When we are blogging then the main objective that we have is to highlight our content therefore we select themes which complement our content and never ever overshadow it. Apart from this very features there are several other features that need to be taken into account before going for any particular theme and that is whether it provides any SEO optimization or not! Along with all these features what if it also helps in loading the page faster, then that theme seems to be a must for all bloggers who are trying to carve a niche for them.

In case you are not highly ranked then Google Authorization is the key to attract more visitors because we all know that pictures draw in more attention than words. Therefore, if you are at number 6 but still attracts number of clicks, then nothing wrong with that position.

Even when the Google updates change you have to start thinking from the scratch about how to get all the attention out there in the search result. But with the presence of this new theme which is the BlogPress WordPress Theme by Magazine 3 all your problems will be solved regarding these Google updates and Google Authorization. This authorization issue is included in the SEO strategy and this theme helps you in understanding this feature better and will guide you through the setting up in the theme’s documentation.

BlogPress Theme and Its Features


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It is an elegant theme that also loads very fast therefore enabling your viewers to land up on your page within no time. It is responsive and that helps all your smart phone users to go through your blogs right on their mobile devices only without any problem. The BlogPress theme has all the features that are regular in other themes as well like –

  • SEO optimized
  • Theme Control Panel
  • Theme Options
  • Fast loading

Google Page Speed


Apart from these above mentioned features there are various other advanced features which race this theme and make it completely different from that of other regular ones. This blogging WordPress theme is too good to be true and it provides you with all the elements that make your website look professional. This theme has received a score of 93 out of 100 for performance on Google spreadsheet where 85 are considered as a good score. So it is doing exceptionally well in this section and is far better than its competitors.

Google Authorship


These days Google authorship is very popular if don’t know how to enable it for your blog. Don’t worry. this WordPress theme has been designed also for this purpose. It will help you to get better ranking and traffic. The WordPress SEO plugin has been included in this theme which automatically add Google authorship for you. You will get to know how to set up it in the documentation of this theme.

At a glance, here are some features which make this theme stand out in the crowd –

  • A Customizer is available which enables you to work with page layouts, colors, backgrounds, etc.
  • Twitter cards and also the Open Graph is integrated in here
  • Google Authorship
  • Make use of it in any language you want
  • Import option of demo content
  • WordPress standards coded integrated
  • Featured view with small thumbnails
  • Numeric pagination
  • Improved search rankings with the help of BreadCrumbs, which is rich snippet from Google

Theme Helps In Enhancing The Blogs

This theme makes it a point to highlight your latest blogs on your homepage. This way your audience will know what is coming up and all this is achieved through in – built function of this theme. There is also an excerpt mode, which enables you to upload as many articles you want instead of filling up the space with one or two longer articles.

Enhanced Sidebar : Sidebar section is filled with widgets which will make it easy to access the contents as a viewer. It also displays the comments from the viewers who have one through your blog along with search widgets, archive links, blogs and recent posts as well. The pages are numbered so that the users find it easy to move forward or go back through the articles.

Open Graph & Twitter Cards Integrated


In the default mode, you will find OpenGraph and Twitter cards, integrated within for better support. Now sharing through social media is a common practice and is also an easy way to heighten your presence in social media networking. Some common platforms are Google +, Facebook and twitter. If you are looking for some powerful theme which will help you establish yourself as a powerful platform for blogging then this theme seems to be the perfect choice for the bloggers.

Coded With WordPress Standards


While building your themes it has been taken care of by the designers of the theme that the WordPress standards are maintained. Before releasing it was checked by the Debug Mode in order to ensure that everything has been functioning well. It is and will always be compatible with the latest released version of WordPress. In order to make it work with the plugins normally, JavaScript has been added and this is made responsive, which is written in CSS3 and HTML 5 coding language.

Real Time Visual Theme Customizer


There are some features which have made the theme better than any other available themes and one of them is the theme customizer. It allows you to tweak and twist with the settings of your theme and allows you to view the changes that you have made on your dashboard only. You don’t need to open a new window in order to go through the changes that have been made. Now you can use this feature even if you are a novice and configure the website of yours within no time. It is a useful tool to have when you are trying to customize the settings of your themes.

There is another feature called the OpenGraph tags which allows you to decide how the articles of your must look like when they appear on social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter. Twitter card will help you to add your media experiences to link the content of your page to the tweets you make.

What Next?

If you are interested in getting this theme then you have to pay out $59.99 where you will get updates for lifetime. Once you buy this theme and make it your own, then you can use it on more than one website of yours. You can easily opt for this amazing theme for your blog any time you want.

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