommerce

Yith-Payment-Method-Restrictions-for-WooCommerceThis WooCommerce plugin is designed to enable or disable some payment methods for every store product based on your website. It also allows you to remove one or more gateways if the cart includes specific products at your shop. You can easily enable a gateway depending on the cart total amount. It also allows you to automatically switch the bank account that is to be used at checkout dynamically. You can also notify your users about the lack of a payment gateway with a custom message at the checkout. It also lets you to decide if geolocation restrictions work using IP location or billing country etc.

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2).Conditional Payment Methods for WooCommerce

Conditional-Payment-Methods-for-WooCommerceIt will let you add restriction rules for available payment gateways during checkout. You can also hide/show any payment method by the customer’s order total, billing, shipping location, or product taxonomy. It supports various taxonomies such as product category, product visibility, product tag, product types, and any custom product taxonomy such as brands except attributes.

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3).Conditional Shipping & Payments

Conditional-Shipping-&-PaymentsConditional shipping & payment is an all in one plugin that allows you to disable shipping for certain products, disable shipping by weight, international shipping, and payments. It also allows you to control the availability of free shipping and other shipping. Other features of this plugin are product restrictions, country restrictions, localized payment, payment methods control, restriction rule by user & user role, and WooCommerce restricted shipping, etc.

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What Next??
I recommend using these Payment method restrictions for WooCommerce for your website as it has many features, which I discussed above. I have already cleared all the features of a good payment method plugin. So what are you waiting for?? Go and grab these awesome WooCommerce plugins for your next or existing website.


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