After a long time, today i am going to review one of the most recommended toolkit for everyone i.e. ithemes wordpress web designer toolkit.Before proceeding further,lets further talk about iThemes,iTheme is a Business WordPress theme website which designed theme for small business and for blogs.iThemes offer WordPress Plugins ,Themes and training.iThemes founded by Cory Miller in 2008 who is a former newspaper journalist turned full-time entrepreneur.

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iThemes WordPress Web Designer Tookit

The wordpress web designer toolkit puts all the tools in your hands to build a WordPress web design business.Wordpress web designer toolkit contains 180 themes,20 plugins and 500 hours WordPress training Plus you will get everything else iThemes release during your membership year.And also get Bonus Toolkit which include Backup Buddy Space,Unbranded tutorials and 50% off Live Event (i.e.Discounts on live training events and exclusive discounts and updates.).

Why You Should Buy This Toolkit??

This toolkit comes with 180 themes,20 plugins,500 hours of WordPress training video at and access to all live webinars including the 3-day info-packed WordPress Developers Course.

180 Themes:

ithemes wordpress themes

Now choose and install favorite WordPress theme for your upcoming or existing blog from 180 themes. You will get 180 themes in this toolkit including builder and all child themes,flexx theme and all non builder standalone WordPress themes.All these 180 themes are fully compatible with ithemes builder. Don’t know,what is ithemes builder??Don’t worry i will tell you about it.

iThemes Builder is one of best framework to build WordPress site.It lets you to create you WordPress sites quickly and easily by creating your own layouts.Basically,Builder is still a theme but behave like lots more like a theme builder.Builder comes with 2 package formats i.e. Foundation Pack And developer Pack.It comes with features like Layout Editor,Style Manager,Responsive Support,Child Themes,Blocks and Support & Documentation.

20 Plugins :

ithemes web designer toolkit

The next thing which you will get with WordPress web designer toolkit is 20 plugins.These 20 plugins includes backupbuddy,display buddy,loop buddy,mobile,email buddy,featured post,carousel,slideshow,video slideshow,tipsy,slider,rotating text,rotating images,billboard,thumbsup,frolic,boombar,tailored login,copius comments,billboard.Let them discuss in brief.

  • Loop Buddy : Get complete control over your content with LoopBuddy. Control what content is displayed, when it’s displayed and how it’s displayed. LoopBuddy overwrites the WordPress Loop using a combination of custom queries and layouts.
  • Email Buddy : EmailBuddy is a simple email newsletter solution for WordPress. Build email lists around your site or blog and send simple text-based email newsletters from the WordPress dashboard. Collect email subscriptions into groups from widget or shortcode-supported signup forms and easily manage user subscriptions.
  • Featured Posts : Featured posts featured images and excerpts from posts, pages, widget content, specific post categories or custom post types. Customize Featured Posts slides by applying layouts, sizing featured images, assigning excerpt word counts and adding timing specifications for slide transitions.It can be added to widget areas or to posts or pages via shortcodes.
  • Display Buddy : Now showcase images video and text on your site quickly & easily with display buddy. Get 10 powerful plugins for 1 low price.
  • Mobile : Now easily create device – aware mobile themes for your site.With a built-in style manager and mobile-ready themes, Mobile makes it easy to optimize your site for mobile users.
  • Slideshow : Slideshow helps you to create images slideshows that can be added o widget areas or to posts and pages via shortcodes. Use existing media library images or upload new images to groups and customize Slideshow modes with animation, transition and navigation options.
  • Tipsy : Tipsy adds clickable pop up tips that can include text,images,video or embedded content.You can add tipsy to your post,page or widget content and create unlimited groups with different setting
  • Slides : Slides construst slideshow from uploaded images and entries in the WYSIWYG slide editor.You can add transition and style setting to style group and display slideshows in widget areas or to posts and pages via shortcodes
  • Copious Comments : Copious comments help you to display a list of top commented posts in a customizable graph.Insert Copious Comments into widget areas or into posts and pages with shortcodes.
  • Rotating Text : Rotating text allows you to create groups of text entries with customizable fade transitions. Display Rotating Text groups in widget areas or add to post and page content with shortcodes.
  • Billboard : You can easily upload and display linkable images.Billboard provides an easy way to display linkable images in a random or defined order. Upload images to Billboard groups, define sizing specifications and add to widget areas.
  • Thumbs up : With thumbs up, you can invite users to rank ideas,videos or images.It is an real- time ranking solution that allow users to vote by clicking a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” image on items such as topics, videos or images.
  • Tailored Login : Want a customized version of your WordPress login pages??Tailored login is solution for you.TailoredLogin allows you to easily create a customized WordPress login page. Use the built-in Style Manager to upload a background image or header graphic, style the login form and even add widgets to your login page by dropping available widgets into the TailoredLogin widget areas.
  • Boombar :Boobar is another great notification bar plugin from ithemes.It easily create customizable notification bars.It Boom Bar adds top or bottom notification bars that make it easy to keep your site visitors informed with special messages or important information.You can use this bar to promote to sales or special offers.
  • Frolic : Now easily integrate social media features with your WordPress site or blog.It deploys multiple features from Facebook,Twitter, Google plus and LinkedIn to partner seemlessly with your site.User can easily your content to these social media sites.
  • VidEmbed : You can easily embed videos from different video sharing sites like YouTube or vimeo directly into your website.You can customize video embeds and video player styles (like theme and frame colors) for a consistent look site-wide.
  • BackupBuddy : BackupBuddy is an automated WordPress plugin that manage your whole site on a scheduled and/or on demand basis.BackupBuddy is an all in one solution for back up ,restore and migration .It backup your entire WordPress installation widget,theme,plugins ,files and SQL database – all in one package.

500 Hours WP Training

ithemes training coupon code

“You will get exclusive 50 % discounts on live training events.”

With WordPress Web Designer Toolkit,you will get 500 hours of WordPress training from offers over 500 hours of professional WordPress video training.You will become master of WordPress after learning from webdesign.You will get access to massive video training library at and access to all live webinars including 3 day info packed WordPress developer course.

  • Training Library : You will access to over 500 hours of recorded,on demand training – so you can learn anywhere,anytime,at your convenience. You can also stream videos to replay directly from members of this training program can download videos to watch offline or on mobile devices.
  • Live Webinars : Attend 10-15 hours of live,power-packed webinars each month-all taught by professor or guest experts from the field.Another great advantage of live webinars is that you will also get fresh content for the latest topics in the industry.

5 GB of BackBuddy Stash Space



“WordPress Web Designer Toolkit members get 5 GB of free storage.”

BackupBuddy stash makes backup storage easier for you by letting us deal with complicated(buts important) part of the process – encryption and redundant backups.We use same level of encryption that the US government authorizes for top-secret government document.

  • The major benefit of backupbuddy stash is you can access all of your backups from anywhere.You can download all your site backups in one place.Just simply login with your ithemes username and password and view your backups and storage usage from any site you’re using BackupBuddy on.
  • So if a site crashes or you can’t access your WordPress dashboard, you can download a backup from the Stashboard and easily restore the site with BackupBuddy.

Pricing Options:

This WordPress web designer toolkit will cost you only $590.

What Next ???

I would recommend you to use this toolkit for your website as it comes with many feature which I discussed above .This toolkit cost only $590.So what are waiting go and buy this awesome toolkit for upcoming website

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