Recently, one of the most reputed WordPress theme company named Tesla themes has been purchased by Imagely. Tesla themes is the well-known brand in the WordPress industry and were established 2013 and now has 67 gorgeous WordPress themes and thousands of happy customers and stunning designs. After selling the Tesla, they will focus on their new venture called, a 360 degree one of one support and development for any WordPress and technical issues.

Here are some extract from Tesla Themes blog post by their founder Marcel

As the founder of, I am officially announcing that we just sold the business to Imagely and we made an exit on June 9th. We built a solid, trusted and valuable business, that is needed on the market and is appreciated both by industry colleagues and clients.
We are glad to announce that Imagely will operate from now on and we wish them a fun journey with quick ROI. Imagely is dedicated to continuing the experience you already have with Tesla Themes.
Teslathemes is our second exit in the last six months. In November while in London, we sold our first startup to a UK/Indian company. Tesla goes to the US.
Selling Tesla will make us more focused on our new venture, called, which is a 360 degrees 1-on-1 support and development resource for any WordPress and technical issues. The six years of experience that we have in WordPress is already helping few hundred clients and tens of companies and agencies in need, right after purchasing a WP Theme from the market. Soon we will start partnering with some of the best WP Theme Clubs to deliver a unique experience for their clients. Read More

We want to thank you all for making Teslathemes the brand and service it is today. Thanks to all our affiliates, partners, bloggers, clients and reviewers. As well as our stellar team from Chisinau, Moldova and our partner from Poland. You all rock! Read More

Imagely Plans For Tesla Themes

Imagely will not make major changes that could affect backward compatibility or stability of Tesla framework. They will focus more on basic maintenance and support and will create more stunning WordPress themes and continually enhance the current themes as Tesla does.

These are some extract from Imagely blog post:

          Our company has always straddled the WordPress and photography worlds, and we’ve focused on that nexus. But starting this year, we’ve also decided to dive into the more general WordPress market. The acquisition of TeslaThemes represents our first step in that direction – an awesome, but not photographer-centric WordPress company.
As I’ve noted, we love Tesla’s products, and we can’t imagine a better way to start building out our portfolio of general WordPress products. We’re looking forward to getting to know the Tesla community, and to continuing the company’s upward march as one of the most famous theme company in the WordPress ecosystem. Read More.

We love the way how the Tesla themes founder Marcel and their team adding new themes and providing new stuff to the WordPress community. We hope Imagely will surely do the same and always keep the customer satisfaction as their top priority.



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