Do you want to increase your Facebook fan page likes and looking for an easy to use WordPress plugin for it? Then, you don’t have to search anywhere. Today, we are going to review a fantastic plugin named Facebook page promoter lightbox helps you to increase your Facebook page likes without spending anything on advertising. It is a popular pop-up lightbox WordPress plugin to display a like box and aid you to ask the visitors to like your page. It is built by Arevico, a company owned and maintained by Friso Kulitenberg and develop extensions for webmaster and website owners. They also educate the user on operating procedures, correct configuration and add value to the site’s audience.

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Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox Premium Review

Facebook page promoter lightbox WordPress plugin will allow you to display the Facebook likebox inside a lightbox (overlay) and when the visitor visits your blog, they will see a popup likebox and force the users to like your page. This WordPress plugin lets you display the cover photo, change the background color as well as custom header or message above the page and help you to convey your brand message. Whenever someone likes your page, the plugin will automatically remember the like by placing a cookie, and the lightbox will not show to those users who have this cookie set on their browser. It also allows you to show or hide the lightbox from mobile users and also from the visitors who are from Google or Facebook.

Features of Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox Plugin

  • Helps you to get more Facebook fans
  • Don’t show to the connected users
  • Only show when the user hasn’t clicked the like button
  • Hide or show to mobile users
  • Hide or show to visitors from Google or Facebook
  • Show a large or small header
  • Custom branding, messages & colors
  • Easy to use and customize
  • Free lifetime updates etc.

How To Use & Setup Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox Plugin

I know you are very curious to know how this plugin work, don’t worry I will not much time to tell you about it. We are reviewing the premium version, so you will see some amazing features that you will find in the free version available from the WordPress repository. Before proceeding further, you should download the plugin from the member section of Arevico and after that continue with the below steps.

1).Upload & Install The Plugin

facebook page promoter lightbox upload
Upload & Install Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox plugin and click on activate button.

First, go to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to Plugins > Add new option > Upload plugin and click on install now button. After installation, click on activate. Hope, you have successfully uploaded the plugin on your site.

2).Go To Settings Options

In the plugin section, you will find the settings option.

Second, You will find the settings of Facebook page promoter lightbox plugin under the plugin section, or you can directly go to the settings through Arevico setting option available at the end of your dashboard menu.

3).General Settings

In this section, you will find the general setting of this plugin.

In this section, you will see some basic settings that you have to do to setup your page lightbox on your site. As per the above image, you have to add your Facebook page URL, and you can show the light box on pages, posts, homepage, archives and even custom post types. You can set the delay time in milliseconds such as 4000ms means 4 seconds and show once in the one day per individual visitors, and you can set it for zero to show this box on each playload. The overlay click option will allow your visitors to close the lightbox just by clicking anywhere on your site. Other settings are show scrollbars option, and you can also set the performance of your lightbox as per your requirement.

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4).Style Section

This section will help you to style your lightbox.

The style section will allow you to customize your lightbox using various features such as adjusting the width & height of your Facebook page promoter lightbox. It also lets you set the default language and includes overlay color selection & inline CSS option You can show cover photo, faces, recent posts of your Facebook fan page.

5).Advanced Section

You have to add your App ID in this seciton.

In this section, you have to add your application ID, if you don’t have, click here to create it. After creating the app, just to my apps and copy your App ID and paste it as shown in the above image. You can set this lightbox visibility only to users logged on Hide on connect means if a user already connected with your page, the lightbox will be not visible to him again. Other features are and connect like caption and hide on like.

6).Misc Settings

Some other miscellaneous settings.

In this section, you can track your lightbox through Google Analytics and check referrers option. If you want to show a message to your visitors above your lightbox, you can do it by adding writing it under message above lightbox section.

7).Our Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox Is Live

Plugin Pricing:

The premium version will cost you $19.97 with an unlimited site license and one – time payment fee.

Plugin Support:

You can contact the developer via their contact page for the plugin support.

Free Version Is Also Available

The developer of this WordPress plugin also created a free version that comes with two features display the facebook lightbox onload with or without a delay and limit the lightbox to once every x days per individual visitors. It is available at WordPress repository, just click here to download it.


I would surely recommend you to use this amazing Facebook page promote lightbox plugin as it helps you to get new Facebook page likes and also comes with amazing features. You can easily setup it without touching a line of code. Don’t think again, just grab it and start increasing your Facebook page likes.

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